Standing by the seashore, the soaring seagulls you miss

Freedom lost in independence, a true miss.

That debate we held, psychology against philosophy

Free will against society, an argument few miss.

Your apathetic shrug is what trapped me for hours

An internal tornado shielded by a smile, who miss?

I am haunted by the idea that free will does not exist

I dress myself in melancholy, they call me blue miss.

Have any decisions we made in life purely our own?

Or just influences whispering hints like honey dew. Miss.

Sweet kisses of failures when a wrong choice is made.

But again, there's someone to blame. So just withdrew, miss.

It's all in your head, they say! They're right! World says.

My shadow tells me they're wrong. It has no soul to miss.

To fail to notice it, those eyes in the sun the moon and the stars

Nobody sees their razor teeth on the TV screen, a new miss.

But I do, a sixth sense licking against my trembling mind

Wet saliva dripping poison that I had just realized in a cruel miss.

Escape where to? Of which invisible prison am I caged in?

Mother nature screams innocence. My own waves adieu, miss!

When I turn around my reflection continues to stare at me

But it shatters before I can notice it. Failed peekaboo. Miss.

I am tortured by my own conscience as it erodes me away

I was once as naive as you. A radiance that I, too, miss.

Now I just allow society to define me as a lunatic

As nobody would ever get my point. All the view, miss.

Twenty six lines down as I continue my mental storm

Does it matter if happiness depends on all the clues' miss?

Now twenty nine lines down and I face my acceptance.

Still remembered as human, though labeled as taboo. Miss.