One Scrape and The Secret is Out

My name is Fredrick Moss and I am 12 years old right now I'm in my room working on my homework or should I say a worksheet that my mother gave me. My room is really big but is very boring with just my bed, a mirror and a small window big enough for me to squeeze through. I'm homeschooled by my mother and father who are geniuses my mother is a therapist and my father is an inventor. They don't let me leave the house ever and they are really overprotective always making sure I don't hurt myself. In fact, I have never recalled in my life ever scraping my knee or felt pain I wonder if the people of Guinness book of world records would put me on there but my mother probably won't let them through the front door. "Honey dinners ready!" my mother yelled from downstairs.

"Coming!" I yelled back. As I walked down the stairs I could smell the sweet sweet scent of fish. "Really Mom fish again we had that yesterday."

"Honey, it's good for your brain." She replied.

"Yeah, but having a variety of food is also good for you," I say.

My mom sighs and says "Look I will order a pizza next time I promise just eat your fish."

"Fine." I reply.

As we eat we hear thunder and than we hear lightning, I look out the window to see it pouring rain my dad sighs and says "Stay in the house I need to put the cover over the grill." As he opens the door to walk outside a cold breeze hits me and I can hear rain hitting the ground. All of a sudden there's a flash of lightning and I see my father on the ground.

"TERANCE!" my mom screams, she starts to stand up to go to my father but I jump up and run outside. "Fredrick stop don't go!" I ignore her and run outside, but I trip and fall but I don't feel any pain. When I turn to look at my leg I see a big hole in my leg and inside the hole is metal. I scream and my mother looks shocked and says "Don't worry honey soon this will all be forgotten." I see her kneel down than she presses my neck and everything goes black. I wake up and I'm in my room but its all fuzzy I hear talking from my parents and from someone else that I don't know. My vision starts to clear up and I sit up and look into the mirror, but instead of seeing myself I see a metal face with a metal body full of wiring I scream "MOM WHAT'S GOING ON!" Than just like lightning a figure appears in front of me. The figure is wearing a metal skeleton mask and a black suit with black gloves. "I couldn't move I was frozen in fear." He holds up one of his hands and it glows with purple energy.

"You should have listened to your parents at least I will be able to fix you." Than the energy shoots from his hand and I feel a sharp pain around my head than it goes black again. I wake up in my bedroom and my head hurt really bad.

"Man why do I always get these headaches." I smelt bacon downstairs and rushed down the stairs to get them. I see my parents, my father is reading the newspaper and my mother is cooking bacon.

"Good morning honey did you sleep good." She says smiling.

"I slept great sadly I have this headache though." I reply.