Snake owned a beautiful amulet that could change the appearance wearer. He boasted about his precious treasure will playing along the stream. Little did he see as the amulet slipped from his silky fur and into the water, Snake did not notice, consumed by his arrogance, and continued along his way. Minutes later, the king stumbled along the path, enamored with his reflection in the water, when he saw something sparkle from below the stream. He dove in, in demonstration of his strength and retrieved the magical necklace. Turning it over in his palm, he decided that he had no use for the large blunt, stone. It looked unspectacular compared to the gold jewelry he wore on every finger. He announced to the kingdom that anyone that could bring forth fifteen gold pieces could buy the amulet from him. Snake approached the king, "The amulet is mine, I just dropped it in the river this morning!" but the king would not listen, "If the amulet is as important as you say, then you must be able to produce the gold needed to purchase it from me!" Snake adventured into the village in an attempt to raise the money. First, he watched an old lady try, and fail to unscrew a lightbulb from her porch, Snake offered to help. "What big strong arms you have!" the lady exclaimed. Snake offered to sell the old lady his arms in exchange for five gold pieces. The lady agreed quickly and gladly, and Snake went on his way to find for money. He next approached a thief, so large that he wobbled along much too slowly, and was caught by the village law enforcement swiftly every time. Snake approached the thief and offered to sell his legs in return for five more gold pieces, and the thief readily agreed. Snake saw this as no great loss when he bought his amulet back from the king, all it would take was one quick wish, and Snake could have his large strong legs back. Snake journeyed on through the marketplace and saw a funambulist wavering and falling to the ground, a laughter erupted amongst the viewers. The funambulist saw snake's glorious tail, they instantly fell to their knees, and begged for Snake's tail. As work of charity, Snake said he would propose a deal, five gold pieces for his tail. The tightrope, slim and delicately built pulled with all his might, but Snake's tail just continued to stretch until his body spread five feet long, and he was as skinny as his arms used to be. Embarrassed, he slithered away leaving the funambulist without giving the money back. With the fifteen gold pieces, Snake slithered all the way to the palace. When he arrived, out of breath, he handed over the money to the king, and the king, smiled, happy with this business. The king, seeing Snake's absence of limbs, placed the amulet around Snake's neck. Snake closed his eyes and made the strongest, loudest wish he had ever made, keeping the images of his prior self in his head, but within seconds the amulet had slipped from his skinny slippery body, he cried out in shame, trying over and over again to wear the amulet, but to no avail.