"There is a man who they call Two-Bit Traveler-"

"Who is 'they' mother?" asks a small voice.

"Hush boy, 'they' can be anybody who knows him." answers a mother to her son, raising a finger to his lips. "The Two-Bit Traveler is well known across these parts of the cosmos, he has foiled vicious villains, slain vile creatures, won the hearts of women everywhere… Captured the humble adoration of many who was able to see him, and also earned the hatred of those whom he defied or dared to defy him."

The mother's son raises three curious eyes in awe, "Will you tell me a story of one of his adventures? Oh please oh please tell me that you will!" he bounces on the ledge of his bed, positively beaming with childish excitement.

"Of course," the mother nods, "it is why I have brought him up. You see son, Traveler wasn't always alone. Sometimes he was with friends. Those being Princeton and your father, Sabe."

The boy cocks his head, "Daddy? He was an adventurer too? You never told me that."

She never told him anything of Sabe. For the most part, the boy was left in the dark. Though he figured his father must've been some sort of important figure when he went out into the public as onlookers would point at him and whisper.

"Indeed he was, though he wasn't as… popular." The mother rolls her eyes at the word.

"Did he have a cool name? I bet it's as awesome as Two-Bit." The boy's eyes sparkle in child-like ignorance, placing two of his three hands on each of his cheeks.

"Your father was called One-Eye." The mother answers, "For two of his eyes were injured." and to demonstrate she covers two of her eyes. Unlike typical beings who were binocular, mother, father, and son alike all had three eyes, a unique trait of their alien species. That, and having three arms. "But this story isn't about how he lost them or about his greatest feat, this story is about betrayal." The mother warns in a foreboding tone. She had been waiting to tell him this story since he was born and now it was finally time.

"You see… the three men, Two-Bit Traveler, your father, and Princeton- whom was called Punch Out- was tasked taking down a sector of an intergalactic gang. For them it would have been a usual job, as they're paid to do such strikes now and then." The mother explains. "For awhile everything went smoothly, and they had gotten to the heart of the base. Traveler insisted her head into the final room first and would let the others know when the coast was clear to come in. And Sabe and Princeton waited for about ten klintacks before they both heard a noise. Worried, Sabe tries to enter the room and let Traveler know of the sound, but just as he does so, Traveler exits, telling his comrades that they need to get out of there. In that room was a bomb set to explode and they needed to start running fast or else they'll burn to a crisp."

Hugging his knees to his chest, the boy rocks himself, entranced in the story. "And did they get out?" he asks. "Were they okay?"

The mother furrows her brows, curling a hand into a fist. "No." she shakes her head. "Only two made it into the clear."

"Who, mother?"

The mother's expression goes dour as her tone becomes more grim. The Traveler's name becomes like venom in her mouth out of her sheer spite for him when she utters it. "Why son, you should have figured. If you were smart enough, you would have known that it was Traveler and Princeton who made it free. It was your father who perished. At the very last moment Traveler had made sure Sabe was unable to escape, because then he wouldn't have to split the money between three people rather than two. Princeton was supposed to die as well, but he lived to tell me the tale. Since then Princeton struck out on his own, never associating with Traveler again." she clarifies. As a matter of fact, it was Princeton who attended Sabe's funeral and was there for the boy's birth.

The boy gasps, catching his lingering breath. "But Traveler is a hero right? You just told me that…He wouldn't kill father! Father couldn't have gone out that way! That's cheap, a-and… dirty!" he protests. Though, the boy had never met his father, for he had died before he was born and he'd never know what his father was like, only the legacy he leaves behind and great big shoes to fill.

His mother gets up from his side, walking to the far side of the room. "That is where you're wrong son." The boy frowns, receiving mixed signals from his mother's demeanor. What was the point of telling him of Traveler's good deeds? From the sound of it, she must've hated the Traveler. If what his mother is saying is true… then that man is filling everyone with his heroic façade. "Is… is that why you never told me about him? You didn't want to tell me how he died…?"

As a matter of fact, did anyone know of what the Traveler had done?

His mother avoids the question, with her back turned toward him, she picks up a sword from the mantle that hangs over a small bookcase of mementos from Sabe's adventures. All that really lacked was a photo of Sabe himself. Truthfully, those were never seen around the living space. The pictures would've caused the boy to get aninkling and ask questions when he was much younger. It was the only way to postpone the brunt of the curiosity.

"This used to be his sword…" The mother mutters softly, tracing the hilt with a thumb. The sword itself isn't anything fancy, purely a conventional sabre with an undecorated hilt.

"The Traveler is the conniving fiend who killed your father for greed, and that is why…" she turns around and removed the sword from its scabbard making a clean schling sound. "... You must kill him. You must kill Two-Bit Traveler."

The boy's jaw drops in utter surprise, his small brain unable to process what his mother was asking of him.

"And I will teach you Cade, my son. I will teach you to wield your father's sword so that you may slay his murderer and bring peace to our souls. Understand? You will be a skilled warrior and no man, woman, nor creature would be able to stand in your way. And if I am to mentor you, you would have to do as I say. Right now, you must put your childish thoughts to rest because for as long as the Traveler is out there, the longer our family suffers. You must be the one to kill him, no other. And if you fail me… you have failed the Rederick name."

The boy slowly nods, "Yes mother… I…" he gulps, speaking in a wavering voice, innocence draining with the following promise, "I will do anything you say."