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Aside from the basic facts about the characters and plot determined by the coauthors at the beginning of the story, nothing was planned, mapped, or laid out in explicit detail ahead of time.

This is the story that the characters gave us to tell.

Lucifer de Vil

"Oh Luci~!"


The young man sneered and looked around at the person who dared to shorten his name so femininely, but was bombarded as said person crashed into his back and wrapped their arms around his neck.

"I hate it when you call me that, Jez," he remarked, shrugging his sister off.

"I know, that's why I do it," she replied with a grin. "Dad said I might find you down here. Who are we hurting today, brother dearest?"

His gaze left his sister and returned to the person chained up in front of him. "...Holy pedophile," he responded, his sneer gracing his lips once again as he raised the whip in his hand and struck the forsaken pastor for about the hundredth time.

There were a lot of fucked up people that came through here, but of all the crimes against humanity, sexual predation of children was high on the list of the worst. Worse still were the people who dressed up in white and red, touting holy scripture by day and turning their backs on it once the chapel doors had closed.

"Ooh…." Jez breathed lowly, ending it with a giggle. "You're in trouble, Father. You know it's bad when the prince of Hell thinks you're fucked up."

The "man of God" gave a sob and grovelled, "Please, have mercy…."


"Mercy," the prince repeated, stepping towards the pastor.

"Lucifer…." Jez spoke, watching her brother.

"Mercy," Lucifer growled, grabbing the man's face in one hand. "If I remember correctly, mercy was conveniently omitted from your vocabulary when Jason Thompson was asking for it. He killed himself, didja know that? Besides…." He stepped back a bit to reach for a poorly kept knife, the blade rusted and bloodstained as it was. "I have been merciful, Father." Leaning in closer again, Lucifer pressed the tip of the knife to the pedophile's groin. "You're not a eunuch yet. Usually I do that first."

"Ah," Jez spoke up, coming forward to gently take her brother's wrist and pull him away. "Maybe hold that thought a second, Luce. I didn't just come down here to watch you castrate pedophiles, though that is one of my favorite pastimes."

"Jezebel," Lucifer grumbled, white-knuckling the knife in his grip.

"Let him stew a bit," Jezebel said, pulling on his shoulder. "Don't have all the fun all at once. He's here for eternity, after all."


He snorted softly, still watching the chained pastor weep. "...Fine," he muttered, pulling some spit from his cheek and ejecting it onto the floor. "You can thank her later, Father."

Jezebel giggled, pulling Lucifer away. "Oh don't thank me yet, holy man. Hell is a lot like prison."

Lucifer snorted again and gave a hum. "'You know what they do to sex offenders.'"

"Don't drop the soap, Father~!"

Then the door shut, silencing the pastor's screams behind a heavy iron door.

Heading up the stairs with his sister, Lucifer let out a sigh. "Whatever this is better be more fun than cutting his dick off," he remarked.

Jez hummed. "Okay, I'll let you pick. Dad, or the boys?"

Luce rolled his eyes. "What does Dad want?" In all fairness, he had nothing against his father, but as a general rule of thumb, Lucifer Sr. didn't really send for his son for a chat over tea, y'know?

"Nothing special," Jez admitted with a grin. "I just wanted to see how you'd react. I'm telling him you bitched about it."

"Hilarious," Luce deadpanned.

"But the boys did wanna talk to you. Get the band together, y'know?"

He made a face. "Oh now they wanna practice. Should I have gotten my bass?" he snarked.

"Zaze's got it already."


"How did he—?"

"I already got it. Left it with him."


Lucifer, his sister, and their friends Azazel and Belial made up the Bats Outta Hell, a hard rock band, something that was somewhat common in Hell.

They were kinda right, y'know; it really was the Devil's music. The only reason it ended up on the mortal plane, well….

Let's just say Satan's kids went on a secret tour in the sixties and it kind of exploded a bit. Cat got out of the bag and whatnot.


Of course, given that they were all around two hundred years old, they'd been doing the whole band thing for a long time, over half a century—more than a quarter of their lives—and the concept of practice and jamming together was hardly a foreign one.

….But unfortunately, the older they got, with their various adult duties, it was less and less easy for any of them to find time. Azazel and Belial were being tasked more and more with their responsibilities as demons, which was making sure the guests in Hell got what they deserved.

And Luce, well Luce and Jezebel were the prince and princess, the literal spawn of Satan. They got the honor of carrying out the sentences for the worst of the worst, but they also had a hand in making sure everyone else did their jobs, too.

They also dealt with the rare conflicts between Heaven and Hell, should they arise. It didn't used to be such a big deal, but now that people who still called themselves Christians were "acting out" more and more in the modern age….

Lucifer was of the opinion Heaven rejected a lot more innocent people than it should these days. Ever since the sexual revolution, the Big Man Upstairs got his toga in a twist over just about everything, especially now that hardly anybody went to confession anymore.

So much for God forgiving.

If he wanted the kids to behave, he shouldn't have made them with so many vices.

But, that was okay. Vices were fun. Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth were some of Lucifer Sr.'s best friends. Lucifer the second's aunts and uncles.

They taught him everything he knew.

Most notably the undeniable fact that Heaven had unreachable standards that put the beauty industry to shame. Hell wasn't as bad as people thought it was, but the grass was always greener.

The clouds lined in brighter silver.

Everybody wanted into Heaven, but Heaven was just for the 1% of goody two shoes and charity chasers. A rich man's club, God's hand-picked favorites.

But everyone else, everyone normal, ended up in Hell. But that wasn't a bad thing. Hell wasn't all fire and brimstone. Those circles were reserved for the Hitlers, the Bin Ladens, the Bundies, and the Joneses. The real crazies that deserved to feel the pain they'd inflicted tenfold.

But Joe down the street, whose only sin was trying coke once in college? Or Gina across town who decided that no life was better than a shitty one and got an abortion to avoid teen motherhood?

They didn't deserve that.

But they were sent to Hell anyway.

There were more dogs in Heaven than people.

So yeah, Heaven sucked. God sucked.

And more and more was Luce able to voice that opinion as every day, average people passed through their gates, and he made sure Heaven heard the complaints.


So that was why he didn't have much time for the band in a while.

"I guess I owe them a bit, huh," he admitted, rubbing at the back of his head.

Jezebel hummed and nodded. "They said they have an idea, but...I'll just let them tell you. You know them."

Oh boy. Azazel and Belial having an idea was never good news. They were the kind of people who said, "So I was thinking," and more often than not got, "Don't hurt yourself," as a response.

It wasn't that long a walk before the twins were within eyesight of their demon friends, who started to wave obnoxiously. "There they are! Get your royal asses over here!" Belial called out to them.

Lucifer rolled his eyes.

"What's up, sugar tits?" Azazel said, and it was unclear which twin he was referring to exactly. Knowing him, both.

"What did you two idiots pull me away from Father Phillips for? It was just getting fun," Luce remarked, crossing his arms.

"Well we were thinking," Belial started.

"Dangerous," Lucifer commented.

"Shut up."

"We were thinking it was time for another little vacation," Azazel spoke, rocking on the balls of his feet. "Y'know, like we did in the sixties and seventies. That was fun."


Luce hummed lowly, tilting his head back in thought. It was so tempting an idea, to tell the truth. He could do with another foray into the mortal plane. Hell was home and it always would be, but damn did he love Earth. He loved it a lot more this century than he had any of the others, to tell the truth. Humans had started to really embrace what they were as a species, getting fed up with the Big Man's commandments.

Free will, man. It was a beautiful thing.

But Luce wasn't sure he wanted to do the exact same thing they had before. He loved the band with all his heart, but after sixty years, the world was different. He wanted to experience it differently. Not put on the same act with new window dressing.

"Okay," he agreed. "But what do you suggest we do?"

The two demons glanced at each other. "...What do you mean?" Azazel questioned.

"I mean make it interesting, boys. People like our music now, it's old news. Doesn't ruffle feathers like it used to," Luce said, waving a hand.

Zaze and Lial hummed. "Uh….Well…." Belial murmured. "What...sorts of things are considered Hell on Earth? If people hate it, that much it's gotta be the worst in the best way. Know what I mean?"

Azazel snapped his fingers. "High school."


A grin crawled its way across Lucifer's face. "Oh Hell yes."