This series will be a collection of various short [true] stories and experiences that I've heard from people (whether you believe it or not is up to you), a collection of short one-minute horror tales that are popular among Eastern forums (originated from Japan) that are known to be "puzzle-y," meaning that sometimes it takes a moment to understand what the story's trying to say/hard to get (thus they're often jokingly described as horror tales for people with high IQ, and usually comes with an "answer."), as well as various urban legends that are more so shared in Eastern culture.

With that said, these stories are not original by me. I am only here to share, mostly only doing the job of translating it into English since they're usually only spread in Chinese/Japanese forums and sites, rarely exposed to the west, and I absolutely love them so I want to share them with you all. The only thing I may do is modify the "true experiences" i heard to be a little more fictional or have a little more impact. With each chapter, I'll label where the story comes from, or whether or not it is a true story.

Thus, this series will mainly focus on three categories:

- One-minute, high IQ horror tales. (Directly translated, it's meant to be mini horror puzzles, or stories that are not meant to be understand directly, and takes some time to think.)

- True experiences, or based on a true story (may be slightly modified.)

- Urban legends (also related to true experiences)

My ultimate goal is actually to draw them into a Webtoon, but for now I'll just retell the tales in English for you all to be exposed to. I have just been really eager and wanting to share them for a long time.

About credits:

Most of these stories and legends and experiences are already too widely spread across the internet in the Eastern sphere for me to sharply identify the original source and writer. By this time, it's just like a popular common ghost story that people know and share around, so "who created this story?" has long been a question unasked and forgotten. In fact, it may be too ancient by then too. However, I will provide a link to where I find these sources. It can be from forums, blog posts, even talk shows. Mind you all my sources won't be in English. If I can find the original source and writer, I will credit him/her directly.

Once again, I have no rights to the original stories. If I happen to start writing an original one myself, I'll say so.

I am here merely as a translator of the stories, experiences, and legends I've heard.

This collection will focus more on the Eastern (Chinese/Japanese) side of horror. Thus, the definition of "horror" may be slightly different as well (just like how western horror films are kind of different from eastern horror films.) For some chapters, it may take a basic knowledge of Chinese/Japanese religion to understand. If so, I'll address it properly.

For one minute high IQ horror stories, I will also provide the "answer" to the stories if it's hard to understand what it means. Keep in mind that the answers are not given by the "original writer," since who knows what and where they are. They are answers given by people in forums, or what they guessed to be the answer, so it's not confirmed to be right.

With that said, I will just shut up now. People have different ways of viewing these stories, a lot find it silly, some find it creepy still. Obviously, not everyone believe in ghosts, so the "true tales" might just be another fictional tale for some people. Either way, I just want you guys to enjoy what I am here to offer.

And to be clear that I do not create these stories so I do not own the original rights to them.

Have fun and read on now! I'm sorry for all these talk.