Double D(utch)

Softly sounds a new found song
Through taunting space and time.
Instead of being fair to me,
Life left no room for rhyme.

Losing dreams of t(hre)ea f(or) two,
Mastered she-(be)bop sigh(t)s.
Another round of "ever after"
Knocked out Midsummer-Nights.

In forty shades of deep dark grey
New nightmares did come true.
Gasping wet, a little bit more:
Lap-licking kiss, so blue.

Oozing rise from dusk 'till dawn
Vibrated virgin fires.
Eclectic thoughts (did) do connect,
Are 'always' on our minds.

So in time, right(?) in the middle I
Opened up another door.
Now with vision, oh so clear:
Enter my darling, oh so dear...

With love forever more,