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The Gambler

They called her lady luck. And like it or not she had been ensnared. He was a well known billionaire, the smartest man in the states. And he'd finally figured out that Luck wasn't just a legend. He'd wanted to become the luckiest man in the world, and so he'd used his smarts to lure her, then captured her.

And unfortunately, she was much like a genie in the sense that once she was in a human's keep, she was stuck. She couldn't leave more than two rooms length from him.

But that didn't mean she was going to be easy on him.

He'd taken her gambling.

He'd never been much of a gambler, but now, feeling invincible, he'd decided to try his hand at it.

And at first, afraid of his rage, she'd stayed by his side and he'd won game after game.

Then, something in her snapped and she started smiling. He didn't understand the rules, she was going to make him pay.

She left his side and very pointedly went over to another table.

He ignored her, not comprehending.

She leaned over the man's table and blew on his dice.

Then she leaned back and waited.

The results came in epic proportions.

The man immediately won, and her man lost. Badly.

He turned then, comprehending what she'd done.

He glared at her. "Come here," he mouthed.

She smiled and waltzed away.

His face went red. He got up and followed her, well aware that everyone could see her, and from their perspective, his lady was leaving him. No more, no less. He was beat red.

"You're making a fool out of me," he hissed. "For god's sake, Grace," he said, calling her the name he had given her for tonight. "Be a lady! I'm your date, you're to stick with me!"

But she only smiled at him. "It's Luck," she said. "And you're hardly any fun, so," she skipped off. "I think not."

Based off Frank Sinatra's Luck Be A Lady

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