Collect this, gather that

Add another drop to your never-ending ocean

Drown and die in it at the end

At least it is useful that way

Come, tired bones

Let us gather together and hold these infinite universes

On our broken joints

For one more puppet string performance.

Immortal words in fading ink

Are our only legacies.

Consume, ravenous beast

And vomit it back

The world revels in the disgust.

Who will add you name to the greats,

The greats you wish secretly to join?

The anonymity you shroud yourself in

Is not of your making

You crave the limelight

Not the turbulent backstage

There is a name for your way of life,


The world is a constant stream of unfiltered noises

That you borrow drops from

And add to your own storm.

Coward, wait

Sulk in the side lines

Curse everything that light graces

Still crave for that glow anyway.

Always tears and no sweat drops

Make your road muddy

So you slip, fall and roil in your lack of effort

But wear the dirt as a disguise,

A pretence of your labour.

The racket will not dull

When you fall asleep

So gather your ocean of excuses

And bury yourself in its womb

Will it be a rebirth or a miscarriage?