She wasn't close to either side
Nor was she too privy with their existences

What she saw and what she heard

Three were lost
And she didn't know what to feel
Besides a numbing indifference

And a disocciative shock

One passed in the summer
One was laid to rest on a Saturday
And the third died the day

Before Tuesday

Each came so sudden
In rather quick succession to
Each other

Idly, she remembered
That she once told Death
To wait

She would have let Death
Have her soon but opted to wait
Until the hourglass was empty

Death claimed three
Two from one side and one from the other
Two natural causes and one of utter misfortune

She wondered, idly
If Death claimed those three
To prolong her time

Mentally, one could say
She had let them go
Reflecting stoically

With little emotion shown and felt

Three lives claimed
And nine more would begin
Such as it was

It was a cycle

Either way, three were gone
No longer sharing the same
Plane of existence

As she resided

She wasn't close to either of them
Yet, their passings affected her somehow
Whether or not she could identify how

Or if at all

Three were gone
Claimed by Death
In the same year, in quick succession

Each one after the other

Three lives gone
And nine to begin anew
Time's arrow only moving forward

Not stopping or going backwards

She could only muse
Feeling little besides indifference
And dissociative shock

As the Rule of Three was enacted.