Hoo Boy! Got my computer back after it was hacked and I find all the chapters I wrote on that computer the first time are gone! Fortunately most of those were chapters from unimportant stories and one chapter from a story that was started before I got my new computer but still I am ticked off.

This is a story I wrote on lined paper that I decided to turn into a Fictionpress story a story that was inspired by having to endure one too many ASPCA PSAs with Sarah McLachlan and imagined a similar situation with Humanimals instead of regular animals, this story SHOULD NOT be considered canon in the Humanimal Universe as it breaks way too many previously established rules most importantly the Humanimal Universe's embargo on contact with other universes and that the Humanimal is not described as having a 'Band of Fairy Gold' around his neck despite being moved to a different universe this story is NOT canon it's just a parody of those 'A Boy and his Pet' Stories in the original story the PSA advertized Humanimals AND Mutant Animals (As in from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles World) for Adoption but since this is Fictionpress not Fanfiction and no Mutant actually appears in this story, that detail has been removed

Our story begins in a beautiful suburb somewhere in Southern California where there is never any snow for Christmas and after all the exhilaration of unwrapping presents is over people will take walks in short sleeves and shorts and sometimes forget it is Christmas until a neighbor says 'Merry Christmas' because without snow to remind people that Christmas and other holidays like it were created to stave off winter depression Christmas becomes way too casual Christmas seems no different from the rest of the year.

This story begins at the beginning of December, an eight year old boy who we shall call 'Dum-Dum' that wasn't his actual name but everyone called him Dum-Dum because when he was a little baby and his Mom would sing to him 'Where is Thumbkin' when as a baby he requested the song he would mispronounce 'Thumbkin' as 'Dum-Dum' and thus Dum-Dum became his nickname of course in this neighborhood almost every child had some kind of nickname and most of them weren't flattering and while Dum-Dum was far from stupid he could be…Naïve at times, a bit too idealistic.

Dum-Dum a fat little boy which would seem odd when you saw both his parents were thin as rails, however Dum-Dum had a love of sweets and junk food that neither of his parents ever had, and in his very early childhood he was…a bit sickly…His very early childhood kept him confined to his house watching television so even when his immune system improved, he was still accustomed to the stationary lifestyle and he found he preferred candy and fast food to sports so he had been fat for the past two and a half years.

He had red hair and brown eyes and of course freckles because every redheaded boy has freckles, show me a redhead who doesn't and he's probably some kind of Elf…Or a super villain. While he had never played baseball in his life he loved to wear a baseball cap with a propeller on it as his choice of fashion statement.

Dum-Dum loved animals but he had never been able to have any pets because of his earlier illnesses his parents couldn't afford to take care of both their son and an animal.

Then one Saturday night while Dum-Dum was waiting for the Saturday night hosted horror movie show a PSA came on TV showing strange creatures shivering in cages while some female country singer sang some weepy song that sounded more like drowned yodeling then actual singing.

"Hi." Said the washed up country singer. "I'm Sarah McDocklane, and if you love animals as much as I do then surely you'll want to help the most special animals of all, animals that are as intelligent as human beings."

Dum-Dum's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets when he heard that.

"These creatures are called Humanimals." Said Sarah "They are from an parallel universe, our scientists have discovered that these poor creatures have been wrenched from their homes on a planet called Mizzer and enslaved by an evil organization known as the Wranglers…"

Dum-Dum's eyes sparkled, he loved science fiction and superhero stories but never in his wildest dreams could he imagine such an epic story to be real!

"Our Organization has managed to smuggle a few Humanimals out of the places they had been enslaved, but there are still many more that need to be rescued and for the few we have rescued, they need new homes other than our floating space stations, please call the Adopt-A-Freak Foundation if you can find a place in your heart for a freak who desperately needs a new home."

Dum-Dum sprang from his seat, running as fast as he could to the kitchen shouting "Mom! Mom! I know what I want for Christmas!"

As he ran out the PSA speedily read out the fine print "The Humanimal you receive will be chosen at random, if for any reason the adoption doesn't work out the freak must be sent back no refunds, no exchanges."

For the purposes of this story Dum-Dum's earth is mostly in the 1990sdespite the existence of technology that gives scientists the ability to see and visit other universes, think of this story as on par with A Pup Named Scooby-Doo and any weirdness will make more sense