Journey to Marizza

With the rest of the Jarvi family, Rosa, Aatami, Annika, and Ester were continuing their journey to the Kingdom of Marizza where Rosa's parents lived.

Aatami still had his Galantry Staff and Galantry Crystal with him, not a very sensible move on his part.

"Aatami, I thought it wise to leave your staff and crystal in Enchancilor." Rosa said.

Aatami, Rosa, and their daughters continued to run until they can across another portal.

"This could be it, Rosa, the portal to Marizza!" Aatami exclaimed.

"Let's jump through it!" Rosa said.

Annika, Ester, Rosa, and Aatami jumped through the portal.

"Where are we, Father?" Ester asked.

"We seem to be in an outdoor marketplace in the village of Madan in the Kingdom of Jordania." Aatami answered Ester.

"What's wrong with the staff and crystal, Father?" Annika asked.

Aatami looked at his Galantry Staff and the Galantry Crystal attached to it.

"Blasted Ayah! Tampering around with my staff and crystal like that!" Aatami yelled in anger.

"How will we get to Marizza now, Aatami?" Rosa asked.

"I don't know," Aatami answered Rosa. "but somehow, we have got to."

Over in the Forbidden Forest in an old rundown looking castle, Mephistopheles was pacing back and forth in his throne room.

"AYAH!" Mephistopheles bellowed furiously.

Ayah raced into Mephistopheles's throne room.

"Yes, Master Mephistopheles?" Ayah asked.


"Crystal clear, Master." Ayah said.

"Good," Mephistopheles said to Ayah. "now, the Jarvi family is on the move again..."

"And you want me to continue chasing after them," Ayah said to Mephistopheles. "say no more!"

Ayah then magically teleported from the base.

Back in the marketplace in Madan, the noble family of Galantry continued running.

Until they came across another portal.

"This could be it, Rosa, the portal to Marizza!" Aatami exclaimed.

"Let's jump through it!" Rosa said.

Annika, Ester, Rosa, and Aatami jumped through the portal.

Annika, Ester, Rosa, and Aatami all landed in a gondola.

"We have made it," Annika exclaimed. "we are in Marizza!"

"Techically that's true, Annika," Rosa said. "however, we are in the village of Ausonia, we have a long way to go before we get to Grandmother and Grandfather's castle."

"Well," Aatami said to his wife and daughters. "it looks to me like we had better be getting a move on."

Back in Enchancilor, Sir Diego couldn't shake the memory of his wife death by the hand of Mephistopheles.

Within his memory, it was in the Spanyan village of Witcherton where Garcia family lived.

Diego was still one of King Sora's knights.

Mephistopheles found the little one bedroom house where Antonio and his family lived.

"Tell me, Dame Garcia," Mephistopheles demanded. "where are you hiding the Ring of Spanya?"

"Like my wife would ever tell you, Mephistopheles!" Antonio shouted, withdrawing his sword.

"How blind are you? Normal metals won't hurt me!" Mephistopheles said to the knight.

"We shall soon see about that!" Antonio shouted at Mephistopheles.

Diego charged at Mephistopheles, sword in hand.

Mephistopheles had his wand in hand.

"Finis ea spiritus modo!" Mephistopheles shouted at Diego, firing his wand at him.

Ana stepped right in front of the blast's path.

"No! Take my life instead!" Ana shouted.

The dame's ring deflected Mephistopheles's attack right back at him, but the attack was instead negated.

Young 3-year-old Jose ran into the bedroom that he shared with his mother and father.

"Mama! No!" Jose exclaimed.

Ana used her Ring of Spanya on Mephistopheles who used his wand to bounce the ring's energy back.

"If that is what you wish! Finis ea spiritus modo!" Mephistopheles said.

Ana was lying on the floor as Jose took the Ring of Spanya off his mother's right ring finger, her wedding band was on her left.

"Diego... take... Jose Antonio... and... the... Ring... of... Spanya... to... the... Kingdom... of... Enchancilor... there... my... ring... and... both... of... you... will... be... safe... from... Mephistopheles... and... his... followers..." Ana said, taking her last breath.

"ยกOh no, Mami! Oh no, Mommy!" Jose screamed.

"Come on, Jose Antonio," Diego said. "we had best be getting a move on!"

"Okay, Daddy." Jose said.

Just then, Sir Diego came out of his memory.

The knight found himself staring Eeli right in the eye.

"Sir Diego?" Eeli asked.

"I was gone for a second, I'm back now." Diego answered Eeli.

"Thinking about the past?" Eeli asked Diego.

"Yes, the death of my wife." the knight answered Eeli.

Eeli put his hand on Diego's arm in a show of support.

"How long ago was it?" Eeli asked Diego.

"Six years ago," Diego asked. "my own son was 3-years-old at the time... so he doesn't have many memories of his mother."

"I'm... so sorry for your loss." Eeli said.

"It's quite all right," Diego said to Eeli. "you didn't know."

"So, where is Jose anyway?" Eeli asked.

"He's asleep in bed," Diego answered a now yawning Eeli. "which is also where you should be right now."

"Yes, Sir Diego." Eeli yawned.

Eeli slowly trudged to his bedroom in the castle.

The next day, Eeli's family arrived at Marizza castle where Grand Queen Agostina Donati, her husband, Grand King Vittore Senior, and King Vittore Junior, Rosa's younger brother, who assumed the throne after Rosa gave it up when she married Aatami.

"Greetings, Sis," Vittore Junior said to Rosa. "I am so glad that you and your family made it home to Marizza safely."

Rosa looked at her brother doubtfully.

"If only we were safe, Vittore." Rosa sighed.

Vittore Junior saw the grim expression on Rosa's face.

"You mean because of Mephistopheles and his forces?" Vittore Junior asked Rosa seriously.

"Yes." Rosa said to Vittore Junior, sighing.

"Where is my nephew, where is Eeli?" Vottore asked Rosa.

"We had to leave him in Enchancilor, Aatami and I both knew that our only son and youngest child would be well protected from Mephistopheles and his followers there." Rosa replied to Vittore Junior.

"No place in our beloved Enchanter Empire will be safe for long," Vittore Senior sighed. "Mephistopheles and his followers are still out there on the warpath!"

"These murders have got to stop!" the Grand Queen exclaimed.

"Only one person was murdered by Mephistopheles." Count Aatami said.

"Oh, yes, poor Dame Ana Maria Garcia, one of our lifelong friends." the Grand King of Marizza sighed sadly.