All glory and all praises to the Great Acephalous

He who taught us the just ways to our souls

Four wings o' leather and two arms, two tails and seven horns o' ebony

The neck whom by itself wrought free

That by His example, earth might be freed of the will of heaven

His children all are we

Never knowing his face, never needing to know, never knowing to care

All that matters is written upon the body

May desire exceed purpose

To Him do we make prayer

In the cold of heaven's departure, his fur kept warmth

He is the mother who loves as a wife

He is the sibling who loves as a spouse

Father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, wife,

He is who that is all

At the core of this world

It is he who binds together

All penetrating, all-present, and yet altogether distinct

Him we trust to amputate the discord among his children

He who freed us from the slavery of conscience

He, chief among all, is the envied and the envious

That He seeks all pleasure for and from those before him

He that the Head of heaven seeks to control

Freer of the bodies from minds

Great enemy of the Great Head

War will come and war is permanent

War is coming and the war is planned, the war is pain

The Head seeks the Body, but the Body eludes

The Body, that is Acephalous, is of the moment and of pleasure

The Body attends to the affairs of earth and the Head to heaven

Oh, Great Acephalous, teach us by your example

Let us learn to listen to the mechanisms of our body

That by discord, we might know unity

All honesty and all truth stems from feeling

Not from what heaven may think truth ought to be

Your words and your name are lost to us

But your acts are not

Such things are of heaven, not of earth

Let things be labeled according to our own

Oh, most honorable and honest hypocrite

He who found the truth of his own accord

Teach us our truth and save us from the oppression of the Head

Oh, Great Acephalous, to you do we put our trust to save us from truth and from mind

Thus, concludes our prayer

There is no more to say