Holding a certification in Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, Ken Kremsky believes that it has helped him learn about the errors in processes and the ways to eradicate them. The course hones his skills at understanding and managing large scale industrial processes. Accordingly, Ken suggests the minute possible alterations to make big benefits off the small errors.

Highly skilled in project management, Ken possesses all the qualities throughout his professional career. He handled so many projects and managed them very well. Besides, ken is also skilled at SAP utilization, Strategy, Forecasting, Cross Functional Team Leadership, Financial Reporting, Process Improvements, Productivity, Strategic Business Planning, Operations, Business Metrics & Benchmarking, Internal Controls and Manufacturing Finance.

Starting his career as Quality Controller, Ken Kremsky has a closer view of the processes and the costs involved at every step. He completed his MBA in Finance on 2005. He has worked on both Finance and process control for twenty plus years. He has been saving Millions of Dollars every year for his clients. His recent achievement as Finance Manager is saving 75 Million Dollars annually for his client.

Currently, Ken is working as a consultant for a private equity firm in Pennsylvania, Ken implements the new ERP accounting software and facilitates A2R process for the acquisition of the company. ERP software is used by the organizations to manage their business functions within a centralized and integrated system. It is the best way to help keep track of all the moving parts of manufacturing and distribution.

About Ken Kremsky

Being an expert in business metrics and their all types, Ken Kremsky used his business metrics skills for the betterment and growth of the company. Business metrics skills help him a lot in getting a good reputation and good position in the companies where he is working. Regarding his education credentials, he pursued Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University. Thereafter, he completed his Master of Business Administration in Finance from LaSalle University.