"They called me mad," the old scientist detested, as he looked up at the glass vase, "That I was wasting my life on you."

He stared at the body of the child, being given air through a mouthpiece as he slept.

"But I'll prove to them that it can be done."

He grinned widely, gazing at his experiment. He pulled down a lever and the water began to drain from within the glass.

The child opened his eyes and looked at the man.

"-Who" the boy spoke, gasping for air, "Who are you?!"

"Your saviour" the scientist responded.

"And who am I?" he asked.

"My son..."

The boy looked confused, he gazed at his arms seeing they were a pale grey.

"This can't b-be..." he spoke, "You... you took me AWAY!"

His body had been a corpse... he had died two years ago.

But now, he had been brought back, reanimated.

"What do you mean, Patrick?" The scientist asked, "Taking you away from the abyss? Nothing?"

"No..." Patrick said, his body hurting with every breath he took, "From...Heaven..."