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The couple walked out of the closet. Hotaru can still feel that his face is warm, almost hot.

"Holy shit!" Shunsuke was the first to comment.

"What happened in there?!" Kenji asked, with an excited tone. "You two look absolutely fucked!"

"We almost did." The redhead answered jokingly. His usual confidence still in him. Then, he looked down towards Hotaru. "We had fun, didn't we?" He wrapped his arms around the shorter man's shoulders, almost like a friend than a... makeout partner, for lack of a better term. Still in shock, Hotaru simply nodded.

"You actually made out in there?" Shunsuke asked, with a low voice as the blonde sat back down on his spot.

Hotaru nodded again.

"Was it... Uh, good?"

Again, Hotaru just nodded.

"Uh... Good good? Or just... good?"

"Good good." Hotaru answered simply.

"Ah, I thought so." said the paler boy. "You two came out looking like you just had a 100 kilometers marathon-"

"I need a drink." The blonde suddenly stood up. "Eh?" Shunsuke replied, a bit surprised. "Sure, buddy. But, uh- you look a bit shaky, are you okay?"

"EXCUSE ME." Hotaru power walked himself out of the bedroom, leaving everyone staring at the slammed door.

"Hiro." Kenji faced towards his tall friend. "What the fuck did you do to the poor kid?"

Hotaru walked past every person he bumped into downstairs, his mind has only one thing stuck in it.

Hiroshi, Hiroshi and Hiroshi.

Well, those and a few other things, such as Hiroshi's lips, eyes, hair...

"Ugh!" The blonde shook his head, "I really need to freshen myself-Oof!"

And again, he bumped into someone, this time the impact was pretty hard, to the point where the smaller person in front of him stumbled.

"Hey, watch where ya goin', ya big-" The person scolded before stopping herself. "Hotaru!"

"Marie?" Hotaru responded. "I-I'm sorry, I was in a rush."

"Awwwh, it's... okay!" The brunette girl stuttered, before giggling to herself. "Why're you in such a rush? The partay's just startin'!" She shouted, hugging her tall friend.

"M-Marie, are you okay? Why are you acting weird?"

"Ahcting weird? Nnnooo way! Wha da hell are ya talkin' about?" She stumbled over, almost falling.

"M-Marie, are you drunk?" Hotaru held onto te brunette. "W-We're only 18! We're not supposed to drink yet!"

"Awwww eighteen-smeichzteen! Who carez? Hehehe!" Marie slapped Hotaru's back. "I mean, yer drunk yerself aren't cha?" She pointed her index fingers towards Hotaru's face. "Yer face's all red!"

"E-Eh?!" The blonde's already cherry-tinted cheeks became redder, he brought up his hands to cover his round cheeks. "Th-This... No! I-I wasn't drinking!"

"No?" Marie tilted her head. "Oooh! I geddit! You had some fun time with someone didn't cha?"

"M-Marie!" Hotaru was so flustered all he could do in response was shout his friend's name.

"You toootally did~!" Marie giggled to herself, "Hehehehe... he...he..." Slowly, her laughter disintegrates, her smile slowly faded into a frown.

"Oh, god..." She grunted, looking down.

"What's wrong?" The blonde leaned closer to his friend, holding her shoulders.

"Fuuuuck..." Marie didn't answer to Hotaru, but instead, kept groaning. "I think I'm gonna puke...!"

"P-Puke?!" The blonde repeated, with full worry and panic in his voice. "Oh gosh, Marie. Hold on, let's go find a restroom!"

"Nope. No. Not gonna work. I can feel it already. It's coming up." The girl refused to move despite Hotaru's efforts of trying to pull her.

"Y-You can't puke here! Sheesh, this is what you get for drinking recklessly!"

"I can't move- I'm- fuck- I need-." Marie squatted, hugging her own body, trying to hold back her nausea. Hotaru lowered himself and helped Marie get back up.

"M-Marie, we have to get you to a restroom!"

"Yo, Hotaru! There you are!" Shunsuke's voice suddenly called out from across the room, "Tomato-head told us you were absolutely wilin' up there. Did you-"

Just as Hotaru is about to look up to the source of the voice, he heard a belch coming from beside him.


He looks down, a gunk of liquid on the floor, some on his shoes.

He's too late.

Marie had unleashed the bomb from inside her guts.

"I'm so sorry~!"

Marie bowed a perfect 90-degrees angle in front of the blonde.

"M-Marie, you already texted an apology for god-knows how many times over the weekend..." Hotaru giggled.

"I know." Marie pulled herself back together. "... And I'm gonna do it again but in real life now!"

"M-Marie~!" Hotaru whined, pouting his lips. "It's alright!" He holds the smaller girl's shoulder, prompting her to stand back up.

"I caused you a lot of trouble-" Marie said, regretful.

"I know. It's okay." Hotaru nodded.

"I acted like a loud idiot, embarrassing you in front of everyone-"

"I know. It's okay."

"I even puked all over the floor, and it got on your shoes!"

"I know!"

The blonde's eyes widened when he heard a second voice, backing up his own. He turned around, "It was sick! Hah, get it? Cause you were feeling... sick?" The familiar voice, who turned out to be Shunsuke continued.

Marie and Hotaru stood silent, not sure how to respond.

"Yeah, uh- It was a sight." Shunsuke looked down awkwardly.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" Marie replied, squinting her eyes.

"Yeah." Shunsuke looked away, then back to the brunette. "Class."

"Eh?" Hotaru tilted his head. "Class doesn't start until 10, though?"

"Right. Uh, I have to talk to you, Hotaru." Shunsuke replied, his voice a bit hesitant.


"I..." Shunsuke inhaled slowly. "Droppedjapaneseliteratureclass!" he shouted out the words so fast that it almost sounded like a noise than a sentence.

"W-What?!" The blonde raised his voice, it ringing through the peaceful hallways.

"Yeah, uh- ha-"

"How could you?! You're my only friend in that class!" Hotaru complained, repeatedly hitting his friend on the shoulders.

"I applied for another class!" Shunsuke explained, defending himself from his tall friend's attacks. "Besides, you have your tampon-top-Umph!"

A hand was placed on the pale boy's lips before he can finish his sentence.

"Shun...!" Hotaru's face was beet red.

"T-Tampon? Did he just say tampon?" Marie popped herself in between the two boys, listening to their conversation.

"I-It's nothing! Shun! You have to go to your class!" Hotaru quickly changed the subject.

"What?" Shunsuke said as the blonde let go of his hand, "Not gonna complain about my future absence anymore?"

"Go!" Hotaru pushed Shunsuke away.


That's how Hotaru feels.

His only friend, his only companion, left him in the dust for...

Advanced musical graphics class.

'What even is that?! I mean... sure, it sounds interesting... But this class is more important!'

Hotaru ranted on and on internally. Without realizing that there is a figure standing next to his seat.

"Hey, uh. You okay?"

That voice... That deep voice. Hotaru looked up to the person standing over him.

"You look like you're going to snap your pen in half." Said the tall figure, or as he's better known as, Hiroshi.

"H-Huh? Uh- I-I'm- Hah!" Hotaru struggled to respond, but what came out instead was a jumble of noises.

"Hey, mind if I sit next to you?" The senior asked.

"H-Heh?! Um- S-Sure!" Hotaru nodded, a bit too hard, that he ended up feeling slightly dizzy.

The redhead moved into the seat rows, sitting himself next to Hotaru.


"Seriously." The older student interrupted Hotaru. "Drop the 'senpai'. Just call me by name."

"Um, s-sorry." Hotaru apologized. "Hiroshi-san..."

"Yes, Hotaru?" The redhead replied with a teasing smile on his lips.

'Ah! He remembered my name!' Hotaru's heart skipped a beat when his named is mentioned with that voice he loves so much.

"U-Uh... You're in photography, right?"

"Yep. I'm on my 7th semester right now."

Wow, Hotaru thought. 'He's way ahead...!'

"That means you're going to graduate soon! Ah, I hope everything goes well for you!" The blonde said, a genuine smile on his face.

The redhead chuckled at the younger man's wishes. "Grazie, Hotaru. I appreciate it."

'There he goes again, saying foreign things.'

Hotaru had no idea what that meant. Out of confusion, the blonde tilted his head.

"G-Grass?" He repeated Hiroshi's words.

"Haha. That means 'thanks." Hiroshi let out a small laughter, amused by his underclassman's actions.

'Eh? In what language?' The blonde wondered.

"Are you foreign, Hiroshi-san?" Hotaru asked, as he grabbed his stationary from his cute backpack, getting himself ready for today's lesson.

"Sorta." The redhead leaned back, he put his arms up, letting his head rest on his palms. "I'm half-half."

"H-Half Japanese?!" Hotaru's blue eyes shone in amazement. "What about the other half?"

"Italian." Hiroshi answered simply. "Mom's side."

'Wow!' The blonde almost said out loud. This man is a romance-drama male interest turned to reality.

"Have you been to Italy?"

"Yeah. When I visit my mom's side of the family."

'So, he probably goes there often...' Hotaru commented in his head.

Just as the blonde was about to ask something else, a group of people walked into the class. Hotaru found them familiar. Of course! This was the group of girls Hiroshi was sitting with the first time they met! Which makes Hotaru wonder... why isn't he sitting with them this time? They're obviously his friends.

"H-Hiroshi-san..." Hotaru called, with a lower voice.


"U-Um, those girls are your friends, right?" The blonde timidly gestured towards the group of women.

The redhead glanced, then looked back at Hotaru. "Yeah, I guess." He shrugged.

'Y-You guess?' That's a weird answer. What does he men he 'guesses'?

"You sat with them in the previous class... Why are you sitting with me now?"

Hearing the question, Hiroshi smirked. "Sheesh, Hotaru. If you don't wanna sit with me, you just had to say it." He said, pretending to be offended. But innocent Hotaru didn't seem to catch on.

"H-Huh?! N-No, that's not it at all~!" The blonde panicked. "I-I'm just asking-!"

The redhead held back from laughing. He's too naive, too cute.

"Nah, I'm just screwin' with you." Hiroshi let out a chuckle. The blonde's mouth stayed open for a second after realizing his senior was messing with him.

"S-Sheesh~!" The blonde pouted, making his cheeks slightly puff up.

Hiroshi had the sudden rush of urge to grab and squeeze the younger man's cheeks. But held back.

"Ah, well, they are my friends... somewhat." The redhead explained, sweeping away his bangs which are growing a bit too long, almost covering his sight. "The thing is, when I sit with them, I can't really concentrate on the lecture."

'Ah.' Hotaru commented internally. 'That's right! They're so noisy! Even I couldn't concentrate and listen to the lecture!'

"I mean, how could I concentrate..." The redhead glanced away for a second, then glanced back to Hotaru. "... when such cute babes are around me?"


The blonde almost raised his voice.

"H-Hiroshi-san! Seriously!" The younger man said with an annoyed tone.

"Hahaha!" Hiroshi let out a few laughs. "Sto scherzando! I'm joking!" He raised his palms in an apologetic manner. "Well, sorta."

Hotaru looked up to Hiroshi when the redhead began sounding serious again.

"I really can't pay attention when I'm with them. We always end up goofing around. So I thought what I need is a change of pace... Or seatmate, if you will." He winked at Hotaru.

Seems fair, Hotaru thought. But, he still can't help feeling awkward. The blonde still very much has a strong crush on the redhead. And considering what they did inside that closet, Hotaru felt even more hot and bothered sitting next to Hiroshi.

"Um... but why sit next to me...?" Hotaru decide to ask, his tone timid and shaky. "I-I mean, wouldn't it be better to sit next to someone you don't talk to at all? You surely wouldn't get distracted then..."

"Hm? Cause I wanna sit next to you?" The redhead answered, short and simple.

"W-Well, I mean... we did do something... at that party. I-Isn't it kind of..." The blonde's blue gaze goes upwards, looking for words. "Um... Weird?" he finished his sentence.


"There's nothing weird at all, though?" Hiroshi replied. "If anything, wouldn't it be more awkward if we didn't talk after doing something as sensual as that?"

'Ah... I guess he's right.' Hotaru unconsciously touches his lips, which Hiroshi noticed, but decide to not comment.

"Besides, if I sit next to some random student, I'm sure those girls up there wouldn't stop bugging me later. They'll notice I was avoiding them." The redhead explained.

"And sitting next to me means they won't ask about it later?"

"I'm sure they will." Hiroshi replied. "But I'll just tell 'em I met you at the inauguration. They'll get it."

Hotaru wonders how Hiroshi can just brush his friends off like that. The blonde could never do that. Not to Marie or Shunsuke.

Sure, Shunsuke ditched this class for another class, leaving Hotaru all alone. But, the pale boy only did it because he was interested in the other class, and hated this class. Not because he was avoiding Hotaru.

At least, that's what Shunsuke had told him, and Hotaru is pretty sure Shunsuke is telling the truth. Shunsuke is freaky, sure, but he's not malicious.

Besides, he's pretty sure if Shunsuke hadn't moved classes, Hotaru wouldn't be sitting next to his crush like this, so that's a plus.

'Thank you, Shun~!' Hotaru cheered internally.

"W-Well, Hiroshi-san. If sitting next to me means you can concentrate and pass this class properly, then by all means, please do." The blonde said, trying to sound as indifferent and casual as he could.

Of course, the older man noticed the hint of excitement in the blonde's voice. And again, he noted on how cute Hotaru is acting, but decide to just keep it to himself.

Not long after their conversation, the lecturer came in and class started.

Unfortunately, though, things didn't go as smooth as Hotaru had thought. He figured he would be able to concentrate more now that there's no giggles coming from behind...

... Instead, he found himself repeatedly stealing glances to the person sitting beside him. He can't help but to appreciate every sight of Hiroshi he could steal.

His perfect profile, his masculine jawlines, that dark chocolate-like skin, and of course, his shining, scarlet eyes.

The blonde sighs.

Hotaru can say goodbye to focusing on this class for good.