The Puppet Kid

Hi, my name is Max Arnold and I have always wanted to be in a talent show. My school is holding one this month on October 30th but I don't know what I should do for the show. I decided I should take a walk into the forest in my backyard to see if I can get an idea because walking always helps me think. But I just couldn't come up with anything so I decided to go back home. When I turned around to go home I noticed a little box right next to a tree. I walked over to it and opened it up. Inside was a puppet dressed up in a red suit with black pants. The puppet also had a piece of wood connected with strings that went to the puppets hands, feet, head and mouth. The puppet was grinning at me like it had tricked me in chess and I am a good chess player. Instantly I said "I could use this for the talent show." so I took the puppet home and started working on my act. I practiced and practiced and before I knew it I became a ventriloquist. But everytime I practiced I swear the puppets smile would change shape but I just thought I was seeing things. After a few days it was finally October 30th the day of the talent show. Before I went to the talent I did a rehearsal in front of my stuffed animals when my mom came into my room and looked at the puppet funny she didn't like my puppet a lot she thought it was a bad influence.

"Honey and you sure you want to do this especially with that thing?" She asked,

"Yes I do I have always wanted to do this." I replied.

"Well if you insist." "Oh, and I got you a suit for the show." She said.

"Really well show me it," I said and she pulled out a red suit and black pants. My mouth dropped it was the same suit the puppet was wearing.

"Hey, this suit looks just like the one your puppet is wearing what a coincidence," she said. I was amazed that she found the same suit and pants but I thought it was cool because me and the puppet will be wearing the same thing. When it was time to get to the talent show my mom drove me to the show and we walked into the school. When I went into the back of the stage I saw a lot of kids with different acts they had instruments, magic kits and so much more. A man came into backstage and said the order of the kids of who will go and I was first.

Than the Man went out onto stage and said this to the audience "Welcome to our October talent show my name is Mr. Ronald and I will be your host for today's talent show. Our first contestant is Max Arnold!" Everyone clapped for me as I went onto stage with my puppet. As I was about say "hello everyone" the puppets string broke off and my heart skipped a beat. As the puppet hit the ground everyone started laughing and I could see my mother with a very disappointing look on her face. I instantly ran off the stage crying with my puppet and ran through the doors of the school into the woods. I was mad I was yelling my head off saying "WHY!" and "HOW!". I was so angry that I ran farther and farther into the woods I was basically running away from home. When I finally stopped to catch my breath I said to myself this "I'm never showing my face to my family or friends again." Than I threw the puppet on the ground "Why did this happen why did your strings break they were just fine I checked!" Than the puppet stood up and opened his mouth and said "What makes you think it was the strings that were bad." it said. I was shocked and scared I couldn't move. Than all of a sudden the puppet grew and grew to my exact height than its body morphed into my body. The puppet had turned into me. Than I started to shrink smaller and smaller than my body turned to wood. The puppet that looks like me picked me up and carried me to a box that was by a tree. He opened the box up and put me inside than he said this "Don't worry you will have your second chance in life." than he closed the box. I don't know how long I was in there but being in that box allowed me to think about what I did wrong. I shouldn't have run away because I failed because my mom would still love me and my friends will still care about me. But I also learned how to get my second chance I just had wait. All of a sudden the box opened and a boy was staring down at me. "Huh guess I didn't need to wait long at all" I said in my wooden head with no brain. He picked me up looked at me and said "Hey, I could use this for the talent show it must be my lucky day." Well he got that wrong, it was my lucky day I better get to know his parents because they will be mine soon.