Author notes: This is the final chapter for this story. Thanks for reading.


Chapter 13th

Doctor Jamieson was liking the way Captain Lee Crane was responding to treatment after three days, he was beginning to stay more alert as well. His balance electrodes showed that his system was almost back to normal after having a high fever and infection now gone.

Even Rose Marie and Admiral Nelson was allowed to visit him in the isolation ward section of the medical center. One of the nurses had asked the patient on whether he would be up for visitors, while raising his bed in order for him to see eye to eye with them.

Admiral Nelson went in first with Rose Marie was driving on over from the beach house in Lee's Red Cobra that has been in the drive way for some time. Rose Marie wasn't use to the speed of the vehicle during the time she had been married to Lee Crane. She still doesn't see how he can drive so fast and not have an accident with the way it hugs the road of the highway heading for the Institute.

As he walked into his room. His friend was looking so much better from when he last saw his friend. "Lee, you're looking so much better." Nelson said with moving over to him to shake his hand, along with a deep breath into his lungs.

"I feel so much better Admiral. I don't even feel any pain either, the doctors had taken me off the pain medication only yesterday I understand. Is Rose Marie with you, sir?" He asked.

"Lee, she is on the way over to the medical center. Would you believe she is driving your Red Cobra?" Nelson smiled, along with a slight smirk showing up on his face.

"I don't doubt it Admiral Nelson. My wife is smart and is willing to try her hand at anything strange to her like my Cobra that I had for a long time." He responded when there was a knock on his door when Rose Marie walked in holding a present in her hand to give to her husband.

"What's all this Rose Marie? I never expected to receive a present of all things." Lee said with shifting in his hospital bed anxious to kiss his wife, even though he was going to wait until after Admiral Nelson leaves.

"Shut up Lee, It's a present and you're going to love it never the less." She smiles as with Nelson chuckling to see the old banter between husband and wife, plus the fact his friend was almost back to normal.

Rose Marie hands her husband the present wrapped in dolphin gift wrapping, otherwise it had nothing to do with mammals inside. Lee opened it up to see a craved submarine of the Seaview that was done by his son Christopher in school. "Wow! I just can't believe that my oldest son has the talent with this craving of the Seaview. When I am home first thing, I will tell him thank you, along with an award." Lee said.

"Well in that case, I will leave you to get even better now. " Rose Marie said with Admiral Nelson knew it was high time to leave them alone for a few moments.

"Lee, I am glad you're feeling better, I will leave you two alone. I am needed else where before the paper works piles up even higher." Nelson said with hugging his friend and someone that is like a son to him as well.

"Thank you for coming." He watches Admiral Nelson leave the isolation room in order for his wife to kiss him. And she does with all of the energy she had in her mind and body. However a sexual reunion will wait until he's released from the hospital and the privacy of there own bedroom.

"I love you, Lee Crane. I am just glad that you came out of this mission alive. I still have some dealings with Admiral Nelson, even though I had blown my top for when I first found out the complete truth about you, Kowalski and Patterson being abducted." She replied still with anger in her tone before leaving and letting the boys know now.

"I love you as well Rose Marie." It was all he said with feeling tired all of a sudden.

She slowly walked out of the isolation room feeling so much better about life in general along with the fact her family was back in-tact.