I was walking with my girlfriend late one night. And the weather was so cold t. hat you could see our breath in the air. We were going to the store that was down the street from our condo. On the way there I started too daydreaming about food. I was so lost in thought, that I didn't notices Morana trying to get my I push the button to cross the street. `` what up'' I said to Morana, I was so forces on the light that I didn't realizes that Morana didn't answer and follow me across the street. When I noticed that she wasn't with me I turn around an ran back before the light change to green to let the cars past by to say what wrong'' this is when I finally notice that Morana eyes were red and puffy as tears ran down, her face in steams. That is when I finally realize that she was falling apart in front of me. I stop right in fount of her to say ``what's wrong why are you crying? what happen are you ok?!'' Morana said something but I couldn't understand what she was saying due to the fact she was crying so hard. As look into her puffy golden eyes. I started to cry to because I didn't know why she was crying so hard. Before I could ask why she was breaking down on the sidewalk. Morana sobbed ``I.I w-will tell y-you again Chris I-I l-love you so much, but you don't l-love m-m-me do y-you'' the feeling of disappointment and guilt hit me so hard that I stumble back a little. ``of course, I love you Morana that why I ask you to b-be my g-girlfriend''. I pleaded back at her with a hurt tone. Morana glared back at me and screamed ''you're lying to me'. I know That deep down your lying to me and you never really cared about our relationship. `` I D-DO L-LOVE Y-YOU'' I screamed trying to convince myself more than her. Why was it that I ask her to be my girlfriend, even though I love someone more than Morana and that was Lilith who die last year in my arms! I was in the passenger seat and Lilith was driving us to her parents. This was the first time I was going to meet them. But that didn't happen because someone ran a red light and hit the driver side. Lilith was pinned to her seat and arm rest and was bleeding out since her left arm was mostly bone. I was hurt but mostly ok. When I saw Lilith, I started to panic uncontrollably because she was dying right next to me but as I was freaking out Lilith just grab my hand with her right arm and said please find someone who you will love Killan. That when Morana started scream at me ``see! you're do it again you're not paying attention to me you're always thinking about the past with Lilith'' after she was done yelling at me, I just drop to my knees. `` am s-sorry I don't think of you the same way as but am trying to move on from her!''. ``you were the one who was trying to steal my heart after she die. I felt guilty for you and I felt so alone that why I let you stay with me out of pity'' I yelled at her almost losing my voice. after I realized what I just said we stared at each other for a long time without saying a word. Morana calmly said `` I think I should move out as soon as possible'' I said `` I think that a good idea I will pay to put you stuff in storages well your look for other place '' Let get going I said to Morana. Morana she said ``O.K'' as we were leaving, I felt a pinching pain in my head it was so painful I was seeing star all around me and I was getting tunnel vision. that when I felt my leg give away and as I fell to the ground the world went black. I woke up with a jolt as I tried to get out of my bed. I felt that my shirt was stuck to my back with all the sweat that was made due to the nightmare that I just had. I was so shaken that I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I finishes my cup of water I went back to my room where there was someone else in my bed I found this wired because I thought that Morana left a few week ago that when I felt the same pain in my nightmare fell down again and I couldn't get back up because memories were coming back to me I was not with Morana but with Lilith it was just a nightmare.