The Lonely Manor

An old, mysterious home sat atop the hill at the back of the neighborhood. It was larger than most in the area, slightly further away from the main subdivision, and so quiet. The house had been there for at least fifty years, and most of the parents in the area remembered the little old lady who used to come and go from the building.

Nowadays, nobody saw anyone leave or enter the house. There were usually lights on, however, implying that someone still lived there. Most of the children got curious about the strange old home, but the adults always tried to keep them away from it.

"We don't know who's in there. It could be someone dangerous," they always said. "You shouldn't go up to the hill alone."

Still, the kids liked to dare each other to get close to the building. While some were too scared to do it, others would get as far as the driveway before turning around and running away. Eventually, most of them grew out of their curiosity and stopped going near it.

One day, a girl crept out of her house and went towards to the hill, however. She looked around carefully before heading up the driveway. Once she reached the door, the girl leaned up and used the elaborate old knocker.

It creaked open, and she was welcomed by a kindly old voice: "Come in, dear! Come in! I haven't had any visitors in years."

She never returned home, and the house went completely dark after a few days. Even the old beat-up car that no one had ever seen move was goneā€”but none of the neighbors actually saw it leave. Years later, though, someone claimed to see a figure resembling an older version of her entering the house. The mystery was enough to spark discussion again, and the adults whispered about the possibility that she'd returned.

Kids started daring each other to go into it again to see what happened. Eventually, a young boy made it up to the house and was greeted by a woman's voice: "Come in, child! I haven't had any guests in years..."