Hello Everyone, Stormknight089 here and today I have brought you yet another chapter into the story, so the last chapter was based on the Chronicles of Narnia, so Today this chapter is gonna be taking a part in "Fahrenheit 451"

for those of you who haven't read the book, I will warn you, this is spoiler territory, if you have not the read the book and you would like to? then leave, if not? well then have fun reading it

another thing to let you all know is that this chapter will be...How should I put it...Different than most of my work, you'll see it for yourself

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In another world lies a city of danger, there were cries of an aging woman inside a house as firemen drag her out with a book in her hand, they were dressed in black uniforms with hints of red, there was salamander symbols on their armbands and helmets with giant tanks of fuel for their flamethrowers that they are carrying with the two attached to each other with a cord, one of the men threw her on the street as she yelps and another fireman yanks a book out of her hand and tosses it into a pile with other books with a crowd of people outside the building, another firemen faces the chief.

"Sir, the house has been emptied, we're ready to begin" said the firemen

The woman goes up to the firemen with a pleading look in her eyes.

"Please, don't do it! I've worked too hard to get to where I am! I beg of you!" The woman pleads

But to no avail, the chief just gave her a cold look, as he turns towards his men, they start to turn on their flamethrowers and disperse flames on both the books and the house, the woman just sits there in horror as she continues to watch her house burn to the ground while her neighbors just stand there in awe of the fire growing and burning everything in its path, off in the distance there was a man walking down the streets with a hood on his head he begins to see ashes and start to smell smoke.

"Look! Over there!" A homeless man shouts

All of them turn around to see the smoke arising from the distance, they were gossiping and murmuring amongst each other only for the hooded man to continue on walking without glaring back at the fire, he walks into an alleyway and takes the hoodie off his head, he was bald and clean shaved with a few facial lines on his face and thin eyebrows, he looked around to be in his 30s while wearing a hoodie, some slacks and grey shoes with black shoelaces, the man was sweating profusely as he wipes the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve, he looked distressed.

"Another book burning is happening, this is the 3rd time it happened this week" the man said it to himself.

The man looks up to see a drone hovering over him, he puts the hood over his head to cover his face as he begins walking away from it, the drone doesn't notice him as it continues moving on, the man continues walking in the pitch black night with him treading his feet and his hands In his pocket as the rodents scatter.

"How long must I continue on like this? It's only a matter of time until they find me, what can I do?" The man said to himself

Suddenly the moonlight shines upon him, the clouds clear up as he looks up to see the full moon, he looks at it in wonder, without him knowing there was a creature following at him, it was in the pitch black darkness with only it's eyes glowing red with it growling and glaring at the man, the man turns around completely as he looks in the horror, he didn't know what to do, but the beast continues to glare at him , but the two remained still with the beast growling at him.

Chapter 3: Fahrenheit 451

Back in the world of Narnia, a Banquet was being held in the halls of Cair Paravel with a massive feast to feed millions of people, there was baked chicken, roasted pig, various soups and stews, a variety of breads and cheeses, fruits and vegetables, cakes, cookies, pies and jellied and cream filled pastries, the people were joyfully enjoying the festivities as they drink wine amongst each other and dance joyfully for this occasion, while the adults for partaking in their own festivities, Isaiah and Ethan were devouring all the food as if there's no tomorrow with Isaiah eating a chicken leg while scooping tomato soup in his mouth with Ethan eating both cheese and bread simultaneously, David looks at them with shock.

"Whoa! Slow down boys! You're gonna end up choking yourselves!" David shouts

Isaiah and Ethan stop what they were doing as they shallower the food in their mouth.

"Sorry, we're just really hungry you know, it's been awhile since we had a decent meal" said Isaiah

David changes his shocked expression to a more happier look.

"I know it's been a long endeavor, but please save some for the rest of us" said David

Ethan says, "it doesn't look like anyone else is enjoying the food, their too busy drinking adult grape juice, so more for us"

They continue to eat at a much slower pace, on the other side of the table Blu was with his mother and Rosie with Mia sitting in a seat trying to decide whether to go for the apple pie or the strawberry cake.

"I wonder if the people are celebrating because of the return of their king and queen, or the fact they will no longer be terrorized by Lorik and his army any longer" said Blu

Rosie says, "probably both is my best guest seeing as though throwing a feast this big to feed all of us, hey guys do you know what happened with Sam and Petra? They've been gone for a while now"

Mia replies, "the two of them are having a private meal with both the King and Queen, so we won't be seeing them in awhile"

Sarah says, "well either way, each of you have done good for this kingdom, and I'm proud of you for it, especially you son"

Blu blushes a little bit by his mother's compliment

"Well I'm just air support, I don't really do anything special" said Blu in an unconfident tone

Rosie says, "But you got us out when Lorik was on to us, and you helped defeat both Lorik and Tenebris when it came down to it"

Blu looked a bit shameful.

"That may be true, But I didn't exactly hold my own against either of them very well, even with all this power, I can't seem to overcome any enemy really" said Blu

Sarah says, "Hey no one blames you sweetie, your just getting the hang of your special abilities, I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually, besides your my Hero"

Blu blushes even further because he felt a bit embarrassed, Mia looks over to Blu.

"Hey Blu, I need your help, do you think I should go for the apple pie or for the strawberry cake?" Mia asks

Blu replies, "I'm not sure, both of them are good, why not do both?"

Mia says, "well I don't want to gain some unnecessary weight than I already have"

Mia looked embarrassed as there were 10 stacked plates and 7 stacked bowls by her, both Isaiah and Ethan were shocked by this.

"HOLY CRAP!" both of them shout in unison

Mia asks, "so yeah you see what I mean?"

Blu replies, "okay, well why don't you have a taste of each one and see which one you like the most"

"Okay, good idea"

Mia grabs her fork, she reaches for the apple pie first, but her hand begins to shake tremendously to the point where she can't control it as she drops her fork on the ground, everybody looks over to her with concern.

"Are you okay Mia? You seemed to be in distressed" Isaiah asks

Mia looks up to everyone as she gives a reassuring look on her face.

"I'm fine really, I'm just a bit nervous you know" said Mia

Ethan asks, "what are you nervous about?"

Mia replies, "We're supposed to be meeting a man named Sanctum, remember?"

Both the boys realize that as they looked like they totally forgot.

"Oh right, Jehovah said that we should be meeting him after taking Sam and Petra here in Cair Paravel" said Isaiah

Ethan asks, "the question is how do we find him? Do you think the locals might know a man of that weird and bizarre name?"

Suddenly two hands were placed on both of the boys shoulders on each side as both of them were startled by it.

"Are you two lads enjoying your meal?" said the mysterious person behind them

The boys slowly turn around while making a creaking noise in their chairs, they see an old man in a white formal attire, the old man has a receding hairline with sideburns and a mustache on his face, he is smiling brightly at them as they both looked freaked out by his sudden appearance.

"C-can we help you with something sir?" Isaiah asks in a somewhat polite tone

The man replies, "Yes, I believe you are the ones I'm looking for am I correct?"

All of them realized who it was.

"So your Sanctum" said Mia

Sanctum says, "Yes, so if you may follow me please, there is something I need to show you"

Sanctum begins walking away from the team, all of them look at each other in a sense of confusion as they get up from their seats, they begin to follow him through a hallway as they enter inside library that had a dome like shape to it with the top of dome having stars and planets on top of the ceiling with them looking so life like as they moved around with the map of the world of Narnia on the floor, the kids and the birds were in awe by the site of the library, they see Sanctum standing in front of them as he looks at them with his arms behind his back with a bucket of water by his side with a towel.

"So umm, now what?" Ethan asks

Sanctum replies, "I think a little introduction should suffice, and maybe a little reunion is in order"

The kids and the birds were confused.

"A reunion? What do you mean by that?" Mia asks

However, Sanctum didn't respond as he dumped the bucket of water over his head.




Sanctum grabs the towel as he begins washing his face with the others looking dumbfounded and weirded out.

"I apologize for the bizarre things that you're witnessing, but I figured you would have figured it out right now, isn't that right young ones?" said Sanctum in a normal voice

Sanctum puts the towel down revealing his true face, he was definitely much younger than he appeared with the disguise as he had brown short brown hair that was extremely curly, he has a long moustache that goes straight with a long thick goatee that goes down to his chest, Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia were in complete shock.

"MASTER PAINTER?!" the 3 of them shout

Master Painter says, "hello young ones, it's been awhile hasn't it?"

The 3 of them bow at him in a respective manner.

"Yes sir, it has" said Mia

Blu, David, Sarah, and Rosie were confused about what was going on.

"Wait hold on, you know him?" Blu asks

Isaiah replies, "He's one of our teachers"

The 4 of them were a bit surprised.

"What? no way!" said David

Master Painter says, "indeed I am, you 3 may be at ease"

Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia stop bowing to him as the Master Painter approaches them.

"The 3 of you have grown the last time we saw each other, each of you have made tremendous progress throughout your journeys" said Master Painter

Mia says, "thank you sir"

Ethan asks, "So umm sir, may I ask what was up with the whole disguise thing?"

Master Painter replies, "well I didn't want to give away who I was, it is rather crucial for you 3 to follow orders when given to them"

Blu says, "okay hold on a second, time out, I'm a bit at a lost here to what exactly what's going on here"

Master Painter says, "Not to worry my young friend, my pupil Isaiah will explain everything to you"

Isaiah looked unprepared for this.

"Me?...okay, so you know how Peter and Father Abraham are our teachers, Tyler? Well each of our teachers taught us different things, for starters Father Abraham taught us how to use the powers we have correctly while Peter taught us how to apply these powers in combat situations, but Master Painter taught us a different aspect of the spirit crests, how to transform the properties inside it, which is how we use transformations in many battles before, like How I used the 'Sword Master Form' when we fought Lorik" said Isaiah

Blu asks, "But why do you call him Master Painter? Wouldn't it make more sense to call him by his real name?"

Isaiah replies, "Well that's the thing about him, he never tells us his name, he keeps it a secret not even hinting us what his name is…"

Isaiah then realizes something as he turns to Master Painter.

"...Wait is your real name Sanctum?"

Master Painter replies, "No"

Isaiah turns around towards his friends.

"So yeah we just call him Master Painter" said Isaiah

Rosie asks, "But why do they call him that?"

Ethan replies, "Because he can manipulate Paint and turn them into real life objects, we just saw him using paint to disguise himself as someone else"

Master Painter gazes at Ethan sternly.

"Ethan you were not permitted to speak" said Master Painter

Ethan says, "Sorry sir"

"But my young pupil is correct, I can create things out of paint" said Master Painter

Master Painter grabs a paintbrush and gets some blue paint on the tip of the brush, he starts painting in the middle of the air, the birds were amazed by this, he then finishes his painting as he drew a blue butterfly, the butterfly comes to life and flies around the room, the birds looked amazed by this as the 3 humans just stood there watching and smiling as it happened.

"I can do much more than that, but even so they are nothing compared to the creations of our creator" said Master Painter

David says, "Creator?"

Isaiah says, "Well you see Master Painter is not exactly human, he's an angel, so he refers to God way differently than we do"

The birds weren't so phased by this news as Blu looked doubtful

"An angel huh? Aren't they supposed to have wings on their backs and halos over their heads?" Blu asks with a doubtful tone

Master Painter replies, "to answer your question, I'm appearing in my human form so that the likes of you are able to see me, does that answer your questions ?"

Blu says, "Yes sir"

"Good, now onto more pressing matters at hand…"

Master painter turns around and faces a bookshelf.

"...so about the assignment that you were on, have the 3 of you figured out why you were sent there?"

Ethan replies, "Yes sir, Jehovah sent us because the world was endangered by Lorik's reign of terror, the Kingdom were in need of a new King and Queen to watch over Narnia and it's people"

Master Painter says, "well you are partially correct, but it's not the full answer..."

Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia watched closely at Master Painter with him turning around and facing them with a serious look on his face.

"...Jehovah may have sent you there, but it was I that wanted to test the 3 of you"

All of them were a bit surprised by this.

"Aslan mentioned that the endeavor we just had was some form of trial, so is that what he meant?" Mia asks

Master Painter replies, "Yes, I needed to see if you would put God before your own emotional desires, I was afraid that you would go against God's will in your pursuit of Vengeance"

Isaiah asks, "So you have lost faith in us?"

Master Painter replies, "I will admit, I had my doubts if you were able to do what needed to be done"

This angered David immensely.

"What?! You put them through all that just Because You had Doubts in them?! You should be ashamed of yourself!" David shouts with fury

Ethan says, "David calm down, don't speak to him that way"

Master Painter says, "it's alright Ethan, I expected this kind of behavior from a bird such as him, however I expected more for the 3 of you..."

The 3 children turn their attention towards Master Painter with him looking down.

"...when you first confronted the man, all of you gave into your emotions and forgotten what you need to do, with Isaiah and Mia being the first ones to outburst, and Ethan later on, yours was the one I was concerned most Isaiah, out of the two of your friends you were filled with anger and grief he most"

Isaiah looks down in shame.

"I'm sorry sir, I was way over my head back there, I should've kept my cool even when things were intense" said Isaiah

Master painter says, "The only reason why I was concerned about this was because of your awakening, I thought the 3 of you weren't ready for that kind of power, especially with how unstable your emotions are, even with all the experience the 3 of you have, your still so young and naive, which is why I had this test in the first place…"

Master Painter looks at a painting that resembles a red cross with regret in his eyes.

"...The last knight who let his emotions control him nearly destroyed so many lives before him, the power he wield was unbearable and he let these visions of the future control his choices and dictate the actions of others, I think you know who I'm referring to"

Isaiah steps up towards Master Painter.

"Baldrich Ackerman, but he refers to himself as Emperor Zion" said Isaiah in a firm tone

Master Painter says, "when he was younger, Baldrich saw visions of the future, of how the Universe was coming into chaos, how a man threatens to destroy every creation, he let his fears take control of his choices and went into desperation as he sought to bring order, only now he realizes that all of this was inevitable"

Blu asks, "it's still so confusing, why does the Raven want to destroy everything? Is he Insane or what?"

Master Painter replies, "I cannot say what his Intentions are, but one thing's for certain is that the Raven possesses a threat unlike any other threat, aside from Lucifer of course, but don't underestimate him just because he's an old man, his skills and powers have even surpassed those of the knights, even if you use your strongest transformation against him it won't be enough to stop him"

Ethan says, "I'll say, the jerk broke my hammer"

Isaiah and Mia look at Ethan.

"Man Ethan, you're still upset about that?" Isaiah asks

Ethan replies, "uh yeah, seeing as though I have to learn an entirely different fighting style with a katana while you two get to keep your weapons, so yeah I'm pretty salty about it"

Master Painter says, "It's okay Ethan, you'll eventually master the blade, but fortunately for you, you won't need to use them for the next mission all of you have"

Mia asks, "what kind of mission will it be sir?"

Master Painter grabs a page from a bookshelf, he walks up to the children and hands Isaiah the page, all of them looked curiously at Master Painter.

"What's this?" Isaiah asks

Master Painter replies, "Go on, Read it"

The birds fly onto the children's shoulders to take a gander at the Illustration showing 12 different colored crosses forming a circle, with them being Blue, green, pink, orange, light blue, silver, yellow, black, white, aqua blue, red, and Violet, there were two stars that set near circle, the star on the left was a whitish-blue, the star on the right was multicolor, and there was a golden heart at the center, all of them look down on the writing.

"When the day has finally come to begin, the stars shall reunite with flickers of light, and their hearts scatter among worlds, for they shall be the gateway for the path that has yet to come, the night of the Revolution...Past, present, and future, shall stand in trial, their own existence shall be erased, the white blue star will be devoured by darkness, the orange Star shall burn away it's fiery light, and the blue star will slowly dim away...But on that day, the holy blade shall cut through the dark depths, so come forth, Children of Fate" said Isaiah

Rosie looks in shock and realization.

"I recognize this" said Rosie

Everyone turns to Rosie.

"You do? But how?" Ethan asks

Rosie replies, "my grand aunt Nora used to tell me this tale all the time when I was little, it was one of my favorite stories"

Master Painter says, "this isn't just any story, it is a prophecy of how a war shall rage across the Universe…"

All of them look at Master Painter with serious looks on their faces.

"...the Prophecy tells us the fate of each knight and what lies at the end of the road, this is only the first page of the prophecy, there has yet to be more to discover about the Prophecy"

Isaiah asks, "Wait there's more? So where are the rest of them?"

Master Painter replies, "Fear not my young pupil, for there is another thing to uncover, you must find the book, it is the key to locate the holy blade that was lost so long ago"

Mia looks back at the page.

"The Holy blade? Just like in the passage" said Mia

Blu says, "so we find the book that'll lead us into uncovering an all powerful weapon that could possibly save everyone in known existence? That doesn't sound too hard"

Master Painter says, "yes, but however there is one thing that needs to be discussed, the first thing is that the world you're going into is a dangerous one, full of sin and chaos, where every man, woman, and child do whatever they want with no consequences whatsoever..."

Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia remained calm.

"Well that doesn't sound too bad, we've dealt with worse" said Mia

"...in that world books are illegal, if you are caught with one, they will confiscate it from you, burn the book, and then arrest the people who had the book on them…"

The children looked dumbfounded by that statement.

"Okay? That just sounds stupid and ridiculous, even by our standards, but nothing we can't handle" said Ethan

"...one last thing and it's most important that you 3 hear this...in that world you won't be able to use the powers that you were given, so I need you 3 to remain Vigilant no matter what"

The 3 of them immediately blank out as they just stare into the void while being frozen, Master Painter looks at them with confusion as they didn't respond at all, the birds were even shooketh by the news they heard.

"Uh Young ones?...Hello?..." Master Painter asks

They continued to remain frozen.

"You mean they won't be able to use their elemental powers?" Rosie asks in an innocent tone

Master Painter replies, "I'm afraid so little one, even the Guardian bird won't be able to use his 12 elemental powers"

All 3 of the children gasped as they got back into reality as they just looked shocked.

"WE WON'T BE ABLE TO USE OUR POWERS!" all 3 of them shout

Master Painter says, "calm yourselves! There's no need to act that way!"

Isaiah asks, "Sorry if we're overreacting, but why is it that we won't be able use the powers that we were given?"

"It's because in that world, there is a barrier made of dark matter that goes all over that world, it is one of the neutral worlds that shall be kept out of the conflict that is happening right now, the barrier suppresses any force of power both Light and dark, the reason why it's there so that no one from Raven's side shall discover it, they aren't aware of the Prophecy's secrets, it is the only way to keep it safe, do you all understand what I'm saying" said Master Painter

"Yes sir" said the 3 of them in unison

Blu asks, "do you have any clue to where the book might be?"

Master Painter replies, "the Location of book is somewhere in Chicago Illinois, where a man named Professor Faber is in possession of the book"

Mia asks, "Do you know where Professor Faber is?"

Master Painter replies, "he's located in the mid west of the city, you'll find him along with a friend of his in an apartment around that area, but I advised all of you to be careful, this maybe you're dangerous quest yet"

David says, "we'll be fine, just as long as we stick together and avoid any sort of unnecessary conflict, we should be alright"

All of them nod their heads.

"Well before you 3 head out, it's best if you change your clothes, you don't want to walk all over the city looking like that" said Master Painter

Master Painter grabs his paintbrush and palette filled with various colors and walks over to them

"Hold still children" said Master Painter

The Children close their eyes and stand up straight, Master Painter begins to paint all over their clothes, using the colors of black, light green, brown, flesh pink, white, light blue, navy blue, light pink, dark pink, and red, as he adds the finishing touches, he then puts his paintbrush inside a cup full of water.

"Alright young ones, you can move now" said Master Painter

As the children open their eyes and loosen up, they look down on themselves looking astonished, the birds were even more astonished as they had a newly batch of clothes on them without the gloves on their hands, with Ethan wearing a black shirt with characters from "The Regular Show", he was wearing jeans with shoes that are black with a green and black diamond pattern on the shoelaces with and a white color on the bottom, Isaiah was wearing a navy blue hoodie with a "Hollister" Logo on it, he was wearing sweatpants with the same color and logo on it, he was also wearing shoes that were dark blue with the shoelaces being white, Mia was wearing a light pink T-shirt with a "I Love New York" logo on it with a heart at the center of the shirt as the cuffs on the shirt are dark pink, she was wearing jean shorts that goes down to her thighs and shoes that had a white color with some Pink lines on it, with the shoelaces being completely pink, the children look down on their news clothes.

"Wow, this is pretty neat" said Ethan

David says, "Sure beats your old clothes, all of you looked so edgy in them"

Isaiah says, "But I like my coat, it was so comfy wearing it, although this is not too bad"

Master Painter walks up to them.

"Well it's best not to leave you 3 empty handed, Here you might need these" said Master Painter

Master Painter lends them a yellow umbrella, a brown wallet with a cross on it, and 3 cellphones. The children looked excited as they were thrilled to have their own cell phones.

"Oh sweet, now we're talking" said Ethan

Master Painter says, "Just to let you all know, these aren't normal cell phones, you are only able to call each other and maybe take pictures from time to time, none of you will be fooling around on them"

The 3 children looked disappointed with that answer.

"Well that's no fun" said Ethan

Master Painter says, "All your fees will be paid here in this wallet, it will either create a credit card or any amount of money to pay for your food, clothing, and shelter, don't lose it and don't pay for anything that is out of necessity, and trust me I will know"

Master Painter hands the wallet over to Ethan with him putting the wallet in his pocket.

"Thank you sir, so what's the umbrella for? Does it do anything special in particular?" Isaiah asks politely

Master Painter replies, "yes, it's suppose to keep you dry...from the rain, it's been rather rainy over there lately"


Master Painter lends the umbrella over to Mia.

"Now I want all of you to be safe, and look out for each other, the city is a very big place and you could get easily lost in there, you won't be able to summon any of your weapons or use the elements, but you will still be able to communicate with the animals that are all around you, so stay true to your quest and remember to pray to the lord, for he will give you strength in this i chaotic time" said Master Painter

Ethan says, "we will sir, and we'll see to it that it is complete"

Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia bow to Master Painter as he bows back at them, he then goes over to a tree trunk in his library, he grabs a paintbrush and uses blue paint as he paints an oval shape on it, the paint transforms into a portal, all of them look astonished by this.

"Whoa!" Said Rosie in amazement

Master Painter says, "go forth, and may all of you be safe on your journey"

"Yes sir!" The 3 children shout in unison

The 3 children along with the birds venture forth into the portal, the portal then closes as soon as all of them enter it, Master Painter looks back at a painting of his with him looking saddened.

"Godspeed my friends..."

The painting was that of Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia from when they were younger, they were smiling brightly among each other underneath many bright and beautiful colors of the sky in the sunset.



From the other end of the portal, Isaiah, Ethan, Mia, and the birds exit from it, where they were in a dark alleyway, Ethan glances inside the dark alleyway.

"Well this is ideal, just got into another world and I'm already getting off bad vibes" said Ethan

Sarah asks, "where are we?"

Blu replies, "this is an alleyway mother, one of the more shady areas of the city, and it's probably best to get out of here before we get attacked"

Mia says, "yeah, this place gives me the creeps"

All of them start walking out of the alleyway, they eventually make onto the sidewalk, all of them look in shock.

"Whoa!" Said Isaiah in amazement

All of them were gazing upon the city, the city was like a futuristic world filled with new technology, cars that moved at the speed of lightning, lights flashing all around them, people going to places, and life-like holograms projecting out of buildings, they continued to gaze upon the city.

"Wait hold on we're in the future?...NO...FREAKING...WAY!" said Ethan with enthusiasm

Mia says, "I never thought I might see the day where I'm in the future...I feel old"

Sarah says, "How do you think I feel right now? I'm practically a fossil"

David says, "Don't say that love, your just as beautiful if not more youthful"

Suddenly a droplet of rain hits Isaiah's noise, he looks up into the sky as rain pours down on them, Isaiah puts on his hood to cover himself from the rain as Mia opens up her umbrella as everyone goes underneath it except for Isaiah.

"I think is what Master Painter meant by a rainy weather" said Ethan

They walk on the sidewalk as they explore the city around them as they look at it with wonder except for David who wasn't all that impressed from the view, Rosie however just stares at the city in awe.

"Wow, it's so Beautiful! I've never seen so many lights ever in my life!" said Rosie

Blu asks, "really? You've never been to a city before?"

Rosie replies, "Well no not really, But Isaiah explained what the city was like, and it's even better than I Imagined"

David says, "Well don't be too impressed sweetie, it's just a bunch of hokey dokey lights all around you to make you feel all fuzzy inside and block you from reality"

They then stop near traffic lights as they are red, they wait to go to the other side with Blu looking at his dad with a curious look.

"What's wrong dad? Is there something about the city that makes you hate it?" Blu asks with concern

David replies, "well it's nothing to worry about son, I just don't have many positive memories from living nearby places with so many-well how shall I put this-ill willed humans"

Blu says, "I understand what your saying, the sooner we get what we need the better"

"I agree with you on that"

The traffic lights turn green, the group walks pass the cars as Isaiah wasn't looking where he was going as he was focusing on putting his two fingers together, Ethan turns around to see Isaiah not paying attention to his surroundings as Ethan walks out of the Umbrella and grabs Isaiah by the wrist and pulls him over towards the others.

"Come on Isaiah! You need to start paying attention! We're in a big city, you could get Lost in a place like this!" Ethan scolds

Isaiah says, "Sorry, I was trying to create electricity with my two finger tips, but it's not working"

The team makes it to the other side with Ethan facing Isaiah.

"Yeah Master Painter did say we won't be able to use our powers, did you think he was wrong?" Ethan asks

Isaiah replies, "No, it's just it feels weird you know, not having lightning shoot from your fingertips after a year's worth of training and battles, it feels so odd and yet Natural at the same time, to be just...Normal"

Ethan wipes the water off him as he gives an understanding look.

"I hear you bud, it may have been just a year, but it feels like it was forever ago when we were just living with Father Abraham and the others" said Ethan

Mia says, "it's kind of scary a bit, Not being able to protect yourself or anyone else with the Power of God in your hands"

Isaiah says, "But we do Mia, just not in a way where it's flashy, because he protects us even when we're powerless"

Mia felt shameful for a bit for what she said.

"Yeah your right, sorry" said Mia in a shameful tone

Ethan says, "Hey it's okay, it's easy to forget things when your caught in the fray of things, sometimes you just gotta look out for each other you know"

Mia says, "Yeah, okay"

Blu says, "Frankly I'm just glad I can catch a break from all that 'Guardian Bird' stuff, it was just exhausting being constantly captured, beaten, or just both at the same time"

Sarah says, "hopefully we can catch a break from all the violence and war we've been experiencing as of lately"

The children looked around the city, they looked clueless to where they were going.

"We're lost aren't we?" David asks

Ethan replies, "Yup, we have no flipping clue to where we're going"

Rosie asks, "How are we supposed to find the Professor through this giant city?"

Mia looks all around her and sees a convenience store up ahead of her, she turns towards her friends.

"Let's go into that store and see if we can figure out where were at" said Mia

Isaiah says, "You can go on ahead Mia, I'll stay with these guys to make sure they don't get all wet and stuff"

Ethan says, "and I'll stay with him to make sure he doesn't get into any trouble"

Isaiah looked slightly offended by his words.

"Hey, I'm not a trouble maker!" said Isaiah

Ethan says, "Relax Isaiah, I'm just teasing you"

Mia says, "well, in that case, can you give me the wallet while I head down to the store and you can have my umbrella so you 6 don't get wet"

Ethan and Mia traded the items with each other.

"I won't take long, is there anything I can get?" Mia asks

Isaiah replies, "maybe some snacks, like cool ranch doritos and some minute maid fruit punch juice please"

Ethan says, "see if they have any rain coats, cause we need some bad"

Blu says, "I would like some breathe mints, because I haven't brushed my beak in a while"

Isaiah and Ethan gave him confused looks.

"Your beak?" Ethan asks

Blu replies, "it's a force of habit"

Mia turns towards David, Sarah, and Rosie.

"Is there anything I can get you 3 from the store?" Mia asks with a polite tone

David replies, "I'll be alright sweetie, we birds have lived long enough without the help of other humans, we don't really need anything"

Mia says, "Okay, if you say so"

Mia walks over to the store while Isaiah and Ethan were offended by his words with Sarah looking quietly stern at him for a bit

"Gee, it's not like we just fought an entire empire, went through multiple hardships, and received scars both physically and emotionally to rescue your son" said Ethan

David looks down in shame a bit.

"Sorry" said David


Mia enters the store, the store was huge and was filled with all sorts of food and drinks with a very high techno theme going on in the store as the tiles were black with the outlines changing colors with the ceilings having stars on them, a robot vacuum cleaning up the place, a sign of a man on a rocket ship going to outer space and a robot clerk standing behind the counter with a man in his 40s just kicking his legs up while watching TV and smoking a cigarette.

"Welcome to our Intergalactic Getaway, today we have sales of 2 milk jugs all for the price of $5" said the robot with an enthusiastic voice

Mia says, "no thank you, I'm just here to pick up a few things if you don't mind"

"No problem dear, just let old Rusty know if you need anything"

"Alright, thanks"

Mia goes through the convenient store as she grabs a mini cart, she stops by the snack aisle seeing where the doritos are with a man in a hood behind her getting himself an energy drink, Mia looks and sees a brand of chips with a logo that says "Edible Triangles" with a cool ranch flavor on top.

"Edible Triangles huh? Well it's not the brand I was looking for, but I'm sure Isaiah won't mind" said Mia

Mia places the chips in the mini cart, as she was about to walk once more, the hooded man runs into her, something drops out of his hoodie as it plopped to the ground, Mia was rubbing her head, as the hooded man checks up on her.

"Oh I'm so sorry, are you alright?" the hooded man asks

Mia replies, "Yeah I'm fine, I should've been paying attention to where I was going"

"It was my fault to, I should've watched where I was going, I got a little distracted there"

Mia looks on the ground and sees a hard case book, the hooded man looked nervous for a moment there as she kneels down to pick up the book.

"Hey you dropped your...Book" said Mia

Mia realizes about the laws of the world she was in, the man was sweating as he was about to make a run for it, the vacuum robot was about to pass by as it had a camera on it, Mia immediately puts the book in her mini cart as the robot goes up to them.

"Hello there humans, are you enjoying the experience of Intergalactic Getaway?" the Vacuum robot asks in a robotic tone

Mia replies, "yes, so far the experience has been a pleasant one, tell me, do you guys have any rain coats if i might add?"

"Not that I recall of, I am only the Janitor here, your gonna have to ask the manager that"

"Alright then, thank you"

The Vacuum robot passes by as he continues cleaning up the place, the hooded man turns towards Mia as he looked shocked, Mia turns towards the hooded man.

"It's okay, your secret is safe with me, it's probably best if you hide it in a more secure place" Mia whispers

Mia grabs the book from her basket and hands it to him, the hooded man hides the book as she walks away, he was definitely surprised by the kind gesture that was shown to him, he glances at her with curiosity.

"Who is that girl? And why did she cover me like that?" the hooded man thought

The hooded man groans in pain while resting his hand on his ribs, he pulls up his hoodie and shirt, showing his entire waistline was covered in a long bandage with the bandage covered in blood on the right side, he was panting.

"Well either way, I'm grateful that she didn't turn me in, I'm not sure how much longer my body could hold from another attack of that thing, I better get this patched up" the hooded man thought

The hooded man looks at the medical kit not too far from him.


Mia goes up to the front of the counter with a few things in her basket, including the chips, a family sized fruit punch juice drink saying "Fruity Burst" with some foam cups to go with it, as well as breath mints in the basket, she looks at the man who was watching TV.

"Ahem excuse me, I would like to purchase these items" said Mia in a polite tone

The man didn't turn around as he continued watching TV.

"Go to the dumb robot then, I'm busy at the moment" said the man in a very rude tone

Mia felt a bit neglected at the moment.

"Umm, okay" said Mia

Mia walks over towards Rusty, Rusty looks at her with enthusiasm.

"Well hello dearie, are these the items you would like to purchase?" Dusty asks

Mia replies, "yes, sorry for asking this but do you have any raincoats? It's been raining heavily outside and we could use some to keep me and my friends dry from the rain"

"Sorry miss but we don't have any raincoats, but we do have Umbrellas if it's okay with you"

"Yeah that should do just fine, thanks"

"Happy to serve, I'll go get them for you"

Rusty then leaves the counter as he goes into the storage room, Mia turns towards the TV and sees the news playing featuring an anchorman and an anchorwoman

"Our Country is now caught in the middle of a war between Terrorists, nobody knows who are these terrorists, all we know is that their destroying cities and towns by bombing multiple cities and towns from all over the United States" said the Anchorman

The Anchorwoman says, "here are some footages that were taken on our satellite over one of the states"

A footage appears to show a destroyed city with multiple buildings burned to the ground with ashes blowing in the air, Mia looks at the TV with barely any expression as everything around began to feel silent seeing the devastation of the city on the Television, her arms begin to tremble, shaking more violent by the second, suddenly Rusty comes by with Umbrellas in his hands.

"Here are the Umbrellas miss, I hope these will do" said Rusty

Mia then snaps out of her state while holding her arm down as she tries to give a casual look.

"Oh yes, those will do you fine, thank you very much" said Mia

Rusty asks, "You don't look so well miss? What's the matter?"

Mia replies, "Oh I'm just a bit stressed out, that's all"

"Would you like to take our stress relieving pills?..."

Rusty places a bottle full of pills on the countertop.

"...it'll help you relieve all your worries and strife, it can also help you keep you calm if you want to have a chance with a gentleman, so what'll it be?"

Mia looks down on the bottle of pills, she looks at the bottle, seeing how the ingredients looked safe and there were no side effects labeled on the bottle, Mia takes a deep sigh and looks at the robot.

"I'll take them" said Mia

Rusty replies, "splendid! Now I'll calculate in how much it'll cost"

Rusty then begins to malfunction, To Mia's surprise as the 40 year old man looked frustrated.

"Dagnabit! That's the fourth time this week! I swear this has to be the cheapest hunk of junk those bozos ever sold me! Now where is that Instruction manual" the 40 year old man stutters

Mia looks down on the pill bottle, thinking about the decision she just made.


The others we're waiting outside the store underneath the umbrella with the rain still pouring down on them with Ethan scratching his arm, Isaiah having his hands in his hoodie pocket, And the birds standing on the floor underneath the umbrella as they look up into the dark skies.

"How long do you think this rain is gonna last?" Rosie asks

Blu replies, "I don't think it'll be stopping anytime soon, it's gonna be raining all day long"

Isaiah looks down on Rosie.

"So Rosie, you said that your grandaunt Nora told you about the Prophecy right? Do you know what happens in the prophecy?" Isaiah asks in a curious tone

Rosie replies, "well not really, it was always confusing to hear the story, I didn't know what to make of it, most of the time I just used my imagination to come up with my own interpretations of the story"

David asks, "Really? Can you tell us a few of them?"

Rosie replies, "well there nothing special, there was this one that was pretty stupid though, it was about how 3 kids traveling through time and they go on all sorts of wacky and crazy adventures"

Isaiah says, "That actually sounds pretty cool, not gonna lie"

David says, "that's some imagination you have"

Rosie says, "Yeah well it was really one of the few things I enjoy"

Rosie turns from a happy to a saddened expression, everyone looks concerned for her.

"What's wrong? Is there something troubling you?" Blu asks

Rosie replies, "Well I'm just worried for my family, ever since I've been captured by Benito, I was separated by them, and I don't know where they're at or even if they're alive somehow?"

Isaiah looks at her with understanding as he looks at her in the eye.

"I'm sorry that happened to you, we shouldn't have gotten you involved into this mess" said Isaiah

Rosie replies, "No, it was my choice remember? I wanted to go with you because I didn't want to be left by myself, since I don't know where my family are at, your the only ones I trust"

Sarah walks up to Rosie with guilt in her eyes.

"Then I'm the one who should be apologizing to you, back at the Garden, I was the one who was being selfish and insisted on traveling with them, and I forced you to come along with us, and I'm not sure how I'll make it up to you" said Sarah with a guilty tone

Rosie replies, "It's alright, You wanted to be with your son for so long, you spent 21 years searching for him, and I can't imagine how hard it was for you to go through all that"

Sarah looked relieved to hear those words but still felt guilty.

"Well I'm glad you understand how I felt, but it still doesn't justify for what I've done, I only made it more dangerous for you and I feel responsible for it" said Sarah

Blu says, "Mom, I'm equally as guilty in this as well, I wanted you to come along with me, and I thought I was confident enough to protect all of you, But it looks like I was wrong"

Isaiah says, "It has been a lot more dangerous than usual, I mean it's really terrifying to having to go through all this, Benito, Lorik, and whose know what else is out there, all I know is that if we keep the faith, we'll be alright"

Ethan says, "well I'm sure this mission won't be as bad as the last two, I mean we may not have our powers and all that, but maybe we won't need them in this one, we can finally take it easy for once and just do what we gotta do without any skirmishes"

Suddenly there was banging noises coming from an alleyway, all of them were a bit curious to where all that banging was coming from, Isaiah and Ethan immediately run over to see what was happening with the birds following them, they see a boy their age getting beaten up by another teenager, the boy appeared to be latino with short black hair and light dark skin with his eyes being brown while he was wearing a jacket, a blue scarf, jeans, and some old fashioned shoes that were all muddy, the other person that was beating him nearly to death was caucasian with purple hair with a and green eyes, he was wearing a black cloth over his head and a leather jacket that has a Gorilla symbol on the back with messed up jeans and black shoes with spikes on them, the Delinquent looks at his prey with a sinister look with Isaiah and Ethan getting angry over the event that was happening.

"And I spoke too soon" said Ethan

Isaiah shouts, "Hey Knock it off!"

But the delinquent ignored them both as he just continued facing the poor boy that was on the ground knocking him unconscious, Isaiah and Ethan rushed towards him with David, Sarah and Blu trying to stop the two.

"No Wait!" David shouts

The Delinquent raises his foot in the air as he was about to stomp on his face.

"Dear old Mama and Papa can't save you now!" the Delinquent shouts

( Suddenly Isaiah punches him in the jaw really hard with his left fist, this sudden attack surprises the attacker, the punch surprised the attacker but it wasn't hard enough to knock him out as Isaiah felt a sting in his fist, the Delinquent faces both Isaiah and Ethan )

"The **** Is this your problem?! Why the **** Did you hit me?! I wasn't in yo business!" the Delinquent shouts with fury

Isaiah replies, "our problem is that your attacking a defenseless person as you were about to curb stomp him to death"

"And what do it matter to you *** clowns?! Does this Mexican owe the two of you some cash or something?!" the Delinquent shouts

Ethan replies, "he doesn't owe us a thing! Racist Punk! So what's your beef with him?"

The Delinquent says, "hey I don't gotta tell you two nuttin, that is entirely my own business, but now you two have got in it, I guess it's time to take out the trash"

The Delinquent then pulls out a knife as he looked cocky as heck, but however the two of them remained vigilant against him as Ethan hands Isaiah the umbrella.

"If any of you even get a step closer, imma shank the **** out of you! So who's up first" said the Delinquent

But however though Ethan grabs him by the arm slams his left elbow down, causing severe amount of pain in it as the Delinquent cries out in pain while dropping the knife, Ethan then slams him into the wall head first with him pushing him into the wall, the Delinquent could barely move as Isaiah helped the other person up from the ground.

"Are you alright, is there any part of your body that severely hurts badly" Isaiah asks

The person however just stared blankly at them as he was in complete shock from the beating he received, Isaiah looked worried as he turned to Ethan.

"Umm Ethan, he's not responding!" Isaiah shouts

Ethan replies, "call 9-1-1 then, so we can get him to a hospital and send this punk into Juvie"

"Hospital? Juvie? Are you making up words or what?" said another person

The 2 of them were caught off guard, as 3 individuals walk from the shadow and approach them, they appeared to be bikers with matching uniforms while also being taller than Isaiah and Ethan, the one the middle was a caucasian with Hazel eyes, slightly dark skin, trimmed red hair that centers on his head with a lot of facial hair on the chin as he glares at them with a charming smile on his face while Isaiah and Ethan maintained a serious look on their faces.

"Well lookie of what we has here, a couple of street bois like yall selves coming in and beating up one of our members" said the Hooligan

The person that Ethan was pressing against into the wall was glad to see him.

The Punk says, "Damian! These Brats have interfered with ours affairs with the-"

"Up bup bup bup, I'm not talking to you right now Jordan, I'm dealing with these two little bois right now, I'll deal with you later" said Damian

Jordan did not look too happy about what was transpiring at the moment, Isaiah stepped up towards Damian.

"Well your friend here decided it was okay to beat up this innocent bystander all because he was a different skin tone than he was!" Isaiah shouts in a firm tone

Damian was a bit surprised by this but somehow maintained a casual glare at them as he pulls out a cigarette and lighter.

"And whys you two defending this lowlife huh? Is it because his family paid ya'll to protect his tiny booty? Did they use up all them savings just to pay two random kids off the street to protect em?"

Damian begins to ignite his lighter while Isaiah looked confused but remained determined

"I don't have any idea what you're talking about? But nobody paid us anything if that's what you're wondering, we just came here to see what was going on, and lucky for him we came when we did" said Isaiah

Damian successfully lights the cigarette as he puts it into his mouth.

"So what does that make you two? Some sort of superheros roaming all around the street beating up whomever that you feel is a bad guy? You two are idiots for wasting ya'lls time on a few crooks and criers only to get a few empty thank yous" said Damian

Ethan replies, "well at least we know how to pronounce our words correctly, because your grammar is like a 3rd grader that picked up slang from a couple of drunken old men that think they're gangsters"

"Who cares if I can't pronounce words correctly, it's not like anyone pays attention to that **** anyway, But this is not about my word play…"

Damian blows some smoke out of his mouth as he looks at Ethan.

"...this about getting a new potential recruit"

Isaiah says, "Let me guess, you think that we're gonna join your gang all because we beat up one of your members, and that we are somehow worthy of becoming part of you?"

Damian replies, "actually it's just your pal over there, he's actually the one that beat the **** out of Jordan, all you did was throw that pathetic tap you call a punch"

Isaiah looked annoyed as Jordan was smiling.

"Ooh, you gonna need a stimpak for that one" said Jordan in an excited tone

Ethan says, "says the guy whose butt I'm kicking right now"

Jordan then looks defeated as Damian glances over at the scars on Ethan's knuckles.

"Right, As I was saying, you my friend look like you've been in some tough squabbles, you maybe Gorilla material yet" said Damian

Ethan asks, "So what? You want me to join your little squad of knuckleheads to blow crap up? Beat up Random people for no apparent reason? And then get high on whatever crap you can find on the floor?"

The Gang member on the right replies, "Yeah, Pretty much"

Ethan gives a sarcastic laugh, but then gives a serious look.

"No, unlike you bozos I actually have to do stuff that matters…"

Ethan gets Jordan up from the wall and pushes Jordan towards them.

"...Here take your friend and leave, and we'll be heading off now to tend to this person that you so ever beat the daylight out of"

Isaiah picks up the person who was stuck in the gaze but Damian gives a small chuckle while putting his hand on his eyes while still smoking.

"Nah nah nah nah, that's not how we doing business around these parts, I'm not asking you to join our little gang" said Damian

Damian then pulls out a taser while his comrades pull out a lead pipe and an aluminum baseball bat, Isaiah and Ethan were primarily scared about the taser in his hand.

"ARE YOU INSANE! We're in the middle of the rain, you'll kill us all!" Isaiah shouts

Damian says, "no, only the 3 of you, but it don't have to be that way, either you join us and we'll only strip their clothes off, or we kill y'all right where each of you stand"

Isaiah wasn't too eager about this.

"Umm is there an option that doesn't involve the two of us being on the losing end of the deal?" Isaiah asks with a bit of panic

Damian replies, "fine, we'll remove your underwear too, better?"

Isaiah shouts, "THAT'S EVEN WORSE!"

Ethan says, "Look I'm not interested in joining okay? We're just gonna be on our way now, there's no need to get violent here"

Damian says, "Oh but it's like you said before, we beat up random people for no apparent reason"

The Gang members begin to walk closer towards them, Isaiah looks over towards the victim he was carrying over his shoulders, he knew he wasn't able to run away with him shouldering the victim, so he sets him down and closes the umbrella as he faces the gang.

"Hey Ethan, Get behind me, I'm gonna charge at them while you grab the knife from the ground and stab the leader in the leg and then grab the taser" said Isaiah

Ethan asks, "What? There's no way we can pull that off"

"Just trust me on this one"

Damian says, "Oh really? If that's your death wish, then come at me!"

( Isaiah immediately charges at the gang members while shouting, Ethan immediately follows Isaiah, Sarah and David were about to intervene but Blu stops them, Isaiah gets closer towards Damian, as Damian was about to thrust his taser onto him and Isaiah thrusting his Umbrella, suddenly Isaiah opens his Umbrella which catches Damian, Jordan, and the other 2 members off guard, Isaiah pushes the taser upward which makes a barrier between him and the gang members, Ethan grabs the knife and then stabs Damian in the right calf of his leg with it, Damian cries out in pain as he drops the taser, in an act of desperation Ethan snatches the Taser before it could even hit the ground, the gang member on the right knocks the Umbrella back with his aluminum bat, he then raises his bat in the air, Isaiah grabs the other end of the Umbrella, the gang member slings his bat down on him and Isaiah blocks the attack by only a second, the other gang member swings his lead pipe Horizontally, Ethan manages to dodge the attack and thrusts the taser onto him, electrocuting him, suddenly Jordan comes in with brass knuckles and tries to hit Ethan in the face but misses the attack, Jordan continues to throw punches at Ethan as he continues to just effortlessly dodge the attacks, Isaiah was being overwhelmed by the amount of strength the gang member was putting into pushing Isaiah down to the ground, he was on his knees, suddenly Blu comes flying at the gang member and starts attacking him with him panicking as he swings his bat all around him )

"Get this thing off me!" the gang member shouts

( Isaiah closes the umbrella, he then pulls back the umbrella and shouts, he then thrusts it into his stomach by the tip, making him feel a great amount of pain as he leans forward, Isaiah then flips the umbrella to the other side and smacks him with the backhand of it, knocking him down to the ground, Ethan continues dodge his punches )


Ethan says, "Yeah how bout no"

( Ethan pushes away both of Jordan's arms, he then extends his arm and shocks him with the taser, Jordan was being stunned at the moment from the taser, Ethan then clenches his left fist and punches him in the face, sending him falling down to the ground, Damian pulls out the knife from his calf while gritting his teeth from the amount of pain he's in, he then lounges at Ethan )

"YOU LITTLE ****!" Damian shouts

( Ethan turns around, he but before Ethan could even anticipate the attack that was coming at him, he raised his arm out of panic as Damian slashes at him, cutting his left forearm, Ethan yelps in pain, Sarah gasps to what just happened and looked frightened with Rosie and David looking scared as well as Ethan was immobilized at the moment, Isaiah turns around to see Ethan in peril )

"ETHAN! I'M COMING BUDDY!" Isaiah shouts

( As Isaiah was about to rush at Ethan, suddenly the gang member got up and grabs Isaiah by his right arm, Isaiah turns around only to get punched in the face, knocking him down onto the ground, Isaiah felt dizzy and was stunned momentarily, the gang member grabs the Umbrella that was laying on the ground and was about to beat Isaiah up with it, the birds were about to intervene until suddenly the Victim shoulder charges at the Gang member and pushes him to the ground, he turns to Isaiah as Isaiah was slowly regaining his sight with the kid helping him up )

"Come on! We have to get out of here!" the kid shouts

( With Isaiah still being dizzy from the blow to the head, they began to run from the gang, until they were cornered on each side with Jordan and the gang member with the pipe blocking the way they came and Damian with the other gang member blocking the other way, they began to close in with Damian limping towards them as there was blood pouring coming from his calf as he tries to cover it up with his right hand, he holds the knife in his left hand with Ethan holding onto his forearm as it was bleeding )

"Now then little bois, it's time for a little bit of payback, Killing you is far too merciful, I'm gonna make you squeal like a pig!"

( David, Sarah, Blu, and Rosie couldn't take it anymore as they suddenly dive down at them and began attacking the gang members in the face as the gang began to scream and panic with them getting scratches all over their faces, David turns towards the children )

"Quick! Do something! We can't hold them off for long!" David shouts

( Ethan and Isaiah began to look around, Isaiah looks at the Umbrella, the Taser, and the water on the ground, Isaiah then thinks of something as he opens the Umbrella and places it on the ground )

"Guys! Get on the Umbrella!" Isaiah shouts

Ethan asks, "Why?! What for?!"

"No time to explain, just get on!"

( Ethan and the kid gets on the Umbrella, Isaiah takes the Taser out of Ethan's hand and activates it, the birds see what they were doing and they move out of the way, Isaiah then thrusts the taser onto the ground, electricity spreads all across the floor, electrocuting all the gang members as they scream from the shocking, Isaiah then removes the taser from the ground, the gang members collapse to the ground with their bodies twitching like crazy, all of them looked relieved as the birds fly down )

"Good thinking Isaiah, that should do it" said Ethan

Ethan began to feel the pain from his forearm as his adrenaline wore off, everyone looked concerned for him.

"Ethan! You're Injured!" said Isaiah

Ethan says, "Yeah, thanks for pointing out the obvious, But I'll be fine, I just need to get through the pain until we find a hospital"

"Guys! Where are you?!..." Mia shouts from a distance

All turn their attention towards the entry of the alleyway.

"...I'm sorry I took so long, the robot in there was malfunctioning and the store owner was fixing him up and it took even because he was finding the manual-"

Mia turns towards the guys who were in the alleyway and gasps at what just happened, Isaiah tries to give a casual smile on his face.

"Oh, hi Mia, you don't happen to have a first-aid kit on you?" Isaiah asks in a friendly tone

Mia began to stammer.

"What happened here?!" Mia asks

Ethan replies, "Long story short, this kid was getting beaten up, we intervened, the whole mafia shows up and threatens me with a deal, and then we duke it out, true story"

Ethan groans from the amount of pain he was in.

"A-alright then, we need to get you to a hospital fast before you bleed out!" said Mia in a panicked tone

She pulls out her phone but the kid stops her.

"No! Don't, the hospitals here will do you no justice, even if you have the money to cover the bills, the doctors there are horrible, if anything they'll make it worse than it already is" said the kid

Isaiah says, "well we need to treat the injuries before it gets infected"

A person walks up to them.

"...Um excuse me kids..." said the hooded man

The 4 kids as well as the birds turn towards the hooded man with a curious look as he was carrying a bag in his hand, he gives a bit of a nervous look on his face as he raises it showing a medical sign on the bag.

"...you 3 boys look beaten badly, would you like me to treat your wounds?"

A few minutes later

They were inside in an abandoned building where they were tending to Isaiah, Ethan, and the kid's wounds.

"I can't believe you two would be so reckless and just take on an entire gang like that!" Mia shouts

Mia was using a cotton ball with alcohol on it to clean up the wound on Isaiah's head with him hissing.

"That stings!" Said Isaiah

Mia says, "It wouldn't have hurted at all if you wouldn't be so careless with your own well being!"

Isaiah asks, "I'm sorry, we couldn't just let him die, what were we supposed to do?"

Mia replies, "well you shouldn't just throw yourself into the fray for starters, and you should have just gotten the help of adults"

Isaiah was grabbing hold of his head as his vision was all so blurry with his head pounding rapidly.

"I feel like my brain just exploded, I'm having the worst migraine in my life" said Isaiah

Isaiah groans in pain, as Mia places her hand on his head while brushing his head to the side.

"You must have gotten a concussion from that punch, I'm sorry but I don't think I can treat that"


The Hooded man pours a bottle of alcohol on Ethan's arm as he just screams from the top of his lungs with everyone next to him covering their, the hooded man stops pouring alcohol on his arm as Ethan was panting rapidly while clutching onto his leg.

"I'm sorry! Are you alright?!" the Hooded man asks


"I'm sorry, I'm doing the best I can, I'm not exactly a professional doctor here"

The kid says, "Well it could be worse, at least the cut wasn't as deep as it was, otherwise you would've been in trouble"

Ethan shouts, "That still doesn't make this any less painful!"

The hooded man says, "Well kid, than your not gonna like the next part"

The Hooded man pulls out the staplers to which Ethan looked frightened.

"Oh no!" said Ethan

Mia says, "Here, I'll hold your hand"

Mia runs over to Ethan to hold onto Ethan's right hand, all of them observe what was about to happen as the hooded man places the stapler onto Ethan's arm.

"Alright kid, Here it goes" said the hooded man

The hooded man presses the stapler.


The birds were outside on top of the abandoned building with David looking infuriated with his son while Sarah and Rosie were standing aside as they felt uncomfortable.

"How could you stop us from helping them?! They needed us!" David shouts

Blu replies, "Because I didn't want any of you to get hurt from the fight back there!"

"And for that those two boys had to suffer the consequences for it!"

"Hey those two decided to run off and get themselves into that situation! I was doing my best to keep themselves from getting hurt even further!"

"Well it apparently wasn't enough! It was quite obvious that things were going horribly wrong!"

Sarah says, "Honey let's not do this right now, we should just head back and see how the children are doing"

David turns his head towards his wife.

"No Sarah, our son needs to hear this! This is a matter between life and death!" David shouts

At that moment Blu was filled with rage.

"You think I don't know that?! Well news for you dad! I had to sacrifice being with my family just to make sure that they are alive and well so that they can make it back to their families! I have gone out of my way just to be here!" Blu shouts


David was breathing in and out as Blu just glared at him.

"You think I'm weak, is that it?" Blu asks

Everybody seemed puzzled by his statement, mainly his father.

"What are you talking about son?!" David asks

Blu replies, "everybody I've ever known has doubted me in my abilities, and who can blame them, I've always been weaker than everyone else, even when I had almost every element the knights have, in the end I'm always the one that needs saving, either it be from a couple of kids or you guys, I guess everybody lost faith in me"

Sarah walks up to her son with a fierce look on her.

"You know that's not true son! We would never give up on you like that, and if we had, we wouldn't be here right now, you have to realize we're only doing this because we care about you!" said Sarah in a somewhat fierce tone

Blu then calms down as he looks at his mother with a shameful look.

"Yeah, your right, I'm sorry" said Blu

Sarah says, "let's just get back to the children and see if their alright, there's no point in arguing anymore"

Sarah starts flying off along with David, Rosie walks up to Blu and Blu turns towards her.

"What is it Rosie? Is there something on your mind?" Blu asks in a calm tone

Rosie replies, "oh sorry, it's nothing, we should just get back to the others"

"Yeah, Okay"

The two of them fly off while following the others.


Ethan was panting back and forth as he looked at his forearm, seeing the flesh wound slightly opened with the staples closing it to stop the bleeding, Ethan took a big sigh.

"Geez, that was rough man" said Ethan

Mia says, "but it's over now, so you can rest easy now"

The hooded man says, "sorry, but it's the best I could do for you"

Isaiah lends Ethan a cup of fruit punch as Ethan looks up to Isaiah.

"Here, you must be extremely thirsty after that fight" said Isaiah

Ethan says, "yeah I am, thanks Man"

"No problem"

Ethan grabs onto the cup and takes sips out of the foam cup, coming from the windows was the birds, Blu and David fly away from each other as Sarah and Rosie fly right next to Mia and Ethan with Isaiah standing up next to them.

"Hey guys, are you doing alright?" Isaiah asks politely

Sarah replies, "we're fine sweetie, just a bit heated at the moment, my husband and son were fighting and things got out of hand"

Ethan asks, "ooh, was that bad?"

Rosie replies, "yeah, pretty much"

The 3 teens along with Rosie and Sarah look over towards Blu and David who were standing separately away from both the group and themselves, Sarah turns towards the children.

"Anyway, how are you two holding up? It seems both of you are all patched up" Sarah asks politely

Ethan replies, "We're doing fine, i'm just glad we didn't sustain any severe injuries"

"I'm glad that you two are alright, I just wished you wouldn't have to be so reckless with your decisions, at this rate I might-"

The Hooded man and the kid we're weirded out, they see two teenagers having a conversation with a bird who kept squawking at them, Isaiah gives Sarah a sheepish smile.

"Yeah well, hopefully you won't get gray feathers by the end of this, I'm sorry if we're causing too much trouble" said Isaiah

Sarah squawks once more.

"Uhh, I don't mean to interrupt whatever you're doing, but why are you two talking to those birds?" The kid asks

The hooded man says, "I'm a bit flustered myself"

Isaiah replies, "oh uhh, well we're kinda close to these birds, we've known them for awhile now, their basically our companions"

The kid says, "really? I guess that explains to how they were helping us out in the first place, and all that which you were doing"

Ethan says, "yeah sorry about that, you probably think we're crazy for talking to birds"

The kid says, "it's alright, they seem to understand you just fine, and honestly I think talking to birds is more fun than talking to most of the crapheads that live in this city"

Isaiah says, "I see where your coming from, I'm Isaiah by the way"

"It's nice to meet you, my name is Miguel" said Miguel

Ethan says, "well I'm Ethan, this is our good friend Mia, that's Sarah and Rosie, and over there is David and Blu"

Miguel says, "well I would like to say thank you to all of you then, I'm really happy that there are people like you out there"

Ethan says, "hey we did what we needed, there was no way we could let someone get beaten up all because of their skin color"

Miguel seemed to be pretty shocked by Ethan's words.

"Yeah...right" said Miguel in a more sincere tone

Mia turns towards the Hooded man with a thankful look in her eyes.

"Thank you for all the help you've been giving us, we really appreciate it" said Mia in a thankful tone

The hooded man says, " well it's the least I can do, y'all gonna need to rest for awhile before you do any physical activity as well as take Pain killers often, those injuries the 3 of you sustained aren't as serious but they won't properly heal until you get better for about 10 to 14 days"

Isaiah asks, "thank you, we'll keep that in mind, which reminds me of a question I've been meaning to ask, who are you and why did you help us?"

The hooded man was caught off guard by this for some reason.

The hooded man replies, "Oh, well I can't really say who I am, all I can tell you is that your friend here helped me out with something, I thought I would return the favor"

Mia says, "It was nothing really, he dropped something and I picked it up for him"

Ethan seemed to be a bit suspicious of that.

"Okay? A bit of an odd favor but okay" said Ethan

Mia looks at the hooded man in the eyes.

"So did you just specifically get the first aid kit just for us or did you need it for something else?" Mia asks

The Hooded man replies, "well I originally Intended to patch up my own wounds"

The Hooded man pulls up his clothing and shows his wounds, everyone looks at the wounds he has.

"How'd you get that?" Ethan asks

The hooded man replies, "let's just say it was a close call and I was almost seconds away from seeing Jesus"

Mia seemed to be distressed at the moment.

"This place is awful, I thought coming here wouldn't be as bad as I thought, but I was wrong" said Mia

Miguel says, "Tell me about it, this place is nothing more than a crap show being runned by idiots!"

The hooded man asks, "Where are you kids from?"

Mia maintained a casual look as he looks at the Hooded man

"we're from New York, we were hoping to find someone that goes by the name Professor Faber" said Mia

The Hooded man seemed shocked at what she just said.

"Wait, you know him? But how?!" the Hooded man asks

Mia replies, "we only know of him, he has something that may help us with a problem we have, do you know him though?"

The hooded man seemed to regret stating what he just said as he began to stutter up, everyone seemed confused by his reaction, the hooded man then pulls himself together and remained calm.

"...Yes...I do...I've known him for awhile now" said the hooded man

Mia seemed to be excited about this newly acquired information while Ethan remained skeptical on the matter while Isaiah was just enjoying the fruit he was drinking out of a foam cup.

"Really? That's great! Maybe you can take us to him!" said Mia with enthusiasm

Ethan says, "Whoa whoa whoa! Hang on Mia! I know he helped us out with our wounds, and of course which we appreciate him doing for us, but we can't just go off with a grown man whom we just met, it has stranger danger written all over it"

Mia asks, "But he just tended to our wounds, if he wanted to kidnap us he would've done so already, besides we talk to strangers all the time, what makes this one so different?"

Ethan replies, "Because back then we had a fighting chance, and seeing as me and Isaiah have serious injuries, I'm not liking our chances"

The Hooded man says, "he's right you know, if you do end up entangled with me, It'll only cause more problems for you 3, the 4 of you need to go back to your families and pretend you didn't see me"

Isaiah seemed flustered at the moment.

"Why? Why are you trying to push us away?" Isaiah asks

The Hooded man replies, "Because...I'm in trouble with something, and I don't want you children to get involved with the crap fest that I'm in"

Isaiah asks, "Trouble?..."

Isaiah realizes what he meant as he sets down his foam cup.

"...Oh, I see what you mean, you think we'll turn you in because you have a book?"

The Hooded man seemed stunned at the moment as well as everyone else except Mia in that room.

"These children, they're not like their peers at that age, if I was having a conversation with someone else, they would've just shrugged it away and talked about something else, they are persistent and Determined that's for sure, I wonder though" the hooded man thought

Isaiah was still looking at him for an answer.

"Hey Isaiah, can you tell me what's 2+2?" the hooded man asks

Everyone looked dumbfounded at the moment, mainly Isaiah.

"Uhh what does that have to do with what I asked?" Isaiah asks

The hooded man replies, "just answer the question!"

Isaiah was still dumbfounded by this behavior.

"Umm okay? it's 4, but why are you asking basic math equations? This feels kinda odd" Isaiah asks with confusion

The Hooded man replies, "what's 10+10?"

"That's an easy one, it's 20"

Blu looks in realization.

"I get it now, he's testing his knowledge on basic math problems, since books aren't available in this world, I'm betting not many people know this kind of stuff, I wonder how far this'll go" Blu thought

Isaiah says, "okay then, here's my question…"

Isaiah has a cheeky smile on his face.

"...what is the square root of 9?"

The Hooded Man seemed confused.

"...The square root of...What?" said the hooded man

The Hooded man was severely stumped by the question to which Isaiah's smile slowly fade away, as Blu looked at Isaiah.

"Umm Isaiah, I don't think that's how your suppose to play the game" said Blu

Mia was giggling while Ethan contained his laughter.

"he wanted to see if you were eligible Isaiah, not beat him in 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader', which apparently you did" said Ethan

Isaiah says, "Sorry, I just wanted to see if he knew that"

Miguel says, "the Square root of 9 is 3"

All of them turn their heads towards Miguel.

"What? Your not the only ones who can do math" said Miguel

The hooded man takes a deep sigh.

"Okay, you win, You've proven yourselves that your smarter than me, I only wanted to see if I can trust you with my secret" said the Hooded man

Ethan asks, "that you're bad at math?"

The Hooded man replies, "No! Not that!..."

The Hooded man takes a deep sigh.

"...my real name is Guy Montag, I'm a former fireman and a man on the run, the reason why is because of the books I read, and as you all know they're illegal in this country"

Isaiah asks, "So you're a criminal?"

Guy Montag replies, "yes, in the eyes of the government they think I'm dead, but the truth is I'm being hunted down by a Mechanical Hound that wants to kill me, that's how I got these wounds of mine"

Mia says, "all because you read books? That's so cruel"

"Do you now see why I can't take you with me? If I do I'll be endangering all of you, and I don't want anyone else to suffer at my hands, so please, I need you to go" said Guy Montag in a sincere tone

Ethan says, "I'm afraid he's right guys, we don't want to end up at the wrong end of this so called 'Mechanical Hound' that's been chasing him all around the city"

Isaiah says, "But we can't just wander around the city hoping we'll just run into the Professor at some given point, those thugs back there will try and hunt us down"

"You may have a point on that, but with them, at least we have a fighting chance against them, we know nothing about some machine that could tear you from limb to limb"

Miguel says, "clearly you guys are in way over your heads about this…"

Everybody's attention goes towards Miguel.

"...You think that small group of thugs is the entire Gorilla Gang? You have no idea what they're capable of, they are one of the most profiting gangs of this entire city, they sell all sorts goods, drugs, weapons, alcohol, and some rumors claim they even sell other human beings that owes them money, their leader owns an entire neighborhood filled with nearly 97 families in them, and when they hold a grudge against someone for whatever reason, they're sadistic and violent as you saw when you first met them, and there are about a 100 of them all over the city"

The children looked at him stressfully.

"This feels like hell on earth" said Ethan

Mia asks, "that's just awful, shouldn't the Government take care of the threat? They wouldn't just let a gang roam around the street and oppress people wherever they go"

Miguel replies, "the Government couldn't care less about the Gorilla gang, let alone deal with them, since they enforce the laws on the neighborhood, if anything the Government will just fund them"

Ethan says, "so in other words, we either get chased by a Robo dog who would like nothing better but to murderer you, or deal with an angry Mafia community that would like to do all sorts of Horrific things on us, both leads to indescribable suffering"

Isaiah says, "well when you put it like that, I guess this is rather an ultimatum than it is a choice, so let's go with the one that at least might benefit us to our advantage…"

Isaiah turns towards Guy Montag.

"...That is if your okay with it of course"

Guy Montag replies, "Um...we'll see, that is entirely up to Faber of course"

Isaiah turns towards the birds.

"What about you guys? Do you think we should go?" Isaiah asks

David looks at him with an angry stare.

"well seeing as though you dragged us into this mess, so yeah it would be nice to get us out of it" said David in a disappointed tone

Isaiah was a bit surprised by the attitude David was giving, which Sarah did not approve of.

"Fair enough" said Isaiah

Mia asks, "What about you Ethan? I know this is not what you had in mind, so what is your say on it?"

Ethan replies, "hmm...ahh what the heck, something is better than nothing"

Isaiah makes a serious look on his face.

"Hey Miguel, can you do us a favor?" Isaiah asks

Miguel replies, "okay, what is it?"

Isaiah turns around and faces Miguel.

"Can you make a promise to us to not tell anyone about this, please, this is important to us" said Isaiah in a serious tone

Miguel replies, "After what you just did, How could I not"

Miguel extends his hand out and goes for a handshake, Isaiah grabs Miguel's hand and shakes it.

"Well I better get going, my mother is probably extremely worried about me, If there's anything you guys need, I'll be working at the Intergalactic Getaway, Bye now"

Ethan asks, "Shouldn't one of us go with you? I mean it's not exactly safe out there"

Miguel replies, "hey don't worry about me alright, I'll just stay in the Convenience store and wait until my Mother arrives, those goons wouldn't want to pick on her after what happened last time"

Ethan asks, "Last time, What does that mean?"

Miguel replies, "You don't wanna know...well see ya"

Miguel exits the abandoned building as all of them wave goodbye to him.

"Bye, have a good night" said Isaiah

Mia says, "Please be more careful"

Miguel says, "Don't worry I will"

As they said their goodbyes, all of them turned towards Guy Montag.

"Well sir, we're ready when you are" said Mia in a respectful tone

45 minutes later

All of them were walking/flying on the sidewalk as the sky began to clear up with the sun setting on the Horizon.

"So you need to talk to Faber because he has the information that could help you save your family back home?" Guy Montag asks

Isaiah replies, "yeah, I know it doesn't make any sense, but the book should tell us information to how we should overcome the problem we have"

Guy Montag asks, "I don't mean to pry into your business, but what kind of problem do you have?"

Ethan replies, "Well let's just say there's a crazy Maniac that's threatening to destroy our home now has the firepower to do so, so we hope that this info might help us come up with a solution in order to defeat him"

Guy Montag asks, "How'd you know Faber?"

Mia replies, "We really don't, we just heard about him from someone whom we trust, if there's any hope of regaining our home back from him, then he's gotta have some sort of answer to it"

Guy Montag says, "Well I hope you find your answers from him, for your sake..."

They then stopped in front of a building that looked like a hotel, the hotel seemed to go up to 21 floors, the kids looked amazed by the height of the building.

"...well we're here, it's not much but it'll get us by"

Guy Montag walks towards the entrance.

"Geez, for a guy that's supposedly running from the law, ya think you would pick a more discriminating location" said Ethan

Isaiah says, "Wait!..."

Guy Montag stops and turns around towards Isaiah.

"...What are we gonna do about our companions?"

Isaiah points towards the birds as they look confused, Guy Montag rubs his head.

"Well, I'm not sure how Faber will react to having birds inside the Hotel, But I'm hoping He won't be all too harsh about it, my room is on the 5th story to the 7th window on the right" said Guy Montag

Isaiah turns towards Blu.

"Did you get all of that?" Isaiah asks

Blu nods his head.

"Alright, we'll meet you guys up there, be safe" said Isaiah

The 4 birds fly up onto the building, Guy Montag along with the 3 children go into the building, the building had an old fashion look to it with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, some couches and furniture on the side, a fireplace that is being shown lit by electronics, and floor and ceiling being a pattern of white and yellow, they go on towards the counter with a lady at the front, she appeared to be in her early 20s with black hair, pinkish skin, red lipstick and small rounded glasses, she looks Guy Montag with a fake smile on her face.

"Hello there, welcome back , are you enjoying your stay so far?" Said the clerk in a fake passionate tone

Guy Montag replies, "yeah, the beds are pretty comfy here, I slept pretty good last night"

The clerk says, "That's good to hear…"

The clerk looks at the 3 teenagers as they try their best to smile at her.

"...oh, and who are they?"

Guy Montag begins stuttering for a bit, Mia walks up in front of the counter.

"Oh he's our uncle, he's just showing us around the place" said Mia

The clerk says, "well that's sweet, well have a fun time"

All of them walk past her, when they leave she suddenly looks glum and down, Ethan turns around as they make their way towards the Elevator.

"Well that's weird, she didn't start questioning us or anything? Just gonna let us by like nothing happened?" Ethan asks

Guy Montag replies, "She's only doing her job, she's not required to do anything above and beyond of what her job entails"

Ethan says, "that's kinda lazy and unsatisfying, but I guess I shouldn't complain too much"

As they continue walking towards the Elevator, Isaiah's eyesight begins to blur up, to the point where he could barely see anything as his head felt like it was burning, he was sweating profusely, suddenly he ran into the wall, all of turn around towards Isaiah.

"ISAIAH!" Ethan and Mia shout

The 2 of them run towards him as they kneel down to check up on him, their voices were distorted for a moment, and suddenly everything became clear to him.

"Are you okay?" Mia asks with a worried expression

Isaiah suddenly sits up with his hand on his head.

"Ahh! What happened?" Isaiah asks

Ethan replies, "You tell us buddy, you just suddenly ran into that walk and you look like crap"

Mia asks, "Are you hurt? You hit the wall pretty hard"

Isaiah says, "Yeah, my head just suddenly felt a massive amount of pain again like before, but I'm fine"

Isaiah tries to get up, but Ethan and Mia stop him from doing that.

"No don't, it's not a good idea to get up after that, we'll carry you there, come on" said Mia

Both Ethan and Mia help Isaiah get up from the ground as they put his arms on their shoulders with Mia being on the left and Ethan on the right.

"We got you buddy" said Ethan

They go into the elevator and go up onto the 5th floor, they exit the elevator and make their way into the hallway.

"Man this sucks, I can't believe I got beaten so bad to where the point i can't walk straight" said Isaiah

Ethan says, "you shouldn't be like this, it was only one punch from a guy"

Guy Montag says, "Those thugs that you two were fighting must've used steroids to amplify their strength, I've heard rumors that the Gorillas have been creating this new drug of theirs as some sort of stimulant that makes a human being as strong as a Gorilla itself"

Isaiah says, "Well I'm glad we made the right decision going here instead of wondering around the city, If we did, we would've been dead"

Mia's right arm was shaking once more, she tries to conceal it in her pocket, they eventually made it to a room with the number being 121#.

"Well kids, we're here, I hope this was all worth it" said Guy Montag

Guy Montag grabs the key from his pocket and inserts it into the keyhole, he unlocks the door and opens it up, it was a giant room with two queen sized beds with a big TV in it, a desk with two lamps, and the pattern being the same as the one back at the main hall.

"Oh My Goodness! I haven't seen these birds in awhile!" said an old man

They see an old man laughing and geeking out over the sight of Blu's family as well as Rosie, the Old man had gray hair, wrinkles all over his face, and a pair of glasses that were circular with his eyes being the color gray, was wearing a collar shirt with a tie around it, he was also wearing slacks and black shoes, the birds outside were weirded out by the old man's behavior as Montag and the kids just see what was happening, the old man turns around towards Guy Montag.

"Oh Hey Montag! I didn't see you coming in, I'm just fascinated that these kinds of birds still exist! Looks like they're still hanging in there!" said the old man

Ethan says, "so that's Professor Faber huh? he definitely seems like a professor of a sort, and acts like one to, I'm surprised that you two lived this long in this massive city"

Isaiah walks up to Professor Faber, with Professor Faber being confused at the moment by his presence.

"Excuse me sir" said Isaiah in a polite tone

Professor Faber moves out of the way and Isaiah opens the window, letting the birds in, Blu lands on Isaiah's shoulder with David and Sarah landing on Mia's shoulders and Rosie landing on Ethan's shoulder, Professor Faber was astonished by the new kids that were in his apartment and the bonds with the birds that they have over them.

"Whoa, that's a remarkable reaction coming from that bird, usually it would...hold on? Who are you 3 children? And why are you in here?" Professor Faber asks in a calm tone

Guy Montag replies, "sorry Faber, these children wanted to see you"

Professor Faber asks, "See me? Well that's highly unusual for a few young adolescents as yourselves to see an old fart like me"

Mia says, "we heard about you from someone whom we trust, he told us that you had a book on you that could help us"

Professor Faber asks, "and who might this person be that told you such things? Could it be an old colleague of mine that told you that? Where are you from exactly?"

Isaiah replies, "we came from New York in hopes of searching for a book that you may have that'll help us in our endeavor"

"Oh really? And what would this book be?"

Isaiah thought about it for a minute, but then he remembers it and looks at Professor Faber's eyes.

"The Children of Fate" said Isaiah

Professor Faber looked shocked by this, as the minutes passes by, they were sitting on the queen sized beds with the children sitting on the left and Professor Faber sitting on the other bed while facing them with Guy Montag standing up as his arms were crossed.

"So you 3 kids are interested in that story? I must say this feels all so sudden and out of the blue" said Professor Faber

Mia says, "I'm sorry about barging in Professor Faber sir, I know this is a lot to process"

Professor Faber says, "Professor huh?..."

Professor Faber chuckles a bit.

"...It has been many years since a young lady as yourself called me that, I can tell the 3 of you are bright and polite young adults, that's especially rare in these dreaded times, But why are you after this story in particular?"

Isaiah replies, "As we mentioned before, it could help us in a crisis we're dealing with right now, an enemy of ours wants to get his hands on this book, and we wanna know why it's so important to him, to where the point he has to do all sorts of awful things to people!"

Professor Faber says, "I can tell you 3 have been through a lot to get this far, especially with those Scars and Injuries you have"

Ethan says, "they're not so bad, could be worse"

Professor Faber says, "Sorry, I'm getting off topic here, so you mentioned that someone knows me and told me that I have this book called 'The children of Fate' frankly I don't know any colleagues of mine that live in New York, or told anyone that I have the book particularly, the consequences for having such books can be fatal either to you or anyone that knows you, so tell me…"

Professor Faber gives a more serious and cautious look

"...How do you know me really?"

The 3 of them remained calm as they continued to make eye contact as the birds observed the situation at hand as they looked worried.

"Wow, this guy isn't having it today, he's almost like a teacher not having it with his students about the homework, he's barely talking about the book as well as doing a good job avoiding the questions they're giving him, he doesn't fully trust us yet, It seems he wants the full truth out of them, but without proof he won't believe them and he'll think it's a lie, we can't use any elemental powers here, so what will we do?..." Blu thought

The 3 of them look at each other as they nod their heads, Mia reaches something from her back pocket, she pulls out a piece of paper, the birds seem surprised by the action Mia was doing.

"...the page?! Is she really gonna do it?!"

Professor Faber looks at the page with Familiarity while Guy Montag seemed surprised by this, he opens the page and sees the Illustration and writing of the 'Children of Fate' Prophecy.

"No way! How could this be..." said Professor Faber

Professor Faber looked astonished by the page that was revealed to him, he looked up to the 3 of them, gazing at the color of their eyes, having a sudden realization in them.

"...Oh, I get it now…"

All of them seemed tense at the moment, Professor Faber sets the page to the side, suddenly he gives a more friendlier expression.

"Sorry about all that, for a moment there I thought you were sent by the Government to spy on me, But I guess I'm becoming too senile"

Professor Faber gives an unsettling laugh as the group felt a bit awkward at the moment.

"You thought we were...What?" Isaiah asks

Professor Faber stops laughing at the moment.

"Oh don't worry about it, I was just being an old Paranoid fool, boy you 3 must've gotten scared for a moment" said Professor Faber

Ethan says, "Dude, you made it seemed like you were about to dispose some bodies into the trash can"

David says, "thankfully that's not the case"

Professor Faber says, "My apologies for being so skeptical, you can never be too careless, especially around these parts"

Mia says, "We know what you me, it's dangerous out there to be carrying a book around the city"

"It is indeed, more than half of the population wished to tarnish these books from existence, from every corner there are people that are wary of books, if they so much as even hear about the word of it, they'll call in a fireman and burn those books or even the building itself if necessary, and then whoever possess the book shall be arrested"

Isaiah seemed serious about something.

"So Professor, I've been meaning to ask you something, why is everything legal except for books? Why is it that way?"

Guy Montag replies, "because that's how they think they'll be happy..."

The children turn their attention towards Guy Montag with curiosity in their eyes as He gives them a serious look.

"...someone once told me that people reject reading is because they bring out confusing emotions, they deny the knowledge of books because they are afraid to see the meaning in them, or rather they don't want to see how wrong they're lives truly are"

Professor Faber turns back to the children.

"With that being said, you children must have an understanding to why I won't be giving you the book, well at least not yet anyway" said Professor Faber

Ethan asks, "and why is that?"

Professor Faber replies, "There's something I need you 3 to do for me, I need to test your abilities to see if your qualified to have the book, you the risks of having it, I can't just give it to you, otherwise I would just be endangering your lives"

Ethan says, "With all due respect sir, we know what's at stake here, we're ready take on any challenge you put ahead of us"

Professor Faber gets up from the bed, he brings up a suitcase and opens it while giving them a menacing look.

"I hope so, cause what I'm about to give you will ultimately determine the ownership of the book, if you pass you can keep it, and if you fail, I'll keep hold of it and there won't be any second chances, this will be a test of knowledge and determination, if you aren't ready for this, then you can come back anytime soon and do this another time, but just to let you know, once I hand these out to you, there's no going back" said Professor Faber in a serious tone

All of them looked nervous with Isaiah clenching his legs, but they gave a resolved look in their eyes and looked at him with determination.

"We're ready, we've already gotten this far, so why stop here? We will get thar book, no matter what it takes" said Isaiah

Professor Faber says, "very well then…"









Suddenly Professor Faber pulls out 3 thick packs of paper and 3 more packs of paper.

"You 3 will be doing homework" said Professor Faber

All of them gave deadpan expressions as they were just confused about what was going on, Professor Faber gets up from the bed and looks at them.

"From the looks in your eyes I can definitely tell your having second thoughts right now, so we'll let you be and think this through, and if you do decide to do this, you have 3 days to complete the assignment that was given to you, come on Montag, let's give them some space" said Professor Faber

Guy Montag says, "Oh okay"

The 2 of them leave the room and shut the door as the teenagers just stare at the homework with the birds looking at them.

5 minutes of regretting decision later

The teenagers were still staring at the packets.


All of them were startled by David shouting.

"AHH! Don't scare us like that! Are you trying to give us a heart attack!" Said Ethan in an panicked tone

David says, "sorry, you 3 were just staring at that thing for 5 minutes now, it was making me uncomfortable, like as if you were staring into the abyss or something"

Mia takes a deep sigh.

"Whelp that's one way of putting it, Looks like this won't be easy" said Mia

Blu says, "Seems like it"

Rosie asks, "What's so bad about Homework?"

Ethan just starts laughing, to which Rosie was even more confused.

"She really just asked what so bad about-" Said Ethan

Ethan wasn't able to finish his sentence so he just continued on laughing, Isaiah faces Rosie.

"It's like this Rosie, so Imagine being told you have to sit down, and you basically have to write down answers to most of the problems you probably either forgotten or just don't know, you have a deadline that's coming up pretty soon and you have to get it all done with all the right answers in" said Isaiah

Rosie then imagines herself sitting on a desk with a stick writing on a leaf as she looked all panicky.

"Oh, Yeah I see where your coming from" said Rosie

Sarah asks, "Well it can't be that bad right?"

Ethan replies, "I wouldn't be so optimistic, those packets are looking pretty thick to me, and that's definitely a red flag when comes to homework"

Mia picks up one of the packets, with the title reading 'The Crucible', she then opens it seeing the dialogue in the packet.

"Huh? It seems as though this is a playwright, well that's interesting" said Mia

Isaiah asks, "How many pages are there?"

Mia turns over the pages until she gets to the very end.

"About 334 pages" said Mia

Isaiah takes a deep sigh.

"Oh boy, this is surely gonna be fun, let's see how many questions are there in the homework" said Isaiah in a sarcastic and melancholic tone

Isaiah grabs one of the sheets which was stapled to more paper, he turns to the last page.

"According to this there's about 64 questions that are needed to be answered…"

Mia and Ethan seemed down by that.

"...and we have to highlight our answers…"

They get even more down.

"...and there'll be a pop quiz after this"

They get so gloomy as they just plopped down on the bed.

"Out of all the people the book would have belonged to, it had to be that guy" said Ethan

Outside the room, Professor Faber and Guy Montag were standing by the door with Professor Faber peaking in the door while slightly giggling.

"That my friend, is a sign of children who has done homework before, it has been many years since I heard students moan and grope about doing work at home" said Professor Faber in a cheeky tone

Guy Montag asks, "why are you doing this to them? They've already gone through so much just to get to you, and they've already proven themselves smart enough to read the book by besting me in math of sorts"

"Well then this shouldn't be a problem to them, I need to see for myself if their willing to go through a simple assignment, they're already smarter than most kids their age, or even adults for that matter, I want to see how far they go with just knowledge alone"

Back inside the room, David looks at the children with faints of disappointment.

"So you're telling me that you can fight enemies that are above and beyond your level, save innocent lives without having a second thought, but you can't simply read a few hundred pages and answer a couple of questions?" David asks in a stern tone

Ethan asks, "David, have you ever read a thing in your life?"

David couldn't come up with the response he wanted as he just sighs in defeat.

"Point taken" said David

Blu says, "Not to worry children, you have nothing to worry about, Professor Blu is here to help"

All of them turn towards Blu who was wearing a pair of glasses.

"Tada! So let's do some work!" said Blu with Enthusiasm

Ethan and Isaiah gave him a confused expression.

"Blu, What the heck are you doing?" Ethan asks

Blu replies, "That's professor Blu to you young man, from this point forward I shall be helping you kids out with your homework"

Isaiah asks, "uh Tyler, where'd you get those glasses from?"

Blu replies, "I found them in one of the draws"

Mia asks, "Should you be messing with those?"

Blu replies, "I'm sure it's fine, I did this all the time with Linda when I was just a chick"

Ethan says, "Your childhood sounds boring"

Blu pretends to be offended by Ethan's words.

"Hey! Let me have my fun!" Blu shouts

Ethan asks, "Okay then Professor Blu? What should we do then about this assignment?"

Blu replies, "Well according to my observations, we have 2 options in doing this, one we can either do this as a group and get it all done together as a group in under 3 days? Or we can split up the work in different sections"

Mia says, "but we have a pop quiz that might be coming up, won't it be important if we knew all the things in the playwright?"

Blu says, "you have a point, so the first option is better because we could thoroughly get through all of it without missing any detail, remember what he said, if we go below average, then we won't get the book and there is no second chances, besides we have a whole 3 days to get it done, we have a lot of time on our hands and wings"

Isaiah says, "he has a valid point, we don't have any classes tomorrow or any other assignment that's due, so we should be able to get it all done"

Ethan says, "That's true, we do have a lot of time on our hands, and it's not like we have anything else better to do...Okay, we're all in an agreement that we'll go with the first option and that this whole mess is Isaiah's fault"

Isaiah seemed mildly offended by his statement.

"Hey! How is it my fault?!" Isaiah asks

Outside the room Guy Montag and Professor Faber were still waiting on them.

Ethan replies, "well for starters, if you haven't opened your mouth-"

Professor Faber gives a quick smile on his face as he stops leaning on the door.

"Well, it seems our little friends have decided to take on the roll" said Professor Faber

Guy Montag says, "those kids are sure determined to get that book"

"Of course, that's why they're doing this in the first place, after all they've got nothing to lose" said Professor Faber

Professor Faber peeks into the hole with Ethan poking at Isaiah's nose with the rest of them talking with their voices mute out.

"Those children are nothing like we've seen before in a long time, such a hopeful glee in their spirits, it's amazing how they can smile, laugh and have fun even though they carry the world's problems on their shoulders, They must've gone through all sorts of suffering just to get this far, I wonder how far can they go to cross the finish line?" Professor Faber thought

Suddenly the door opens, showing the teens at the front of the door with the birds on their shoulders.

"Alright sir, we're ready to take on the assignment" said Isaiah

Professor Faber says, "that's what I like to hear, alright we'll set you up for a room and settle you in, so get some rest, because tomorrow is when you start working"

Mia says, "sounds great sir"

Isaiah says, "Woo hoo, we get to have decent beds for once!"

Ethan says, "I can't wait to build a pillow fort!"

Blu asks, "That's a bit childish Ethan, Don't you think you're a little bit too old to be doing that kind of stuff?"

Blu pushes up the glasses with his wing, Professor Faber looks over to Blu with bewilderment.

"Uhh children? Why is that bird wearing my extra pair of glasses" said Professor Faber

All of them turn to Blu with a smirks on their faces and with Blu looking sheepish as he chuckles a bit.

Throughout the days, the 3 teens have been working, reading, as well as acting on the playwright with Isaiah playing as one of the characters with everybody laughing their heads off with him just acting in pure seriousness, Blu helps them point out any sentences or problems that needed to be fixed while David, Sarah, and Rosie just observe them doing their own work to where the point they just fall asleep, they went to the mall along with Guy Montag to go get some fresh clothes and Pajamas as well as play at an arcade with all sorts of games that have laser tag and even life like Virtual Reality while Rosie and Blu's family soar through the city, looking at the amazing sights of the city from up so high above, although Rosie was a bit terrified at first, Blu helps her overcome the fear of heights, when they returned to the hotel they build a pillow fort over their heads as they continued to study, even while they were eating their dinner from McRonald's with burgers, fries, and a couple of drinks, they continue studying even with greasy hands, although at one point Isaiah and Ethan were slacking off by watching TV with Mia and Blu coming over to them with stern looks in their eyes as Isaiah and Ethan gave troubling smiles, at night when everyone else is sleeping with Isaiah sleeping on a couch, Ethan on a bed, and the birds sleeping on blanket made nests, Mia continues to read and answer the questions as she was on problem 34, but while no one else was looking she snoops into the bathroom, taking a dose of those pills she bought from before while taking a sip of water, as she gives a big sigh, after those 3 days have past, they turn in their assignment to Professor Faber, he looks at work and sees all the questions answered, the team looked nervous for a bit as they didn't know what was about to happen.

"Hmm, it seems the 3 of you did a pretty good job, well done, I shall hand the book over to you and you can be on your way" said Professor Faber

All of them sigh in relief while giving a few "phews", suddenly Professor Faber looked all maniacal.

"JUST KIDDING! POP QUIZ!" Professor Faber shouts

Professor Faber gives a sinister laughter as all of them just moan and groan with tears coming out of Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia, some time has passed and they were sitting on the ground going over the pop quiz with Guy Montag and Professor Faber supervising them, they push through the test with everything they've got, remembering all the things they've been reading for the past 3 days, eventually time passes and they eventually made it through and they turn in their pop quizzes to Professor Faber while they were in their room.

"Good job kids, You've made it through the week, or the 3 days to be more precise, So anyway, I'll be checking your scores and see how each of you did, if even one of you pass, then the book shall be yours…"

All of them got excited.

"...But! Only if you one of you pass, so you 3 better start hoping that you passed both the reading and the pop quiz, got it"

All of them looked bummed out.

"Yes sir" said Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia in unison

Professor Faber says, "You can relax now, after all you 3 have earned it, I won't take long"

Professor Faber then leaves the room while leaving the door opened, Guy Montag turns towards the children with a smile on his face

"Good job guys, it looks like you'll be getting that book in no time, I knew you 3 could do it" said Guy Montag in a victorious tone

Isaiah says, "well none of this would've happened if we haven't met you, so thank you for everything"

Guy Montag says, "I believe I'm the one that should be thanking you children, I'm glad that none of you rat me out, so Thank you!"

Mia asks, "Hey , would you like to stay with us to celebrate? Since this might be our last night here"

"nah, I'm gonna let you kids have your own fun, I'm kinda tired right now from all the work I've been doing today, as long you say goodbye to me than I'll be good" said Guy Montag

Ethan asks, "Are you sure you don't wanna hang out with us? You might regret it"

Guy Montag replies, "Trust me Ethan, I've regretted a lot of things in life, But I'm sure I'll be fine if I missed out on a little bit of fun, well good night kids"

Guy Montag begins making his way to the door.

"Good night" all of them say it in unison

Guy Montag leaves and then closes it on the way out, the 3 of them gave them a relieving sigh.

"Well I'm glad that's over, hopefully at least one of us passed and we'll get the book" said Mia

Ethan says, "it wasn't that bad, the questions were pretty easy to answer, though I kinda forgot most of the answers that were back from Act 1"

Isaiah says, "I remember everything from the play, from the girls dancing around the cauldron to John Proctor and his friends getting hanged in the end"

Ethan says, "I'm surprised you remember all of that, with your concussion and all that"

"Yeah well, I tend to remember a lot of morbid things when it comes to stories"

David and Sarah disapproving of the story.

"I did not like that play one bit, that girl Abigail was pure evil, she accused all those innocent lives and had them killed as well as manipulate her own peers into helping her in that deed all because she wanted to get with the man that was way above her age" said David

Sarah says, "with also her eating chicken blood at the start and a girl getting naked in the forest"

Blu says, "Well these were based on true events Mom, aside from the romantic plot of it, there were girls accusing other people of witchcraft"

David says, "Oh...Sheesh and I thought birds were bad enough at creating problems of our own"

Ethan says, "well now that's all been said and done…"

Ethan plops onto the couch as he just lays there

"...Let's watch a movie and order a pizza, It's gonna be the last night we'll be here, might as well make it worthwhile"

Isaiah says, "I couldn't agree more"

David says, "Sorry kiddos, But I'm afraid we won't be joining you tonight"

All of them looked at David and Sarah with curiosity including Blu and Rosie who were even more confused.

"What do you mean by that dad?" Blu asks

David replies, "Well son, I was planning on taking you and your mother on a flight throughout the city, just the 3 of us"

Rosie asks, "You mean I can't go with you?"

David places his right wing on Rosie's head.

"Sorry sweetie, But I just want to be alone with my family for just tonight, we can spend all the quality time together later" said David

Mia says, "Hey think of it this way, you can hang out with us cool kids while the adults catch up on other things"

Isaiah says, "Plus you can have some pizza for the first time, Isn't that exciting?"

Rosie says, "Oh okay, sounds fun"

Sarah seemed extremely nervous, Blu looked over to her with concern.

"Mom what's wrong?" Blu asks

Sarah replies, "I'm not so sure about this, I feel like something bad will happen while we're gone"

David Says, "Honey, it'll be okay, the kids will be fine on their own without us constantly supervising them, besides Guy and Faber are next door"

Sarah felt even more discouraged by this outing.

"The last I heard those words, we lost our baby boy for 21 years" said Sarah in a more venomous tone

Everyone looked shocked by Sarah's words, including David to an extent, Sarah then instantly regretted what she just said.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that at all, It just-" said Sarah

David says, "no it's fine love, I understand where you're coming from, we can stay if you like to"

Blu says, "we don't have to go mom, no one is forcing you, we can just watch a movie together as a family"

Sarah says, "No I'm fine, it just slipped through my beak, I want to do this"

Sarah flies up to the window, Blu and David follow her, Isaiah walks over to the window and opens it, letting in a gentle breeze.

"Isaiah, can you do me a favor…" said Sarah

Sarah turns towards him with a concerned look on her face.

"...Promise me that all of you and your friends will be safe from any harm, don't engage in a fight when trouble comes, just run as fast as you can"

Isaiah, Ethan, and Mia were alarmed by this, but they remained a casual look in their eyes.

"Okay, I Promise that we will run on the first sight of trouble" said Isaiah

Sarah felt a little bit relieved to hear that.

"Thank you, I Love you children, be safe" said Sarah

David and Blu turn back at the children.

"Take care of each other, We won't be gone for too long" said David

Blu says, "make sure you save some Pizza for me"

Ethan says, "don't worry, we will do both, now go enjoy yourselves"

All of them wave bye to the family as they fly into the night sky, Isaiah closes the window, Mia's arms are shaking uncontrollably but she grabs hold of both of her arms to stop the shaking.

"Umm, can I be excused? I'm gonna change into my pajamas" Mia asks

Mia immediately gets up from the couch, Isaiah and Ethan turn towards her.

Ethan asks, "Uhh okay? But why do you have to-"

Mia slams the door, both Isaiah and Ethan were confused by her reaction.

"What was that all about? I never seen her that way before" said Isaiah

Rosie says, "It maybe that time again"

Ethan asks, "What do you mean?"


Mia took off her shirt with a white tank top still on her, she looks into the mirror as she looked depressed, she opens up the mirror, showing where she kept the bottle of pills, she then grabs it and sets it near the sink, hesitating to open it, she places her hand near the sink, looking at the mirror while looking at the color of her eyes with an ashamed look on her face.

"Look at you, your a pathetic excuse for a knight, relying on a stupid bottle of pills to make you feel better about yourself, such a disgrace" said Mia to herself

Mia turns on the sink, setting it as warm water, she then washes her face, she then looks up into the mirror one more time only to see the Phantom Menace behind her, her heart jumps and is horrified as she turns around immediately while gasping, seeing that nobody was there.

"W-What? What was that?!" said Mia in a horrified tone

Mia then has a flashback, remembering when the White Witch stabbed her with her wand and turning her into stone, seeing her life flashed before her very eyes, from when she sees her mother dying at the hands of Lorik seeing his hammer came down on her and blood scattered everywhere, her witnessing the gladiators dying in the arena fighting for their freedom, her final memory was when she abandoned Ethan and Meili and went with her grandfather, all those memories suddenly vanish, she was back into reality and looked traumatized, her entire body was sweating and was also starting to heat to where the point she felt like she was having a fever, she desperately opens the bottle of pills, grabs 2 pills from the bottle, swallows them both as she immediately turns on the sink and sets it to a cooler setting, and starts slurping the water from her hands like there's no tomorrow, Mia leans against the counter while gazing herself into the mirror with a sickened look.

"Yup, just pathetic" said Mia to herself


"And that's what you need to know about girls" said Rosie

Ethan does his best to look mature while Isaiah looked as if he was having a PTSD flashback.

"TMI Rosie, TMI" said Ethan

Isaiah asks, "So how long do you think Mia should be in there?"

Rosie replies, "Don't know, but one thing is for certain, always give girls their space, because she is going through so much pain right now, she doesn't need to be intruded"

Ethan says, "of all the things you don't know about, that was the one thing you know however"

Rosie says, "Well I'm a girl you know, it's only natural that I know these kinds of things, and It's not my fault I've been isolated inside a jungle for all of my life, up until now of course"

Isaiah asks, "Didn't your uncle ever bother to tell you about anything outside your home?"

Rosie replies, "nothing that's out of basic survival, all he ever told of what humans look like and that I need to avoid them at all times, as well as teaching me how to survive the jungle"

Isaiah asks, "But what about outside of survival, didn't he tell you anything about your parents or life before being in that Jungle?"

Rosie replies, "Not that i can...Recall, whenever I tried asking him he usually flies off into the distance, and it takes 30 minutes for him to come back all Melancholy like"

Isaiah says, "sorry, I'm asking too many personal questions"

Rosie says, "No, it's fine Isaiah, but can I ask a question, for the both of you"

Rosie seemed to hesitate at first, trying to build up the courage she has in her, so then she faces him.

"What's it like to have parents?" Rosie asks in a serious manner

Both Isaiah and Ethan were caught off guard by this question, Rosie immediately regrets it afterwards.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gone there, since I never really grew up with my parents, But I shouldn't have asked such a inconsiderable question, please forgive me" said Rosie in a desperate manner

Ethan gives a soft chuckle.

"It's okay Rosie, We get where you're coming from, me and Isaiah lived different lives, My parents were a lot more lenient while Isaiah's parents were pretty strict, he was christian and I was Catholic, but one thing we both have is that our parents loved us unconditionally, they always pushed us to be better even though we may not like it all the time" said Ethan in a sincere tone

Isaiah says, "they're the ones who taught us from right from wrong, and we always keep it in our hearts, and we're just as blessed to have friends that care about us as well"

Rosie says, "That sounds amazing, I wish I could meet them"

Isaiah says, "Don't worry, you will eventually, when you get to Heaven of course"

Rosie seemed confused.

"Heaven? What's that?" Rosie asks

Ethan replies, "What kind of question is that? I mean I get that you lived under a rock, but you gotta have some sort of concept of it"

Isaiah says, "Ethan! Don't be like that, Let me explain, Heaven is basically paradise, a place where all the pain and suffering no longer exist, you are no longer bounded by sin and death, you get to spend an eternity before the lord and all of his majesty along with your brothers and sisters"

Rosie felt inspired.

"That sounds amazing, and we've met him before right? The lord I mean" said Rosie

Isaiah says, "that was his holy spirit, the creator is up in Heaven watching over us right now, but you felt his presence when meeting with the holy spirit, you felt his power, it was like nothing you ever imagined before"

Rosie says, "Yeah, I have, I want to know more about him, and I want to know more about you guys as well"

Ethan says, "Don't worry, there's still so much to talk about later on, but for now let's just have a brain break for a little bit, because it's pretty overwhelming taking in all of this"

The door to the bathroom opens, all of them get up as they look at Mia exiting the bathroom, they walk over to her while also giving her some space.

"Mia, are you alright?" Isaiah asks with concern

Mia replies, "I'm fine Isaiah, don't worry about me, I'm sorry about slamming the door like that, It was rude of me"

Ethan says, "It's okay, we understand, we're going through a lot right now and it can get pretty easy to be overwhelmed by all of it, so don't worry about it"

Mia does her best to look cheerful.

"Well okay, Why don't we go pick out a movie?" Mia asks

Isaiah replies, "Sounds good to me"


Blu, David, and Sarah were flying through the night sky, over the buildings they see lights flashing into the sky, Blu and Sarah were wondering where David was heading to.

"Umm dad, I don't mean to bother you about this, but where are we heading?" Blu asks with concern

David replies, "Don't you worry son, it's somewhere where we could get a good view of the whole entire city"

David turns to the tallest building in the city, flying higher and higher, they eventually land on top of the building, both Blu and Sarah were in awe by the view, gazing at the entire city and all of its beauty.

"Wow, this is such a terrific view" said Blu

David puts his wings around both his wife and son.

"Surprise, I know I said Before about how the lights are all hokey dokey from before, but when you get an amazing view from here, everything looks so beautiful down there, with all of it's glowing colors" said David

Sarah says, "It's wonderful Honey, thank you"

"No problem my love, anything for you"

Both David and Sarah give each other a loving kiss, Blu continues to look out into the city with Nostalgia in his eyes.

"Hey Mom, Dad, even though we've never been here before, yet it all feels so familiar" said Blu

David says, "Back when you were just a tiny chick, we took you to the Statue of christ and we looked down on the city of Rio and all of it's lights"

All 3 of them have a flashback of when they were younger and a lot more happier together as they hold onto each other, they go back into the present, David smiles brightly at his son.

"You've grown so much since then, but you will always be my little boy, I know I've been hard on you, and I'm sorry if I became any nuisance to you or the others, I'm just concerned about you son, I don't want either of you to get severely injured or killed" said David

Blu says, "I know what you mean dad, If it was Carla, Bia, or Tiago that risked their life, I would have behaved no different from you, heck if anything I would be comforting my middle child from enduring a nightmarish place such as this"

David asks, "You miss them don't you?"

Blu replies, "Yeah I do, it's been so long since I've seen my family, the ones from the parallel universe were nice, but that doesn't count, When I get home, I'm going to apologize to them for all of this"

Blu imagines Jewel, Carla, Bia, and Tiago as happy as they can be, Blu makes a big smile on his face.

"Hey son, Can I ask you a favor?" Sarah asks

Blu replies, "sure, what is it mom?"

Sarah asks, "Well I know this is gonna sound dumb, but I was wondering if you would introduce us to your wife and kids?"

Blu says, "Of course mom, after all their your family as well, they would love to meet you guys, but just to give you a heads up, all my kids are teenagers, so you won't be able to have the same little adorable chick vibes coming from them"

"Ahh I don't care, Grandkids are grandkids regardless of what age their are, besides I'm pretty well equipped after having to hang around human teenagers"

"Okay mom, if you say so"

but suddenly something was flying towards Sarah, Blu immediately gets in front of her before he could say another thing, he raises up his wing and blocks the incoming object, it turns out to be a toothpick as it pierces through his right wing, Blu wanted to scream out of the pain he was feeling, but he kept his composure while gritting his beak as the blood begins to drip on the ground, Sarah and David however were scared and shocked to what just happened.

"SON! Are you alright?!" Sarah asks in a scared tone

Blu struggled to talk with the amount of pain he was in, but instead his focused gaze was set on who threw the toothpick, out of the shadows comes 4 ravens who seemed to be in rough condition but seemed very vile with sadistic smiles on their faces with them chuckling, David gets protective as he gets in front of Sarah and Blu while spreading his wing like a shield.

"Hey Ya old Geezers! Who said that you could get on our building without permission?" said the Raven in front of the group

David says, "We mean you no harm! So why did you try to attempt to kill my wife like that?!"

"Huh? What's that Gramps? Speak a little louder We can't hear you back there" said the Raven

All the other Ravens chuckle a little, David was angered by their behavior, without warning he just walks up to them.

"So you like to attack others huh? How's this for ya?" David asks

David clenches his talons, and tries to deliver a punch, but the raven dodges the attack as he flies to the side and then hits him at the back of the head, knocking him to the ground, Blu and Sarah were terrified by this as the Raven's give off sadistic laughs, Blu remained fierce as he tries to move his wings but felt the pain from the toothpick he took in, another raven walks up to him with a sinister grin.

"Well now we have a feisty one over here, I like it, we could save you for last" said the raven

The raven then knocks Blu out of the way, punching him in the face so hard to where the point they knock him on the floor, all the other ravens surround Sarah as two of them pin her to the ground, all she tries to fight back but all she could do was kick and scream.

"NO! PLEASE STOP! DON"T DO THIS!" Sarah shouts with all her might

But to no avail the ravens continue doing what their doing as the leader places his talon on her stomach.

"Don't worry you sweet old thing, I'm not going to kill you, or at least not yet, once your dear old husband wakes up, we're gonna have so much fun with you" said the raven

All of them laughed like maniacs as the raven began clenching at Sarah's feathers as she screamed in pain, Blu helplessly looks at the evil act unfolding in front of him, hearing the screams of his mother as well as the laughter of the ravens while looking at his father being unconscious.

"Mom...dad...please stop it...don't hurt her" said Blu with half a conscious

Suddenly everything went pitch black.

"There is nothing to fear in the dark, just let go of everything that's holding you back, and just submit into it"

Suddenly there were glimpses of what was happening, with Blu getting up from the ground, removing the toothpick from his wing, more glimpses of what was unfolding at the time only hearing suppressed screams, a raven getting stabbed in the talons by a toothpick with a faint voice calling from a distance, another raven getting his head slammed into the ground uncontrollably with the voice getting slightly louder, another raven's wing getting twisted like a pretzel as the voice gets louder and louder, Until...

"SON!" Sarah shouts

Suddenly Blu wakes up, he turns around to see his mom very horrified with tears coming out of her eyes.

"Mom? Are you okay?! Is there something wrong?!" said Blu in a concerned tone

Blu then faces straight ahead, only to gasp out of shock, he was choking the leader to death as saliva came out of his mouth, Blu then let's go of him with the raven gagging, Blu was equally as horrified and confused along with his mother, he looks all around him seeing the two ravens being one stabbed and the other having a broken wing, while the other was laying on the floor nearly dead with blood splattered all over the ground, David was conscious at the time and was even more confused.

"Dad? What happened? Did I do all of this?" Blu asks with a somewhat scared tone

David replies, "You tell me son"

Blu looks back at the raven to whom he was choking, the look on his face that was once filled with evil turned into pure fear as tears were streaming down his eyes, Blu wasn't able to look at him in the eyes so he turned around immediately towards his parents.

"Let's get out of here, we can talk about it later" said Blu

All of them flew off as they left the ravens there in their own misery, they fly as fast as they can back to the hotel.


Back in the hotel inside, Isaiah, Ethan, Mia, and Rosie were chilling on the couch watching TV, on the TV shows a scene of slinky going down the stairs with a man with a very energetic and happy look on his face.

"Isn't this Incredible?!" the man shouts from the TV

The man looks back at the slinky and then looks back down.

"It's gotta be some kind of a record!" the man shouts

Isaiah says, "Man I'm gonna miss watching TV, I wish we can just kick back and have it easy for once"

The man on the TV was singing.

"I know, It's been so long since we have such a relaxing time like this" said Mia

Ethan says, "SHH! This is my favorite part"

On the TV, the slinky almost made it to the final step but it stopped as the man ran down towards it.

"AAAHHH! MAN! Can you believe it?!" the man shouts

Ethan was laughing at the scene along with everyone else.

"Ahh that never gets old" said Ethan

Isaiah looks at the clock, seeing it was 7:30PM, he then sighs.

"Where's Tyler and his parents? They should've been back now" said Isaiah in a concerned tone

Mia says, "it's okay Isaiah, they're probably having the time of their lives right now, so just let them have this night"

Isaiah says, "I know, sorry"

Ethan says, "Relax Isaiah, I'm sure nothing bad happened to them, they can take care of themselves, besides this will probably be our last night here, so just enjoy the movie and don't worry about anything"

They hear knocking on the door, all of them look.

"Huh? That must be Professor Faber with the test scores" said Mia

Rosie says, "either that or the Pizza man"

Isaiah says, "I'll get it"

Isaiah walks over to the door, he then opens it, only to see the hallway lights turned off.

"Huh? What the? The lights are out" said Isaiah

Ethan asks, "that's strange, aren't the lights usually on in the hallways?"

Isaiah replies, "yeah...they do"

Isaiah steps into the hallway.

"Hello? Is anybody there?" Isaiah asks

As everything was quiet at the moment, Isaiah hears soft growling noises, sending chills down his spine as he was horrified, everybody in the room was horrified by that noise, Isaiah slowly turns around, only to see two glowing red lights with the one of the right flickering, the beast slowly approached him while still growling while Isaiah slowly backs away, showing itself to the light, the Mechanical Hound was nothing like he ever saw before, it was entirely made out an unknown metal with it being in the shape of a wolf and spider, it had 8 legs being in the shape of a wolf with claws and 3 spider like legs that could impale a human, it's spine were like daggers it's teeth like swords, it's tail like a whip with a blade at the end, it's ribs like jaws and its red eyes having cold and lifeless eyes with it's right eye being damaged, Isaiah was so frightened by the sight of the monster, his first instinct was to run without hesitation, the Mechanical Hound roars as it follows Isaiah through the hallway, the others ran out the door looking equally as scared.

"ISAIAH!" Ethan shouts

( Isaiah continues on running without looking back while screaming and sweating, the Mechanical Hound was gaining on him )

"What is that monster?! This Can't be real! AM I GONNA DIE?!..." Isaiah thought

( Isaiah slaps his face )

"...Okay time to wake up now!"

( The Mechanical Hound spreads out it's Spider legs, it then begins running on the wall and over the ceiling, it then falls down in front of Isaiah, Isaiah then stops and continues running the other way)

"Gotta keep running! I can't fight that thing!" Isaiah asks to himself

( the Mechanical then whips its tail out, Isaiah looks back and dodges it, the whip like tail only grazes on the side of his ribs, Isaiah hisses in pain and continues on running while covering the graze, suddenly his head was pounding again )

"NO! NO! NO! NOT NOW!" Isaiah shouts

( Isaiah begins to lose his sight, suddenly something snares onto him and he trips and falls, the Mechanical hound pounces on him, Isaiah looked horrified as ever, the Mechanical Hound opens its mouth and out comes a needle, all Isaiah could do was scream from the top of his lungs, Suddenly sounds of gunshots were being made, the Mechanical hound's back legs come off, it turns around to see a man covered in the dark aiming his/her gun at the mechanical Hound, the Mechanical Hound hisses but then the mysterious gun's man shoots it in the head, destroying it for good as it falls down to the ground, Isaiah wasn't able to see clearly who it was, Ethan and Mia were running towards him along with Rosie who was flying )

"ISAIAH!" Ethan's voice echoes

( Isaiah continues to look at him as an object out )

"Who...who are you?" Isaiah asks

( the mysterious gun's man pulls a pin )

"Sleep now" said the mysterious man with a covered up face

( the mysterious man drops something near Isaiah, it begins to emit steam, Isaiah starts coughing, as he slowly closes his eyes, the last thing he could hear was the sound of his friends coughing and their bodies dropping to the floor )

25 minutes later

David, Sarah and Blu fly back to the Hotel room as they were almost there.

"There it is, I hope they had a better night than we did" said Blu

David looks ahead and sees the window from their room shattered to pieces.

"Oh no! Please no!" Sarah shouts

All of them fly as fast as they could to get to the window.

"Please be alright! Please be alright! Please be alright!" Sarah keeps saying it to herself

They made it to the window, but they took a look inside, Sarah gasps, the entire place was ransacked from top to bottom, the 3 of them were in shock, they're friends were no longer there...

"What have we done?"

To Be Continued

Well I think I may be pushing that T rating a bit too much, I will admit this is not my best work, I could've done better but hey I did the best of my abilities.

I know I suck at meeting the deadline I set for myself, but it's so hard to write a chapter without so many details, I mean as long as you guys enjoy then by all means please do. also you think it's bad now, wait until you see what's gonna happen to the kids in the next one

also another thing, if your wondering what Movie Isaiah, Ethan, Mia, and Rosie were watching, well here's the link of that scene

watch?v=ltwxC19s5u8, you'll find as slinky scene

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