The sound of soldiers echoed throughout the land, as they fought and died.

Whispers of their voices were recorded into time... and whenever someone listened closely, they'd hear their sounds.

A little girl cried out to the past, "Granddad! Please don't die!"

Her voice travelled through time itself, and when it hit her young grandfather's ears, he looked about the battleground.

"A ghost?" He thought to himself. He was only twenty-one.

But still, that voice echoed through the land.


He couldn't recognize the voice... but knew... it was someone who needed him to live.

He stood up straight and hid behind the barracks... the words still in his mind... of a little girl.

He shouted back.


At that moment, hundreds of bullets battered through him.

"DON'T DIE!" She had cried.

His wife was pregnant with new life.

The little girl's mother... her grandfather's child.

The little girl stood there alone... as the voices of the men could be heard howling in the wind.

She needed to know... was his death... because of her?

She didn't know... she didn't know...