So I forgot to add something to the end of the last poem so my brain did a yippee-day-guess-who's-gay back here to write another one. This one is directed at the people who have multiple accounts (by that I mean more than two) on the same social media. I get it if you forget your password but there is such thing as the can't remember password feature on basically every website. And if that's not the case, at least add everyone from your old one, onto your new one. I mean, I have two Facebooks but we lost both the password and email for the first one I created so if you add it, nobody will respond. If I know you personally and you try adding the old account with my actual face, try again, ya'll know I'm a weeb.

What on Earth must you have four,

Of the same social media for?

Which one's a fake?

Which one is from the phone you lost in the lake?

I don't know which one you're using.

This is absolutely not amusing.

I think you've been overusing the create an account feature.

I get it if you don't want your fans to know you're a schoolteacher.

I get you're all about popularity,

But I need some clarity.

At least message me on your new account,

Because you have too many to count.

I'm not asking for much.

I'm just asking to get in touch.

I need to send you a meme,

It's not part of any evil scheme.

I don't want to add them all,

Just tell me which is the one above all.

Yeah so at the end of the last poem I just wanted to say, Happy Holidays. Happy Hanukkah since it's tomorrow. I don't personally celebrate Hanukkah but I want to be inclusive. Just, HAPPY WHATEVER YOU CELEBRATE, JUST MAKE IT HAPPY. I personally celebrate Christmas because my family is Catholic (but I'm an Atheist (I don't believe in any Gods, mostly because I don't have any evidence they exist or existed.) so I don't celebrate the religious parts, I prefer just the giving of presents, the happiness most people get from this part of the year and the music). Also I might've offended my friend by asking if Muslims celebrate Hanukkah. If somebody could tell me what they celebrate this time of year, that would be great. Also, Khalid and other Muslims, I am incredibly sorry if I offended any of you.