It is a time long ago when the forces still roamed the earth, and The Creator lived amongst men. A storm comes, and with it brings Rain, a long lost friend to many. It is a time of reunion, but also sacrifice, and takes with it one to pneumonia and the harshness of sharp wind. The Creator sees this and brings Sun to chase Rain away, but Sun is powerful and takes with it two, from stroke of heat and drought. The Creator summons Snow to wash away Sun's place, and the world is consumed by a blinding white, Snow holds three in its grasp before falling back into the dark moist soil. When the earth, at last, holds still, The Creator begins to run, round and round earth he runs from a hateful sky, for eternity, the realm is lifted up by His feet and set into perpetual motion, round and round it spins. Rain, Sun, and Snow emerge again, summoned by His massive shift.