Summary: It lurks beneath the surface.

I feel it closing. The ocean's cold embrace surrounds me. I tread water, helpless before what is to come. My heart rate increases. Here it comes.

It is thought I am pulled under, yanked once more into the womb. I am born into a frigid, alien world of frantic thrashing. It pulls me, and I futilely resist. It is about as effective as fighting a tsunami.

It passes, and my apprehension with it. My vision is hyper-real, but I see nothing but darkness. My skin is cool and slimy to the touch, like some amphibious abomination. I can smell my own fear, and the perspiration left in its wake. Biting my tongue, I taste blood and adrenaline.

I step outside of the sensory deprivation tank. I already know I will try again.