Once upon a time, or rather further upon a time actually.

On an alternative Earth.

The year is 2111.

In the first week of April.

In the very distant future.

Where, there are no signs of human population.

And where technology had entered a new era of highly advanced aesthetics.

Fabricated, none the less.

The forests had grown a lot environmentally over the years and became a lot greener.

The staple of forests have now become a town called Evergreen Breach; where there are bustling buildings and exotic surroundings.

Located within the center of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We are now shifting to a battle in the mountains.

Where a group of truly courageous children were in the midst of fighting against a mighty and all-powerful demon dragon.

Whose plan is to destroy the entire ecosystem.

During the battle; a leaf creature jumps into the sky to take control of the fight for his friends.

With the help of his trusty Evergreen Sacred Sword; the leaf creature uses his courage and guts to battle the dragon for the fate of the universe.

However, how did this all came to be?

Well, let us go back to the very beginning of the tale and find out.

Our actual story begins in the hidden rainforest of Evergreen Breach.

Deep in the rainforest, a group of peaceful friends were swinging and zipping on an environmentally-enhanced zip-line.

Let us finally introduce them.

This is Nutto the Acorn; eight years old.

He is the youngest of the group.

He is extremely loyal to his friends.

Nutto aspires to be a source of inspiration like his four older friends.

That bubblegum next to Nutto is Jadko Kato; twelve years old.

He is the inventor and mechanist.

Quiet, but, strongly intelligent.

He always wonders if his inventions would be of good use someday.

He is also the oldest of the group.

The person next to Jadko is Ethan Keller; eleven years old.

A bat with an authentic sense of humor.

His mission: to become a top-tier comedian.

Beside Ethan is Allie Raincraft; eleven years old.

She is a high-spirited leaf girl.

She is friendly and polite.

She acts as the peacemaker of the group.

Allie inspires to become a well-known novelist one day.

In addition, the one that is next to Allie is named Leafy Storm; eleven years old.

He is the heart and soul of the group and a leaf creature just like Allie.

He is very fun-loving and adventurous.

He has a very peculiar optimistic outlook on life itself.

Nutto looks up to Leafy as an older brother.

Allie harbors an ultimate crush on Leafy and has deep feelings for him.

Leafy hopes to follow his father, Hariri's footsteps on being the new protector of Evergreen Breach and becoming the next Warrior King.

Leafy has a strong bond with his friends.

A bond that cannot be shattered.

Leafy enjoys life and adventure with his friends.

Together, they are Team Storm; a group who fights collectively as a unit and swore on their very own lives to bring peace back to justice.

And ultimately, give back to their community.

Right now, Leafy and his friends are going to Master Sage's dojo for a visit.

"The last one who reaches to Master Sage's dojo is a slowpoke!" Leafy announced.

Jadko had thought otherwise.

"There's no way that I'm going to be the slowpoke!" Jadko declared.

Allie had agreed with Jadko.

"Yeah, me neither!" Allie insisted.

Ethan began to sharply grin.

"I might be the funniest member of Team Storm. However, I am not taking that chance and this is not a joke!" Ethan guffawed.

Nutto had begun to take Leafy's words as a challenge.

"I might take the chance of being the slowpoke, but, I'm giving myself up for reaching the dojo last, Leafy!" Nutto laughed.

Leafy smiled greatly.

"Well, if you all feel that way, guys. But, let's find out then right now, shall we?" Leafy asked.

Leafy swung on the zip-line a little bit and went zipping past his friends quickly.

Leafy's friends were surprised and shocked that Leafy was good on the zip-line.

However, they are not going to give up just yet.

Nutto gained a little bit of speed.

Allie gained boosted speed and went passed Nutto.

Jadko and Ethan were not far behind.

They also went passed Nutto.

"Ah man! I am reaching to the dojo last which means that I am the slowpoke…again!" Nutto exclaimed.

Nutto almost went into panic mode as he took a breather right away.

"It's okay, Nutto. Keep your cool. You'll be better at it next time." Nutto thought.

Nutto, now in last place as usual was trying to catch up with his friends to the entrance of Master Sage's dojo.

Leafy, Allie, Jadko and Ethan had reached to the entrance to Master Sage's dojo as they got off the zip-line.

"Well, we all made it to the entrance!" Ethan chuckled.

Leafy began to halt Ethan for a second.

"Wait a minute; Eth. Everyone is here at the entrance. Everyone except Nutto." Leafy maintained.

Jadko immediately smacked his forehead.

"Oh cyclones! We just passed him and we should have not left our little buddy behind!" Jadko blurted.

Then, Ethan shakes his head.

"We could never forgive ourselves for this." Ethan admitted.

Allie then approached Leafy.

"Leafy. I also passed Nutto, but, I was going easy on him." Allie confessed.

Allie became worried for Nutto's safety since he was the youngest.

"I hope that he is okay." Allie whispered.

Leafy knew otherwise.

"He has to be okay, Allie. Because, I have faith in him that he would make it." Leafy explained.

Then, Nutto finally reached his friends at the entrance to Master Sage's dojo.

"There's Nutto!" Allie chirped.

Nutto got off the zip-line.

"Hi guys! I'm here now." Nutto reassured.

Nutto chuckled a little bit.

"Nutto! We thought that we lost you!" Jadko blurted, as he hugged Nutto tightly.

Ethan then let out a little breather.

"We're so glad that you're okay!" Ethan chimed.

Nutto deeply smiled.

"It's great to see you guys too." Nutto flustered.

Nutto chuckled a little bit again.

"Now that everybody's here; let's head to the stairs!" Leafy declared.

Jadko gently put Nutto to the ground as Team Storm ran up to the stairs.

Well, in Ethan's case; flew his way.

"I really wished that I could be just like you, Leafy." Nutto mumbled.

Leafy simply just smiled at Nutto.

"Hey, don't worry about it, Nutto. Because, I know that you could be better with your speed if you believed in your heart." Leafy reassured.

Leafy and Nutto smiled at each other.

They have a brother-like relationship.

They are as close as brothers should be.

Team Storm had reached to the top of the dojo.

"Let's go inside. Master Sage is waiting for us." Leafy said.

Leafy and his friends went inside of the dojo.

Once inside of the dojo, Team Storm came across a turtle with a reddish martial arts robe.

"Greetings, my students." Master Sage greeted.

Team Storm was really glad to see their mentor.

"Hello, Master Sage." Team Storm greeted in unison.

Team Storm did an Asian-like hand greeting to their master and bowed down at the same time.

Master Sage gracefully smiled at his students.

"It's great to see you all. How are things?" Master Sage asked.

Leafy and his friends thought of a very easier way to explained of their day.

"Everything's going great, Master!" Nutto replied.

Allie, Jadko and Ethan immediately agreed with Nutto's words.

"Yeah, sensei! It's now been perfect!" Allie expressed.

Allie then let out a sign of relief.

"Totally!" Ethan exclaimed.

Jadko then sheepishly grinned.

"Well, in anyone's case…" Jadko flustered.

Team Storm then shared a laugh with one another.

Leafy then immediately remembered something to tell Master Sage on the double.

"Master. Before we went on the zip-line, there were some very dark clouds around the town and mountains." Leafy explained.

Then, Master Sage could felt a dreaded vibe.

"Oh no. He is back. I can feel it." Master Sage explained.

Leafy and his friends came to their master's side.

"Who's back?" Leafy questioned.

Leafy wanted to know greatly.

"Come on, Master. Tell us." Leafy pleaded.

Master Sage eventually came through for Leafy and his friends.

"Leafy, it's your father's destined foe. His name is Diageo." Master Sage replied.

Team Storm became rather confused.

"Diageo? Who's Diageo?" Leafy questioned.

Master Sage tried to strain himself.

"Please, sit down, my pupils. And, I'll tell you the tale on how the legendary Warrior King's battle with the powerful and ultra-mighty demon dragon started." Master Sage answered.

Leafy and his friends sat down in a very comfortable cushion.

"It all started a few years ago. Long before the next generation of heroic fighters meaning you guys was born…" Master Sage accounted.

Master Sage then proceeded in telling the story.

"Right before Evergreen Breach was a true town; it was actually a really enchanted forest in the netherworld." Master Sage recalled.

The five core members of Team Storm became rather amazed.

"Wow!" Allie beamed.

Nutto's eyes were filled with pure excitement.

"That's so amazing!" Nutto complied.

Master Sage gracefully smiled and simply nodded his head.

"The ones who protected both the enchanted forest and the netherworld were the original members of Team Storm. Your father was a great leader, Leafy. And, I'm sure that you will be too." Master Sage continued.

Leafy gracefully smiled.

"I know. That is why I am willing to become the new protector of Evergreen Breach and follow my dad's footsteps of being the next Warrior King!" Leafy maintained.

Allie began to blush a little bit.

"Oh, Leafy. I really wished that I could tell you about my feelings for you." Allie thought.

Allie is greatly in love with Leafy.

"There were so many strong opponents standing in the way of Leafy's father and his team. The original Team Storm did not give up or give in. Leafy's father was determined to get his ultimate dream realized and eventually, he became the Warrior King." Master Sage resumed.

Leafy became amazed on hearing about his father.

"However, right after when Leafy's father was declared the Warrior King; the demon dragon, Diageo has appeared from the bottom doors of hell." Master Sage emphasized.

Ethan became strangely excited after hearing all of that.

"That's wicked! I mean, not wicked!" Ethan babbled.

Jadko simply glared at Ethan.

Master Sage cleared his throat.

"Leafy's father and his team went to the dark world to battle many others that were associated with supreme evil." Master Sage resumed.

Team Storm's curiosity began to expand itself.

"They must be really hard to beat." Jadko murmured.

Master Sage had nodded his head in agreement.

"However, the hardest of villains was Diageo. The power-hungry demon dragon spared into the skies and destroyed everything in his path." Master Sage explained.

Then, Allie gasped.

"That's horrible!" Allie hollered.

Jadko became frustrated on how much damage Diageo could cause.

"This is total madness! Diageo is ultra-evil!" Jadko shouted.

Ethan agreed with Jadko to a very strong extent.

"You said it, buddy! Took the words out of my mouth!" Ethan remarked.

Leafy became intent on what happened next.

"What happened after Diageo destroyed everything in the enchanted forest and the netherworld? Was there a rift between the two places and the dark world?" Leafy questioned.

Leafy and his friends became rather curious.

Master Sage nodded his head.

"Yes. There was a rift between the two places and the dark world causing the entire universe to fall into total chaos and superior darkness. The original Team Storm challenged Diageo to a deadly supreme battle, in which he accepted." Master Sage replied.

Leafy and his friends began to strongly listen to the rest of the story.

"Diageo started to attack first. He used a powerful destructive wave of fury to wipe out nearly all of the members of the original Team Storm." Master Sage remembered.

Leafy and his friends became rather intrigued with the stories that Master Sage was telling them.

"Leafy's father was the only one who survived that attack. Then, Diageo declared that he and the Warrior King will do battle alone. It was destined for the Warrior King to fight Diageo." Master Sage continued.

Master Sage began to close his eyes a bit.

"It was a fight to the ultimate death! Leafy's father used the legendary Elemental Sacred Sword, in which he owned; to slash some of the demon dragon's life meter with the Gideon ability!" Master Sage recalled.

Leafy and his friends became rather relieved.

"It paid off for a little bit. Diageo got the upper hand on the Warrior King. That evil demon dragon pulled an onslaught as a sneak attack against the Warrior King, which as a result, nearly cost him his life." Master Sage recounted.

Leafy's eyes became rather puzzled afterwards.

"So, what happened to my father after that?" Leafy asked.

Master Sage brought out a slight frown.

"His status was unknown. He could be dead or alive at this point. However, I am one hundred percent certain that he is still alive. It might be one of the reasons that the Warrior King gave his Evergreen Sacred Sword to you, his son." Master Sage finished.

Allie, Jadko, Ethan and Nutto became rather impressed by the passage from father to son.

"That's amazing on how the legendary Warrior King passed down his Evergreen Sacred Sword to Leafy!" Nutto beamed.

Then, Leafy stood up from the soft, majestic purple cushion.

"Leafy? What's wrong?" Nutto asked.

Leafy became rather quiet.

"Sorry, guys. I-I'm going to step out for a while." Leafy mumbled.

Leafy stepped out of the dojo for a while, not knowing what to do now.

This completely worried Leafy's friends and master.

"Leafy." Allie thought.

While trying to think about what he is going to do with his dream; Leafy played a little soft tune on his grass whistle.

Then, Leafy was starting to wonder why his father gave him the Evergreen Sacred Sword.

Leafy himself was a bit conflicted about the whole ordeal.

"I don't really understand. Why would Dad give me his Evergreen Sacred Sword?" Leafy quavered.

Then, Leafy looked up onto the clear sky.

"I think that it started when I was still little…" Leafy thought.

Leafy started to reminisce about his early childhood shortly after Leafy's father was declared the Warrior King and when he was still seven years old.

In a beautiful and extraordinary tree house; Young Leafy was practicing his fighting skills with a battle staff.

Then, Young Leafy heard a very wet and plucky sound.

"Dad's home!" Young Leafy shouted.

Young Leafy went to a super interesting rail-o-bucket and headed down to the ground.

Once he reached down to the ground; Young Leafy saw a brave, strong-willing and brash adult leaf creature.

This was Hariri Storm, the Warrior King and Leafy's devoted father.

"Dad! You're home!" Young Leafy exclaimed.

Young Leafy then proceeded in hugging his father.

"Hey, Leafy! How's my totally awesome son doing?" Hariri questioned.

Young Leafy simply just grinned.

"Great! I've been practicing my fighting skills just like you told me to!" Young Leafy replied.

Hariri then patted on his son's head.

"That's great to hear, Leafy. Check out on what we are having for dinner tonight." Hariri explained.

Young Leafy was wildly surprised upon seeing the large fish.

"Whoa. That's one heck of a fish." Young Leafy gushed.

Hariri just grinned.

"I used my fishing rod to catch this giant fish. Then, I used my Evergreen Sacred Sword to slice up a huge totem suitable for the giant fish." Hariri explained.

Young Leafy's admiration for his father grew even further.

"One day, I will follow your footsteps to be the new protector of the town and become the next Warrior King, Dad!" Young Leafy admired, burning up with inspiration.

Hariri gracefully smiled regardless.

"And soon, I'm passing down my legendary sword to you, Leafy." Hariri contended.

Hariri then thought of something to spice up the atmosphere.

"Give me your battle staff and try your fighting skills on the sword." Hariri continued.

Young Leafy was confused but agreed to his father's contexture.

"Okay!" Young Leafy chirped.

Therefore, the two swapped items.

"I'm really impressed by the style of this sword." Young Leafy marveled.

Then, the Evergreen Sacred Sword started to move around with Leafy holding it.

"Whoa! It's like this thing has a mind of its own!" Young Leafy expressed.

Then, the Evergreen Sacred Sword made Young Leafy do some awesome and cool moves that impressed him.

"And check it! My battle skills have gotten stronger with the sword!" Young Leafy beamed.

Then, the Evergreen Sacred Sword was starting to move around again.

"Again?" You're so feisty for a mighty sword!" Young Leafy chirped.

The Evergreen Sacred Sword made Young Leafy slash a big tree into pieces.

Young Leafy was like a master swordsman.

"Hey, not bad at all! Maybe, it could be your destiny of wielding the Evergreen Sacred Sword, son!" Hariri applauded, clapping for his son.

Young Leafy stopped for a moment.

Young Leafy was puzzled.

Leafy snapped out of his daydream.

That one word has been stuck to him for a very long time.

"I didn't really quite get it when Dad said that it was my destiny to wield his legendary sword in my hands. However, I do know this! Whether if Dad is dead or alive, it is my duty to protect Evergreen Breach no matter what it takes. And I will keep my father's legacy and spirit going with the Evergreen Sacred Sword!" Leafy thought.

Leafy began to stand up with burning courage.

"And that will be my destiny." Leafy decided.

Then, Leafy heard something from within the dojo.

"Leafy! Help!" Leafy's friends cried from inside of the dojo.

Leafy heard the sound of his friends calling out to him.

"My friends! They're in trouble!" Leafy exclaimed.

Leafy raced back inside of the dojo.

"Hang on, guys! I'm coming!" Leafy announced.

Then, Leafy's chi level was starting to go down a little bit.

Leafy slightly gritted his teeth.

"My chi level! It is starting to go down! I cannot worry about that now! My friends need my help!" Leafy thought.

Leafy began to move ahead as he found his friends and sensei.

"Guys! Are you okay?" Leafy questioned.

Leafy began to notice the mysterious swam of darkness.

"Well, Leafy, to define 'okay' in a situation like this. Then, no! We are not okay!" Ethan hissed.

The shadow creatures began to gang up on Allie, Jadko, Ethan and Nutto.

"Back away! Back away!" Ethan ordered.

Master Sage then approached Leafy.

"Master Sage, what are those things?" Leafy asked.

Master Sage grabbed onto his staff.

"They're shadow beings. Vicious creatures that go into the body of the person. They take control of the inner spirit and destroy their heart forever." Master Sage replied.

Leafy became strongly determined.

"Don't worry. I'll do whatever I can to stop them, sensei." Leafy declared.

Leafy gripped tightly onto the Evergreen Sacred Sword.

"Time to show them on how good you are, Evergreen Sacred Sword!" Leafy thought.

The Evergreen Sacred Sword was lighting up as Leafy ran towards a shadow being.

Leafy slashed the shadow being's evil heart and destroyed it.

Nutto then picked up a wrench from nearby in the ground.

"Take this, shadow being guy!" Nutto challenged.

Nutto tossed the wrench at a shadow being and the wrench had hit Nutto by his acorn head.

"Ouch! That hurts!" Nutto remarked.

Ethan circled two shadow beings, eyeing them as his targets.

Ethan began screeched rather loudly at the two shadow beings.

Jadko used his Bo staff to attack a shadow being.

"Nice one, buddy!" Ethan shouted.

Jadko began to slightly blush a bit.

"Right back at you, Ethan!" Jadko yelled.

Jadko and Ethan did a high-five to celebrate their victory.

"Leave Allie alone, demon freaks!" Leafy shouted.

That's where Leafy's sense of strong justice came kicking in.

Leafy used the Evergreen Sacred Sword's melee structure ability to slash two shadow beings.

"Oh, Leafy! I just knew that you would come back! Thank you for coming to my rescue!" Allie gushed, blushing like crazy.

Leafy began to slightly blush a bit.

"Um…no problem, Allie." Leafy consoled.

Five shadow beings circles around Master Sage.

Master Sage then used the ancient art of powerful willpower to strike at the shadow beings.

However, one of the shadow beings reflected the move back at Master Sage.

Master Sage was hit down hard to the ground.

"Master Sage!" Allie yelled.

Allie, Jadko, Ethan and Nutto ran to their turtle master.

"Are you alright, Master?" Nutto asked.

Master Sage once again strained himself.

"I'm not sure. However, I feel an ancient evil within the dojo." Master Sage replied.

Allie, Jadko, Ethan and Nutto became rather confused in an instant heartbeat.