Christmas from the heart

Admiral Harriman needed to play Santa Clause once again for the Institute and the families of the Seaview. However he had always hated the idea, even though years ago Chief Curly Jones had taken over the chore along with others.

However he's stuck for this year since the Seaview won't be home until late evening for Christmas eve. They had gotten involved with a rescue mission of young children from an small island name Palawan. They had gotten hit with a storm to knock out all power and any rescue efforts until after the heavy rains, winds and thunder storms were over.

Seaview had been in the general area delivering supplies to a local Naval base.

Captain Lee Crane was bored out of his mind with the cruise,while his best friend Admiral Harriman Nelson was back at the Institute attending meetings mostly financial in order to run certain projects for the rest of the year. Captain Crane elected to go on the cruise even though it was supposed to be just dropping off supplies and personnel to the base. Captain Mark Johnson was a friend of the Admiral and asked him for this favor.

Since it was late after signing the log with finishing up his watch. He had stopped by sickbay for a moment. Doctor Jamieson was working on a crewman name Andy Johnson electrician having fallen from a ladder. He had pulled his right leg when hitting the ground. Doctor Jamieson was giving him heat therapy to help with the muscles, tendons and nerves in the upper part of the right thigh.

Doc looked up to see the captain standing just outside of the alcove. "Can I help you, skipper?"

"It would seem to be a rash of leg issues on this vessel. Is it possible you can give me something for the pain I am having Doc?" Lee said calmly with the doctor finishing up his medical expertise on the electrician.

Moments later with the captain waiting in his office nervously. "All right Lee I will give you the shot to help with the pain. Eventually as time goes by. You're going to be needing to cut back on all of your duties and including diving missions. I know this is hard for you to swallow at this time. Eventually you will make the decision along with the idea of taking over the Institute once Harriman finally retires."

"How well do I know it doc. But right now I just can't. Now if you will be quick about the shot. I will be heading for my cabin to try and sleep." Lee said with anger building...

Doctor Jamieson taking the syringe out of his lab coat in order to check the amount of the fluid he would be shooting into his veins. "All right Captain pull down your pants so that I can hit the area of the pain."

He does as he was told by the doctor with dropping his uniform pants to have him plunge the fluid into his veins. Moments later the pain medication began to work in his system. "Thanks Doc!" Lee smiled before leaving the office to head for his cabin alone. While his wife was home at the Institute or beach house taking care of his boys. He had missed them a great deal during this time of the year. At least they will be able to see Santa Claus.

Some time Later...

Captain Lee Crane woke quickly with the intercom buzzing. Getting off the bunk with his feet hitting the floor without the pain in his right leg. "Yes, sparks what is it?" He sounded annoyed in his voice.

"Sir, we are receiving a distress call from a small island name Palawan. Several children, personnel from the Naval base needed to be taken off the island with a possible Tsunum to wipe out the island in eight hours." Sparks said over the intercom.

"Have Executive officer Riley to change course and wake everyone up for the rescue?" Lee said with his heart beginning to race on him, along with a slight rise in his blood pressure.

"Aye Skipper. Commander Morton is on his way to the Control room." He responded.

"How soon until we arrive to the island?" He asked calmly while wiping away the sleep from his eyes.

"Two hours sir at flank speed." Sparks said with Commander Morton walking down to the radio shack to speak with him.

"Are you talking to the Captain?" Morton asked softly...

"Aye sir. He's going to be getting dressed before coming to the Control room." Sparks said to the Commander.

"Very well." As he heads back to the plotting table to wait for the command staff all but Admiral Nelson.

On the island of Palawan...

There was mass chaos.