The Start Of A Long Journey

On a cold and snowy night, a man, his wife, and their three children watched on as their castle home burned to the ground.

"No, nyt ei ole paluuta takaisin," the man said in Finnish, one of the family's native languages. "oh, well, there's no turning back now."

"Non preoccuparti, Aatami, il tuo portale per il regno di Enchancilor è proprio dietro questa curva," his wife, Rosa Jarvi said in her native language of Italian, carrying the Jarvi family's 4-year-old only son but youngest child, Eeli upon her back. "don't worry, Aatami, your portal to the Kingdom of Enchancilor is just around this bend. "

The Kingdom of Enchancilor was the Aisan kingdom that the royal Yukimura family ruled, it was a place of safety for those on the run from the wicked and always power hungry warlock, Mephistopheles and his followers.

"It's over, Aatami," a female follower of Mephistopheles named Ayah called out. "you will surrender your Galantry Staff and Galantry Crystal to us or there will be nothing more of the last remaining members of the noble Jarvi family!"

"Ayah's catching up to us!" 8-year-old Annika and 6-year-old Ester called out, both girls were terrified.

"Quick, Rosa," Aatami ordered. "take the children and jump through the portal to Enchancilor!"

"No, Aatami! I'll stand by your side to fight!" Rosa said courageously.

"Don't argue with me! Just go, now!" Aatami said to Rosa.

"Yes, Aatami," Rosa said. "come along, children."

Rosa set Eeli on the ground and the boy grasped firmly onto Ester's right hand with his left hand.

"Isä! Daddy!" Eeli called.

"We have to run, Eeli!" Annika reminded.

"That's right, Father will be okay! I hope." Ester said.

The three Jarvi children raced after their mother.

The rest of the Jarvi family found the portal that Aatami made and jumped right through it.

In the royal castle of the Kingdom of Enchancilor, it was the Yukimura twins, Hikari and Hikaru's eighth birthday.

Queen Aoi took her Amulet of Enchancilor off and placed it around her daughter's neck.

"This amulet has been in the family and has been passed down from oldest daughter to oldest daughter for generations," Aoi explained to Hikari. "it protects the wearer from dark magic."

"Oh! Mama! I love this," Hikari exclaimed, smiling at the sapphire blue jewel of the amulet. "I will never take it off!"

"But Kari wants to train alongside me as a knight, she doesn't want to rule the kingdom!" Hikaru protested.

"Rules are rules are rules, Karu! Kari was the first born, so it is only fitting that she is the rightful heir!" King Sora said.

"Yes, Father." the young prince sighed.

"Don't worry, Karu," Aoi said. "Father and I also have a special gift for you."

"You do," Hikaru asked. "what is it?"

The King of Enchancilor handed a bejeweled sheath with a gold handled sword within it.

"This is the Sword of Light," Sora said to Hikaru. "its powers are equal to that of the powers of your sister's amulet, since I am the oldest of two boys, I inherited the sword from my father, while your mother before Hikari inherited the Amulet of Enchancilor from my mother."

"I see." Hikaru said.

Back with the Jarvi family, Rosa, Eeli, Annika, and Ester arrived in Enchancilor by means of the portal made by Aatami.

"It's all right, Eeli," Rosa said gently. "Daddy will be along soon."

"I hope you're right, Mommy, I really do." Eeli sighed.

"Don't worry Eeli, the portals that Father's Scepter of Galantry made have barriers attached to them, that should keep Mephistopheles and his followers out." Annika said.

"Now, we must find King Sora's castle, I think it'll be a good idea to talk with him about our situation." Rosa said.

"Good idea, Mother." Ester said.

A little while later at Enchancilor castle, it was bedtime for the royal twins.

Aoi was in her daughter's bedroom.

"But, Mother," Hikari said. "I don't want to be queen."

"Now, Dear Kari," Aoi said gently. "don't worry about it anymore tonight."

"But..." Hikari said.

"Get some sleep, Kari," Aoi advised. "I'm going to go tuck your brother in when I go into his bedroom."

"Okay, Mother." Hikari said, falling asleep.

The next morning in the throne room, Sora, Aoi, Hikari, and Hikaru were sitting in their thrones as their castle stewardess, Lovisa Ryland entered the room.

"Your majesties," Lovisa announced. "Countess Rosa Jarvi of Galantry and her children are here to seek an audience with you."

"Send them in." Sora said to Lovisa.

"Yes, my king." Lovisa said to Sora.

Lovisa bowed slightly and left the throne room.

The Jarvi family entered the throne room.

"What may I do for you, Rosa?" Sora asked.

"If you please, King Sora," Rosa requested. "I would like to use your looking glass portal to communicate with Aatami to see how he's doing as well as to find out where he is."

"It shall be done," Sora said. "what else do you require?"

"We require," Annika said before Rosa even got the chance to speak. "that my little brother should have a shot at safety."

"Agreed, Eeli is far too young to travel as far as where our maternal grandparents live in the Kingdom of Marizza." Ester added.

Rosa's side of the family was Italian descended.

"I see," Sora said. "does he have any special skills?"

"I can perform, your majesty." Eeli answered the king.

"Proceed." the king commanded.

Eeli cleared his throat and he began to sing.

Eeli: Nimeni on;

Nimeni on;

Eeli Ari Jarvi;

Se on minun nimeni;

Se on minun nimeni;

Kuka voi olla?

"That's a nice song," Aoi said to Eeli. "do you think you can sing it in English this time?"

Eeli cleared his throat and began to sing his song again.

Eeli: My name is;

My name is;

Eeli Ari Jarvi;

That's my name;

That's my name;

Who might you be?

Hikari rose from her throne, walked up to Eeli and sang back to him in Japanese.

Hikari: Watashinonamaeha;


Yukimura Hikari;

Sore wa watashi no namaedesu;

Sore wa watashi no namaedesu;

Watashi to tomodachi ni narimasen ka?

"What did she sing back to you, Eeli?" Ester asked out of curiosity.

Hikari cleared her throat and began to sing in English this time.

Hikari: My name is;

My name is;

Hikari Yukimura;

That's my name;

That's my name;

Would you be friends with me?

"I would love to be friends with you!" Eeli said to Hikari.

"I think we have ourselves a new court jester!" Sora exclaimed.

Suddenly, a tall platinium blond haired man entered the throne room.

"Did I hear right," the man asked. "did I hear that my one and only son was going to be the new court jester of the royal family?"

Annika, Ester, and Eeli recognized the man at once.

"Father!" Annika and Ester called out.

"Daddy!" Eeli exclaimed.

Annika, Ester, and Eeli all raced over and hugged their father.

"Oh, Aatami Darling," Rosa exclaimed. "I am so very glad that you are safe!"

Eeli, Annika, and Ester let go of their father.

"I am safe," Aatami said to Rosa sincerely. "but you, Annika, Ester, and I are not out of the woods just yet."

"You are all welcome to stay with us as well, Count Aatami Jarvi of Galantry."

"Thank you, my king, but Rosa, Annika, Ester, and I have a long way to go to my mother-in-law and father-in-law's castle in the Kingdom of Marizza." Aatami said to Sora honestly.

"We understand completely." Aoi said to Aatami.

"Thank you, Queen Aoi." Aatami said.

Just then, Ayah appeared in the castle throne room.

"So, this is the royal castle of the Kingdom of Enchancilor! Excellent! It'll be perfect for Master Mephistopheles!" Ayah exclaimed.