(Christian's Point of View)

I looked down at the warriors that sat down at the massive wooden table their chattering interrupted by my hand raising, "My friends, we are in the makings of history. After 4,000 years of dictatorship due to Infernias, this is our chance to claim back our throne. While their sovereignty has been reigning, they made slaves of our people and called them Aglist's, but this glorious day our Princes have been reunited with their people. As well, a Seeker is within our walls, the two signs of the end of this idiotic war, my sons Leonard Ronan Shepherd Duskflayer and Nicolae Arthur Shepherd Duskflayer. I will allow Leonard to speak and discuss our battle plans, listen to him, as you have me." With that, I took my seat as Leonard stood to his feet, walking to the podium.

( Leonard's Point of View)

I looked at the large table on the grounds below our booth, with a sigh, " Good evening, I am Leonard Ronan Shepherd Duskflayer. I am from Halcyon. I am the Prince of War. And I have been in this Kingdom for one year, but now that you know who I am. I shall now make my reasons for standing here today. Ammon, Ammon has given us three weeks to say our farewells, but, we are to use that time to train, you will awake in those days early, you will be putting your bodies to the test, with your sanity on the line. But the prize I guarantee will be worth your misery, but my question to all of you today is, are you up for the challenge? Or will you be cowardly, will you be dandelions, or will you fight as mighty warriors? I invite you to come along on this journey of greatness." I pointed to the doors, "If you don't desire the brutality that I will put you through, then those doors will be your answer. Make your choice." I watched as no one stood up, my gaze now on August, "I train men, not toddlers, or imposters, Rowles. Seeing as how you seem to think that we Warriors will make our beds in the fiery destructions of our corrupt worlds, I am taking it upon myself as my first order of action as Prince. You no longer have the free pass of roaming this Kingdom; you are now and forever banished. And as you have led thousands of good men, you are banished to be a slave yourself to Ammon. Let him decide your fate, for I care not, once it comes to you."

"Banishment, Leonard. He's-" came Christian's voice from behind me."

"Enough father, I have proof of my claims. August has been a naughty boy. He has fooled everyone sitting here in this Hallow Room; a room for purity can not stand with a blemish. Once it comes to blemishes, August is one body absorbed in blemishes. His corruption a plague, lie after lie. He chokes the life of this legacy, due to his hatred of me. We have no time for childish games, and I will not make time. If you want the Prince of War training your men, you will agree with my terms, or perhaps Nicolae can give them second best. Your call so that you know I know more about your prize than you think that I would. He's the only one who has been oblivious to me being alive. Meanwhile, I have been doing research on your spy, and prophecy's tend to have an upside as well as a downside, and your fall relies upon just one creature's position or motives. I suggest you choose wisely, father because once I walk, I'm finished. I wouldn't advise that you take my second chance towards you as a weakness. Need I remind you that I've warned you once I'm not going to warn you again, I don't need this Kingdom. Whatever role I play, Loner, Captain, or General. I always come out on the winning side, I've taken our adversaries out once without you, as I will gladly do so once more."

August looked at us; every eye was upon him. "August, do you wish to defend yourself, these are some serious claims, questioning the prophecy. How do you plead?" Came Nicolae's voice from beside me.

August was silent then he glared at me then looked at my father with a mischievous smile, " Christian, Leonard is pulling this stunt because he is jealous of me, he knows that I have a chance at taking his family. He also knows Graceona has developed emotional feelings towards me, and yes, Leonard, Graceona is an excellent kisser."

I bit my lip with a grin, " Get him out of here. I have no further questions." Nicolae's rage not hidden.

I looked at my brother, shaking my head, "No, brother, allow him this. He has desired this for a while, " Sadly, we must listen to all our people no matter how deluded they are." I looked from NIcolae to August, " So, you desire to stay with us August very well then. I will agree to train you as a warrior, but may the gods have mercy on you. Your training may be beneficial if not our ticket to victory, you are going to do this willingly or I will force you I will show you why shapeshifters are only a mere handful to find in this prophecy." I smiled, "Your father was the easiest mind to break, let's see if all shapeshifters have the mental energy of the rare crystals, those useless, weak crystals. If I handled you so roughly, would you be so easily broken." I laughed, "Your parents were weak links to your kind, and it seems the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, this should be fun."

"You were the man who killed my parents!" August stood from his seat.

"August, I not only wiped them out. But, I single-handedly wiped the shapeshifters off the map. A little bit of trust and very little mind control magik can do wonders. They fell like toddlers who are just learning to walk, sadly for them, I had no interests in helping them find their footing, once I got done with them, the survivors kill those who mention my name, considering it a bad omen. Sorry, but I'm not the least bit sorry or sympathetic for my actions."

August pounded an angry fist to the table, "This isn't over, Leonard."

I continued to look at him. I jumped from the booth, landing on my feet in front of him, " I don't know what your problem is August, but I imagine it is hard to pronounce. I shoved him in his seat.

"You're no prince, just a dictator." He glared at me.

I looked at him, "I'm sorry, did I give you the impression that I desired your opinion? I'm still experimenting with human emotions. I must have let a false one slip." I looked around at the soldiers around me, "I do believe that this conversation has taken up our time, I apologize. We all shall meet in the Garden of Relics at 4:30, and we all shall move on from there," I looked at August, "If you know what's good for you, you better not waste my time. Everyone may leave now, come prepared for anything." I glared at August as I took my leave.

I stormed out of the room. Slamming the doors behind me, a little way into my walk, I heard Nicolae, "Leonard, wait."

I stopped and looked at him, " What is it Nicolae,"

He looked at me, "Seriously. I thought you were cold-hearted as an undead warrior, that was just savage, I don't agree with what August said but,"

I sighed, " Nicolae, cut out the peacemaker junk. We are warriors. You nearly drove me mad before. I implore that you don't do it again." I walked away from him. I arrived at the room, Graceona, and I shared and walked to the foot of the bed looking into the crib to see Kourtney was sleeping, covered up with a pink blanket. I smiled, sitting down on the bed with a sigh.

"You seem troubled, what happened at the chambers?" Graceona said from beside me as I felt her hand rest on my lap, as she gently stroked my hair with a kiss to my forehead.

"The usual things, battle, and mouthy half-breeds." I looked at her " The day in the life of a Warrior in our Kingdom."

She smiled, "Do you need to talk about it? Or battle it out? I'm up for whatever you decide."

I shook my head with a sigh, "Talking is my option. I need a drink." I stood up, walking to the bar, getting some ice, placing it in a glass, pouring my scotch, taking a drink with a sigh. "Of all things, Graceona, you stoop to be held by a shapeshifter. And a cowardly one at that? Do you have such little faith in my survival skills that you would fall into the arms of any creature that would lay with you? Where has your trust gone, when did your dignity leave? Where is the feared woman that I married? What or who have you become?"

She glared at me, punching the mattress, "I thought you were dead, Leonard. Did you want me to stay single? I was in mourning I thought you of people would understand the power of another creature's company, is that not why we married for love? And honor until death do us part? When you bury your husband, you don't expect to see him alive one year later? I should be the one with the questions. Was I such a let down as a wife that you would fake your death to get away from me? You aren't the victim in this, once it comes down to it. I refuse to be called a victim. The better question is who or what have you become. You can't point the finger my way and avoid taking some of that blame for your actions."

I looked at her, " I understand you have no faith in this prophecy. But we're a team Graceona, how can I place trust in you if I feel that you have passionate feelings for scum like August, I'll kill him before I lose you to something like him."

She looked at me, confused, "Wait. You think I have love for August? I hardly call what I feel for him, love, did he not tell you, he threw your name up saying you were a murderer and that the New Uzeterra was something that you would never see due to the wrongs you have committed, I have feelings for the weasel, but not the lovers one. I promised him a beat down when I had that baby, and now that Kourtney is born and I am free to act, I will make him suffer. This stupidy is Kourtney's level. Most adults have no time to participate. I'm going with you tonight, and I will make that dog squirm." She stood up, storming past me, slamming the door to the bathroom.

I finished my scotch, "For the first time, in our marriage, I'm relying on your fire, because honestly. My fire has burnt out. I don't know how much longer I can do this on my own. You are my rock. Please, help me. I know you would never be untrue. I had no other choice. More importantly, please forgive me." I closed my eyes, taking in a deep breath.

(Graceona's Point of View)

I leaned against the door playing with my jewel, hearing Leonard's silent plea, with a smile. "I won't let you down. I forgive you." I looked at my gem, "Are you ready for some old fashion beat downs. We are both past due. It's time we have some fun, but first, I have a husband to mend." I placed the jewel on the sink, looking at my gown, looking at my clothes as they began to change. Once the fog had cleared, I smiled at the new attire, a black leather jumpsuit with a long leather trench coat, my hair long and straight, as my makeup looked like that of the Lupir Royalty. Very edgy with crimson red lipstick.

I walked from the bathroom seeing Leonard drinking scotch once more, "You need to stop." I walked over to him, getting the glass placing it on the table, "We have some preparing to do. And I am looking forward to my special favor, but first things first. Ending this war, then we can have all the alone time we desire. And I plan to use that to my advantage, come now, let's train, we need to be ready, mentally, and physically." I smiled, kissing his lips, "You're starting to look a bit drunk, I'm cutting you off. I can't have you passing out from drunkenness, instead of being knocked out."

"I'm not drunk, Grace. And you have never knocked me out we always ended our fights in a draw, neither one of us ever wins. Plus every time we duel, we have children, so let's go for it, I'm willing to try again, maybe have a boy to even the matching in my favor."

"You're not drunken, well that's quite a shock since you drank two glasses of bane laced scotch."

He looked at me in shock, "You laced the scotch with Bane? Why would you do that?"

"I didn't. Don't you smell it? The room reeks of the smell. I have to hold my breath, or I would be flying happy over this realm, I think you should lie down, your looking kind of rough. In a loopy manner, you were never the one who could hold down your Bane." I led him to the bed, setting him down as he lay down.

"If I fall asleep, wake me up two hours before the meeting."

I looked at him, "I can try, that stuff is a powerful punch with just a small sip, you're intake was beyond the legal limit."

He sighed, "Well, figure out something. You're the expert. Surely there is a way around this, reverse it somehow."

I nodded, "I may know how to reverse it. Don't worry. You try to get some rest, try and relax. You don't want any nightmares, not with Bane in your blood, those are not pleasant, believe me."

I watched as he closed his eyes, soon falling asleep. I kissed his lips, "Sleep well, my love."

I placed my hand on his hair, closing my eyes. "To assure you have good dreams, dreams of your victory of these prophecies, and watching your child grow." I opened my eyes as I stood to my feet, covering him up, walking back into the bathroom to retrieve my jewel.