A Crayzee Bubbles Collection of Teenage Angst (Poems & Mini-Stories)

All Material Originally By: Crayzee Bubbles



This collection contains several possible triggers! This particular chapter contains mentions of:



Suggested Rating: For this chapter, I'm thinking M...just to be safe! Taking into consideration the warnings of this chapter, I recommend an age restriction of 18+ on this content.

Chapter One: "Crimson Tears"

A Mini-Story

I scream and shout, but nothing can block it out. The pain crushes me like a stone wall. It's so hard to breathe. I wanna shut down, become numb. No more feeling. No more thinking. No more caring. I close my eyes and breathe in sharply welcoming the familiar taste of the stale crisp air. Visions of you flash before my eyes. Your beautiful smile. The light in your eyes when you're amused. The taste of your lips on mine. The feel of your hair slipping through my fingers repeatedly. Sitting there talking with you. Each vision adds a new scar on my broken heart. I take the cold blade and slice. Just as you've sliced my heart open. The pain. The confusion. The screams. The tears. They all flow freely mixing together. I think of you holding her, kissing her. You being forever committed to her. As the pain slices deeper, so do I. And with each crimson tear that falls I remember each time you broke my heart.