He stood there as his wife screamed and begged in agony.

It would all be over soon.

He watched her legs spread, the doctor called, "Push!"

"Push, honey!" He said, holding her hand close and she cried out in pain, "PUSH! IT'S NEARLY OVER!"

She looked at him, sweat pouring down her forehead... after a few minutes a small wail could be heard in the room.

He watched as the nurse wrapped the infant in blankets, and handed the baby girl to his wife.

The doctor allowed him to cut the umbilical cord, and he came over to his exhausted wife. She was smiling and in joyful tears. He looked at his baby girl, and when he reached for her, her tiny hand grabbed his finger.

He stopped, surprised... and then the tears ran down his cheeks.

She was here... and nothing was going to change that.