As has been shown, the idiocy and ignorance of whom have said for it to be removed is baffling. To think that for 2 decades and then some; this item has been searched for, begged for, possibly even attempted to be bribed for; and in the end, when a clip is finally shown for all to see - most merely wish for its removal. I am now convinced that these people, who "search" for lost media, are merely fools who want to destroy what was found, so that its loss is definite and the chances for rediscovery unknowable.

To conclude this brief statement, if you happen to be a person for whom; advocates for the freedom of media and the discovery of lost pieces thereof, and yet also wish for this pieces' removal. Come, come out of your blinded ignorance! With what you say with them, you are not the helper, you are the fool; the jester who dances a-top the king's crown. See your error and realize it's importance! This moment of discovery should be remembered, not hated! And for those who are uncertain, listen not to these yoke of idiocy; merely see the event shown before.

And to those who may fret on it's now deleted state; cease your fright and worrying follow, I and many others have retained our copies and shall indeed share them whenever a time for such comes. Unlike the liars and destroyers for which began this mess, we our believers in that once it is found; it must be kept found. We shall never follow in their steps, but to crush and remove of their filthy presence until the last of them is silenced forever.

So I have spoken.
Ryan Rider: December 8th, 2019.