Thank you for sending me the stickers for Christmas a few years ago. That January I started the great sticker movement of my class. Everyone came in wearing stickers and sticking them on each other for fun because stickers aren't against the uniform and they're fun!

Thank you for the sketch books. I'm making money off of my art now and people think that I'm good at it. You had a hand in that by giving be those little presents. I don't know how you'd know I'd like them but you did.

Thank you for the pens. Orange pens because they're my favorite color and green pens because they're yours. I carry a green pen around with me to use when there are no pens around and I need to write something down. You have no idea how handy that's come in and how many times its saved me in class.

Thank you for the composition book. It's also orange because orange. I scribbled down my ideas for my very first stories in there and now I'm actually published.

Thank you for giving me your little white Bible. The personalness of this gift touched me.

Thank you for always calling me. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for caring about me.

Thank you for offering to be my pen pal the last time we talked. I was really looking forward to getting to send you letters and receiving them from you. I took two weeks to write you this one. I'm so sorry that it's too late to send it to you.

Thank you and love you. Rest in peace.