The Wicked Oak Tree and the Child Molester

Chapter 9

By Shadowgate


The following Sunday was Edna Parker's funeral. Since Jason, Zachary, and Helen were former students of the late Edna Parker they all knew they would go. Their parents would not be attending but they found it noble of their children for going.

All three of them walked to the Alvin Episcopal Church.

They took their seats three rows back from the closed casket.

The Church Pastor William Graves stood up at the pulpit and said "today we are here to honor Edna Maine Parker. First we will hear from my good friend and son of the deceased Dennis Maine Parker."

When Jason saw the son of the deceased he couldn't believe it. He whispered to Helen and Zachary "my nightmare has come true."


Zachary, Jason and Helen all rush to the secret base and arrive at 6PM.

As soon as they arrived Matthew began speaking.

"I know this is a shitty fucking hard time for you all."

Matthew hugged all three of them.

Helen asked Matthew to tell her about his job so she could focus on that instead of Edna Parker's passing but he said his new job was a real pain in the ass.

"Most of the customers are dicks and let's not get distracted from the subject of the late Edna Parker" Matthew insisted.

After taking a deep breath Matthew said "Zachary as you know I met her a day before her passing."

Zachary shouted out "there's something else you must know. While she was a good person and a great teacher it turns out her son is not. Her son's name is Dennis Parker and he's Mister Henderson's controversial new neighbor."

Matthew shouted back "you're not fucking serious?"

Zachary in turn shouted "I am fucking serious Jason's nightmare that he told you about last night actually came true."

While nodding Jason said "I didn't think people could predict the future through dreams like that but now I know they can."

Matthew informed Jason the name for it was premonition.

"Pre-menstrual syndrome?"

Matthew snapped "no premonition you smart ass."

Helen chimed in "Mister Henderson was just as shocked to find out the horrid truth. Oh and poor Mrs. Henderson had to leave the church when Dennis Parker got up to eulogize his mother. Edna Parker was a great teacher."

"She must have been a great teacher for the three of you to go to her funeral. These days all you hear about are kids hating their teachers."

"Yeah like Mrs. Tool."

"Don't even mention her name" Zachary scolded Helen.

"I'm curious to know who Mrs. Tool is" Matthew insisted.

Jason said with anger "she's the one who got Tammy Carter strip searched."

Matthew groaned with disgust then said sarcastically "oh she sounds like a real winner."

Helen said with passion "Edna Parker was a real winner in a town full of losers."

7:30 PM

Zachary arrived home and as soon as he did his mom Julie told him she wanted him to run an errand.

Zachary was exhausted but none the less asked her "what's the errand?"

His mother told him he wanted him to return two cookbooks to Mrs. Henderson.

Zachary grabbed the two cookbooks off the living room coffee table promptly and marched straight over to the Henderson's. He was so thankful that his parents had no idea the Henderson's were living next door to a child molester. He along with Jason and Helen were determined to keep that a secret from them so they could continue visiting the Henderson's. At the same time he knew they could find out at any moment since the sign in the yard was so clear. They also heard the news like everyone else in the community that a child molester had moved in.

When he arrived he knocked on their door and Mrs. Henderson was glad to see him. Zachary said he couldn't stay long and had to get home for dinner which Mrs. Henderson understood.

Shortly after Mrs. Henderson closed her door Zachary walked down her driveway.

He turned to look at the old oak tree which separated his long time trusted neighbor's from the one he had to legally stay away from like never before.

When he looked at the tree he noticed two big branches lying beside it. They were both dead and rotting and Zachary suddenly felt a hard lump in his throat.

Not long after that he felt humidity take over the whole community which he hated.

He turned around and ran home as quick as he could for he did not want to see the old wicked oak tree another second.

Once he arrived home he felt some relief and he found both his parents watching television.

His mom told him to heat up his dinner in the microwave which he did. Right after he finished dinner he went to check his email.

Matthew had just sent him an email saying he had tomorrow off and he could go to the pool with him, Jason, and Helen.

Zachary also saw a second email from Matthew. It was a link to the Aeon song Of Fire on YouTube.

Zachary was thrilled to be able to listen to heavy metal in a town where the other kids listened to pop music and the grownups listened to gospel.

The next morning Zachary woke up and after 10 hours of sleep he was ready for the day.

It wasn't long after he woke up that he got a cell phone call from Jason letting him know it was time to hit the swimming pool.

When all four arrived at the swimming pool three of them jumped in at once.

Matthew commented "I feel old because all three of you kids jumped in before I did."

Jason yelled "well what are you waiting for? Jump in!"

Matthew jumped into the deep end of the pool and was so happy to be in cool water after the humidity yesterday.

45 minutes later the lifeguard blew the whistle and yelled "adult swim."

Two dozen children immediately got out of the pool and a minute later the lifeguard asked Matthew "are you 18?"

Matthew answered "yes I am."

However a man came out of nowhere and yelled "well since the age of that individual is in question you better check his ID."

The lifeguard said "well we don't have time to check ID's and I'm going to take his word for it."

A woman immediately yelled "my husband wants to be sure because we pay property taxes."

The lifeguard walked off.

Matthew yelled "I'm not showing my ID."

The man yelled back angrily "maybe that's because you're not really 18."

Matthew yelled back "if you think I'm lying that's your problem."

The man's wife angrily snapped "you don't look like you're 18 years old and we think you might be younger."

Matthew smiled and replied "you don't look 18 either I think you're a lot older."

All the kids at the pool laughed.

The man got pissed off and yelled "how dare you talk to my wife like that. I'd love to drag you out in the parking lot and whoop your fucking ass."

Matthew yelled "oh yeah" and got out of the pool.

Once Matthew was out of the pool he yelled "what the fuck are you going to do asshole?"

To Matthew's surprise both Danforth Brothers yelled "go Matthew take down Mister Tool."

Upon hearing the Danforth Brothers Matthew responded "Tool, where have I heard that name before?"

Helen yelled "she's the mean teacher I told you about. The one who had Tammy Carter strip searched."

Matthew yelled "you fucking cunt!"

Three lifeguards came out and said they would call the cops if a fight broke out.

Mister Tool yelled "we'll take it up with the Goddamn homeowners."

To Be Continued