Lies and broken promises
Life remains monotonous
This place I expected as paradise
Nearly made me attempt self-sacrifice

And tonight I live and die
To those of you who'd ask why:
Previously, this Winter Wonderland,
Seemed utopic from what I saw firsthand

Before I left my homeland
Despite knowing beforehand,
Those idiots that I call my parents
They pettily ruined my arrangements

I came to Estonia
With this pandemonium
I can feel my soul start to decompose
Every day this rage makes me feel morose

Shield of the Uralic race;
Last year I was in this place
This frozen, hygienic land I did roam
A heavenly refuge I would call home

Yet the accommodation:
Filthy shame of this nation!
Disgusting, moldy, and full of trash raw…..
Not the Estonia that I first saw

Then when my program began
That nasty Italian
Callously uttered to make me suffer
That "it's good that you're feeling insecure"

Afterwards classes commenced
Denying what was promised;
They rejected my alternative too
Leaving me at a loss at what to do

On the 9th of September,
Because I was barred Magyar,
I went to Kaubamaja to find rope
First Estonian word: Enesetapp

I couldn't go through with it
As I'm too stubborn to quit
In silence I continue to decay
As others enjoy life I waste away