The Widowed Bride

The peak of the morning summer sun winking through a small gap between the not fully closed window shade and the window sill brought a soft yellow hue to the bedroom.

Amy Zarinski lay naked and uncovered atop the mattress letting the soft breeze cool the warm room. She rolled onto her side and stared at the empty space beside her, missing him so much. She could picture him lying there on mornings like this, grinning at her, his eyes dancing as he offered his usual 'Good Morning, I Love You'.

Amy missed feeling his body close to hers, and the way he would touch her. On most days, when she closed her eyes, Amy sensed him still there, a body memory not forgotten by his absence and forever engraved in her soul. Her body ached for him on such mornings and she was sad knowing that he would never be with her again.

Amy allowed a poignant smile to cross her face as she slowly left the bed and walked naked to the window, opening the shade to fill the room with sunlight, unconcerned that some early bird might see her nude image in the window.

What a thrill that would be for the morning paperboy, she thought, giggling out loud at such an idea. She walked into the bathroom and examined herself in the full length door mirror, hoping age had not yet begun to catch up to her in her mid-thirties.

She still wore her brown hair long to keep the allure of youth and her breasts still looked pert and firm. Her stomach was a bit more pudgy than in her glory days but not enough to cause concern (yet).

She placed her hands on her hips wondering if they had expanded recently and then she rubbed her hands along her backside to feel if any additional blubber had been added to her fanny. She hadn't shaved between her legs in a while and she stared at her muff for a long moment wondering if she should bother to be attentive to that area with the razor these days.

Amy took a step closer to the mirror, examining her face close up, wondering if those were crow's feet beginning to form at the corners of her eyes. At least there was no facial hair (yet) so that was encouraging. She was blessed with good teeth which went a long way in keeping her looking attractive.

She took a long cool shower, letting the spray bounce off her face from the jet stream and then turning the water on warmer to shampoo her hair and cleanse her body. Stepping out of the shower when she was done, Amy grabbed a pink towel and dried herself off before dabbing her air pits with deodorants and applying a dash of perfume before brushing out her hair as she stood still naked in front of the full length mirror.

Feeling refreshed, Amy returned to the bedroom and dressed in a pair of dungaree shorts that were probably too revealing for her age but she still had the legs and she liked to pretend she was young enough to pull it off. She also wore a loose white blouse tied at the waist to reveal her naval, leaving the top few buttons loose to expose enough cleavage to be womanly.

She went downstairs and started the coffee machine in the kitchen, glancing out the back window to realize that the lawn needed some work. She kept forgetting to get in contact with the neighborhood kid Nathan who mowed the lawn in the past, not sure if he was still in business.

She split an English muffin in half and stuck the two pieces in the toaster while waiting for the coffee to pour. Once the muffin was toasted, she buttered it and then sat at the kitchen table and ate the biscuit while drinking her coffee. One of the benefits of being a teacher was that she had the summers off and while she volunteered at various community events and picked up a few shifts at her friend Donna's boutique, Amy was still free to enjoy her down time as much as she wanted.

The doorbell rang which came as a surprise this early in the day and Amy opened the door to find the grinning Louis standing on her front porch.

"I thought we weren't going to do this while school was out," Amy frowned with a raised eyebrow.

"I lied," he grinned, stepping into the house. "She took the kids for a beach day with a girlfriend," Louis explained. "I have a little bit of free time this morning."

"You're supposed to take my requests seriously," Amy complained.

Louis pouted. "Aren't you happy to see me?"

She wasn't sure. He looked good as always but seeing him outside of the school year felt like an intrusion on her freedom . Who wants to be with your boss during off time?"

"Take off your clothes and make yourself comfortable, Ms. Zarinski," Louis grinned.

"I'm not working today, Principal Gause," she seductively protested.

Louis moved past her. He was familiar with her place having been here several times. Their trysts began in his office on a Saturday morning and now they took place in secluded places around town and sometimes in her house although she had a rule about no sex in her bedroom because of the sacred memories of her dead husband.

Louis wasted little time getting naked in the living room. He didn't mind being provocatively forward and he took an expectant seat on the couch. Amy casually removed her clothes as she stood in front of him.

"I never get tired of the view," Louis grinned once she was naked

"You don't know how lucky you are to see it," she teased.

"Oh, trust me, I do," Louis assured her.

His marriage was fine but his married sex life not so much with age and time and kids and careers. Amy was convinced she'd never love again as the Widowed Bride but she wasn't against some welcomed sex and if Louis was willing to cheat on his wife that was on him, not her.

Of course, Louis was more interested in self-pleasure than pleasuring her so the affair was a bit one sided but if it got Amy some favors at work she was okay with sucking off the Principal from time to time.

"Time to please the boss," Louis said lightly.

"Listen to you," Amy laughed. "Being all presumptuous just because your wife went to the beach."

Louis smirked. "I love it when you get all feisty."

She stared at him with admiration. Even in his early forties, Louis looked mighty fine. He worked out - even lifted weights – and it was hard not to notice his muscular chest and toned abs.

He spread his athletic legs just to taunt her, his thick and muscular cook going erect. She remembered the first time see saw it – that Saturday, in his office, as he took her on his desk, and she had enjoyed their little game ever since.

She hadn't realized that Steve the Custodian had been in the building that first day and she wasn't sure if he figured out what had gone on between her and The Principal. She was flustered and disheveled when she passed Steve in the hallway that day but he was a gentleman enough not to say anything – then or since.

She felt bad about that because Steve had been very kind to her in the aftermath of her husband's death. He showed up at the wake and funeral, sent her a sympathy card, made a donation in the deceased's honor, and chatted with her in the halls in the months afterward. But she was a teacher and he was a janitor and Amy never took him very seriously.

"So, how's your summer going so far?" Amy asked Louis as she dropped to her knees and moved between his legs.

Louis proceeded to give her the rundown of his summer so far as she sucked him off, his voice eventually trailing off as he dropped his head back and began to moan and after he exploded into her mouth, Amy crawled onto the couch and sat next to him, waiting to see if he was interested in returning the favor for her or was just going to sit there and bask in his own satisfaction.

When he made no move to drop his head down between her legs, Amy fell back on the couch in a laying position and she used her foot to give him a foot job.

"Ah, double pleasure," Louis grinned. "You're doing very well this morning."

"I aim to please," Amy replied as she worked her toe magic.

"God," Louis said with appreciative approval.

"You're easy to please," Amy said with a laugh.

When she finished with her toes, Louis leaned in and kissed Amy on the cheek.

"Thanks, Beautiful," he said with contentment.

Amy became lost in thought and she didn't respond as Louis stood and began to dress.

"Thanks for the treat," Louis said, giving her another kiss on the cheek before heading for the door, leaving Amy behind on the couch naked and unsatisfied.