Frank Diamond came into my office, one day. He had hired me to find out of his wife was cheating on him, and I was giving him the results.

"Hi, Mr. Diamond."

"Hi, Barefoot Jenny. You've got some results."

"Yes. Sit down."

He sat, and I gave him a manilla folder. He looked through it—and was not happy with what he saw.


"Nothing, Frank."

"That's just not right!"

"Yes, it is. I was on the case for a full month, like you instructed me, and I found out nothing. Your wife is not cheating on you."

He shook his head. "Well, I know she is! I'll hire another private eye to find that out. And I refuse to pay you; you didn't produce any results!"

He got up and started to leave.

However, I had a little surprise for him: There's a switch on my desk I can use to lock the front door; I tapped it, locking him in!

He looked at me in shock. I got up and faced him. Then I karate-kicked him in a vulnerable part of his body. My feet can be lethal-even bare!

He fell to the floor. I walked over and kicked his side.

"You've got very definite trust issues!" I said. "You're absolutely convinced that your wife is cheating, and nothing will convince you otherwise! If I were you, I'd be very happy that she's not cheating on me!"

He had no comment on this.

"Get up!"

He slowly and painfully got up.

"You owe me $4000, and I expect it to be paid! If not, I can, and will, make your life very difficult! Perhaps Janet (his wife) would like to know you hired a private eye to check up on her?"

This scared him. "I'll pay."

"Good. I'd like a down payment."

"I only have about $50."

"Give me your credit card."

He wavered, but I walked slowly towards him. So he took it out and gave it to me.

"I'll be nice and charge you $200."

I went to my computer and put the charge through. Then I gave him back his card, along with the invoice.

"I expect another payment next month!"


"And some therapy would do a lot of good for you!"

"Can I go now?"

I tapped the switch again, unlocking the door. He left.

I did get some more money from him., But a few months later, he went to jail—for assaulting his wife!