Being a hero is hard...

I mean, not that I'm a hero... Not just yet...

I'm just a simple Taurus who's training to be a warrior. What's a Taurus? Well, we're called many things by those outside the valley, but if you ask me, we're warriors.

People call us monsters, ogres, beasts, demons, and pretty much any other name you can think of to describe unsavory folk. But in truth, we're just people with horns... Well that, an inability to use magic, immense strength and rapid regeneration...

But I digress...

My name is Syrisael Blackhorn, or Syris as my friends call me. I'm only sixteen, but I can promise that one day I will be the strongest and most respected warrior in all of the valley, no; all of Laetis! No, the whole world even!


Sorry, I get carried away sometimes...

Where was I?

Oh yeah!

So, Syris, got that out of the way. I also told you that I'm sixteen, cool. Well, as for what I look like: I got messy yellow hair and vibrant amber eyes, and I wouldn't be a Taurus if I didn't have my short black horns that sprout from the top of my forehead.

I wear a black bandana around my head, just below my horns. It's pretty cool, with its hardcore vibe it gives off. I also wear a brown longcoat, hide pants and undershirt, and a waxed leather shoulder pad and gauntlets. Altogether, I look like a badass!

I'm currently training under one of the greatest heroes alive; Faelheld! He's done a lot in the time he's been walking on this earth. He's slain armies of monsters, saved countless villages, been the desire of many women! I want to be like him when I'm done training, only cooler!

The problem with that is that he's been having me do the lamest stuff he can find. No, seriously, I found a list labelled 'chores' and all of it had a note next to it that said: "Make Syris do it." Don't ask how I got the list, just know that I'm doing annoying errands for my training. So how the hell am I supposed to become 'The Greatest Hero Ever' if I'm painting some old lady's damned fence!?

Whatever... At least today's training had something to do with combat...

I was to make my way through the Training Ground in the hills above Faelheld's home and slay 100 ouma, then report back to Faelheld. Pretty simple right? Well, let's drop into current events...

I got my longsword; Baelasch in hand and an ouma in front of me. Ouma were weird, weak and annoying monsters in my kingdom of Laetis. Particularly because they hex and play mind tricks on the innocent. The have a bean shaped body, usually red, no arms, a face of a bearded old man, bulging eyes, big humanoid feet, and a consistency reminiscent of paper mache and resin. Creepy little shits, huh? They can't really defend themselves physically, so they typically run away and cast curses at you. It's annoying to hunt them, but someone's gotta do it, right?

Wait, where was I?

So, sword in hand, ouma in front of me. Time to swat this thing!

It got ready to charge at me, but I was faster! I ran in and slashed the monster through the side, bringing my sword full force through the other side of the demon, and sending paper mache bits and sawdust flying everywhere!

"You just got owned by a legendary her-"


Excuse me!? Was that a scream?

Yeah, it had to be. It was also way too high pitched to be a guy's scream, and I'm the only one up here in the Training Grounds so who could have...


Okay, can't think, gotta help!

I pinpointed the direction of the screaming, then began to sprint! I had to help this girl, no matter what happens! You got that!?

Wait, I'm headed to the forbidden area of the Training Grounds... They say there's an ancient evil there, and anyone who goes over will...


Screw the rules! I gotta help this girl!

I found the entrance to the forbidden area and found that the anti-curse talismans had been torn down; there was definitely someone in there! I then ran in as fast as I could, almost tripping on a rock as I came into a clearing.

I saw two things in the clearing that made my heart stop...

The first of which was probably the most beautiful girl I had ever set eyes on. Her smooth cherry red hair cascaded from her head down to her mid back, ornamented with two teal orbs and two purple ribbons. Her eyes were a dark unnatural purple, yet they seemed like tunnels to a pure and gentle soul. Her skin was light and flawless, with a figure like a goddess.

She wore a pale pink short dress that's collar opened to expose her shoulders, with a large yellow ribbon wrapped around the front and tied at the back into a large bow. She also wore a purple miniskirt that exposed much of her slender legs, pink thigh high stockings, and tall purple sandals.

She was absolutely breathtaking in her appearance. Normally, I would be paralyzed by her presence, but instead I was paralyzed by fear.

Standing above her was a monster unlike anything I had ever seen. A dragon, crimson with platinum spines and claws and it was bigger than a house. It had wicked horns and huge dark wings that blackened the sky above. It stood upright on its hind legs, with arms instead of front legs, a large thick greatsword in its clawed right hand.

I shook myself and gripped Baelasch. It doesn't matter how scary this thing is, I'm the next great legend! I won't let my fear stop me from helping those in need!

With blind bravery, or simple stupidity, I ran into the fray!

I threw myself in front of the girl and pointed my sword at the huge beast!

"Get out of here! Before it tries to eat you!" I yell at her, waving my longsword at the dragon in an attempt to drive it back!

"Huh!? Wh-who are you!?" The girl asks me, "What are yo-"

"I told you to get back!"


With that, the beautiful girl ran back to the entrance to the area.

Well, the smartest thing to do would be to: run after her, take her to Laetis, tell Faelheld about the beast, then return with an army of well trained Tauran warriors.

But I'm not smart...


I ran toward the dragon before me, knuckles white around Baelasch's grip!

"Leave her the hell alone, you scaly bastard!" I cry as I jump and slash at its head as hard as I can with my sword!

This does little more than annoy the big son of a bitch.

All of its heads look down at me, then it lets out this spine rattling roar that made my heart eat itself with fear!

"Oh, hehehe, you, uh, well...".

In one quick move it dived down at me, slamming me with the flat of its massive sword that had to have been at least forty feet long. I was sent flying by the strike!


Everything is moving so fast! I can't see I'm being flung so hard! Agh!

I slammed hard into a boulder, sending chunks of stone flying everywhere!

"Wuuuhh..." I moaned in pain...

I was bleeding… heavily… My leg was broken in a gross angle and I could feel the blood running down my forehead, getting in my eyes and definitely staining my headband.

The dragon landed around one hundred meters away from me, eyeing me like a freaking meal...

It roared once more, then charged at me with its teeth and claws bared, its massive blade winded up to cleave me apart!

I've lived a decent life right? Wait, no! I can't die right now! I still haven't surpassed my master and become a legend!

With gritted teeth I winced and cringed in pain as I felt my limbs snap back into place and my wounds burn themselves closed. As long as I'm hyped and filled with the fighting spirit of an angry bull, I won't be destroyed so easily!

It continued to close in as I got to my feet, before suddenly changing its trajectory in the air and ascending above me, as if I didn't exist.

I expected it to dive once more, but it turned tail and flew away instead. I watched its huge black form shrink into the distance, a roar quieting as it flew away.

I ran it off!

"Haha! That's what you get when you mess with a bonafide badass! The next great legend, Syrisael Blackhorn!"

That thing ran like a little bitch! Well, of course it ran! I mean, look how freaking awesome I was!

I was like: slice, slash! Then the dragon was like: 'roar, I'ma burn you and cut you apart'! Then I was all like 'hell no, I'm not dying!'! Then the beast was like: 'Well, shit. I'm out!'!

That was awesome!

"Y-you saved me..."

I turned to my left to see that girl standing a few meters away from me. She had her hands behind her back and she was blushing. My god she was beautiful... I mean, I don't think I'll ever see a woman of her beauty...

"Oh, uh..." I replied dumbly.

The two of us stood there looking at each other, waiting for one to say something...

"W-well, it's no problem madam. I-I mean, you're safe and unharmed, that's all that matters to me. You got that?" I fastened my sword to my back and gave her a quick bow. It was at this point I felt the fatigue and burnout of my regeneration and the fight start to kick in. Oh gods...

"S-Syrisael Blackhorn, a-at your service." I said in the most respectful tone I could, though my voice still shook with nervousness... Hey, don't look at me like that! This is my first Damsel in Distress situation!

I heard a giggle, and saw her move towards me. I'm still staring respectfully at the ground, even though I can hardly stand up straight… I feel like I'm going to pass out...

"Well, Syrisael..." She said in a tone so sweet I thought I would die, "You can stop staring at the floor."

Despite this, I continued to avert my tired eyes, for her beauty might blind me...

I'm so poetic, aren't I?

Everything was going dark and my body wouldn't stop swaying.

"Syrisael…? Syrisael!" I heard her cry out as my legs gave out from under me and I came careening to the floor.

Then I blacked out...

No seriously, I fainted after saving the most beautiful girl I'd ever met. I heard her shouting as I fell backward onto the grassy floor and lost consciousness.


Well, I had a dream about the girl while I was out...


We got married and had four kids...


I think I'm in love...


I should probably wake up now...

My eyes fluttered open, and I was in the bunk I slept in at Faelheld's house. What an awesome dream, am I right? I mean, I fought a dragon, was an awesome warrior, saved a beautiful girl, all the awesome stuff!

But I guess I should go to Faelheld now, I'm probably in trouble for sleeping in again...

It was after I walked out of my small shack that I noticed Faelheld and the beautiful girl standing there, talking about something.

Wait... She's here!?

She's real!?

Oh wow! I rescued a beautiful maiden from a dragon!

"Syris!" My master called authoritatively.

Uh oh...

My master is a bulky guy. He's huge compared to me, and muscular too. He's got a bunch of tattoos covering his chest and left arm, which are exposed by his red robe that only covers his right shoulder. All over his head is a mess of red-orange spikes that he calls his hair, which extend to run down to his mid-back. On the top of his head, just above his forehead, are two long, straight, iron colored horns. On his back was a big steel greatsword, the blocky golden handle studded with onyx stones.

He was a man's man, and he'll never let you forget that. He'd done enough heroic deeds to be recognized as a legend, and I am his apprentice.

Even though he looks like a badass mountain of muscle, he's actually got a brain. A pretty good one at that. He's probably the wisest old man I know, and he acts sort of like the city's leader.

Where was I?

"Get over here right now, Syris!"

Oh yeah. He's got a temper too...

"Coming Master!"

I rushed over to his side before giving a polite bow to my master. Standing next to me was the girl from last night; the girl of my dreams.

"Syris, I'm glad to see you're awake and healthy, but there are some very important questions I have for you." He told me.

Oh great... I suck at questions...

I'll make a fool of myself in front of the girl...

"What happened last night, and why were you found unconscious in the Forbidden Grounds?"

I tried to explain everything, but the more I said, the darker his expression grew.

"How did I get back here, anyway?" I asked after explaining my bit.

My master gave me a look of anger, sadness, and fear if they were mixed. He looked like he was going to scream, but not at me. Thank god.

"I..." He grunted.

Faelheld turned from the two of us and stumbled over to a wall to support himself. He looked terrible, like he was about to collapse from heart failure. This wasn't the Faelheld I'd grown to know...

"Bahamut..." He mumbled almost inaudibly.

Bahamut? What's a Bahamut?

Faelheld turned to the two of us once more.

"The monster that you faced was Bahamut, the crimson headed dragon of the Kurst..."

Kurst!? That thing was a Kurst!?

Thousands of years ago, Earth was under constant danger from demonic beings known as Kurst. Their power rivaled that of a God, and they took many shapes and forms. Their very presence could turn the weak into their thralls. It was only through the combined efforts of the Humans and Taurus that they were defeated. Even then, they were not killed, only sealed away.

That thing that I fought... It was a Kurst...

"K-Kurst!?" The girl next to me stuttered in disbelief. Faelheld nodded grimly. "Then... What are we to do?" She whimpered.

Faelheld sighed a long and pained sigh...

"We must repair the seal." He told us. "It won't defeat Bahamut, but it will lock off whatever power is still leaking from that place..."

I don't know what came over me in that second. Maybe it was a sense of responsibility, maybe it was arrogance, maybe I wanted to prove myself, or maybe I was just an idiot.

"I'll repair the seal, Master Faelheld." I said with a bow.

The two around me took a moment to stare at me.

"WHAT!?" They both yelled in unison!

"Thanks for the vote of confidence guys..." I muttered, still bowing.

"Syris, do you have any idea the gravity of the situation!?" Faelheld said. He's always doubting me, thinking I'm not ready, thinking I'm weak... I'm gonna show him...

"Yes master, I do know how serious this is." I told him, straightening up to look at him directly, "Which is why I must do something to fix this! I can't call myself a legendary hero and let everyone else risk themselves. You got that!?"

Faelheld gave me a long stare before his frown dissolved into a smile. He let out a small chuckle before looking to me, then the girl.

"You remind me of myself when I was younger, Syris..."

He made his way over to me and placed his large hands on my shoulders.

"I guess I've underestimated you as of late," He said in a low tone, "I'll permit you to seal the shrine, Syris." He smiled. His smile turned quickly into a stern frown, "But once you seal the shrine you are to report back to me effective immediately. You understand me?"

I nodded, " Affirmative!"

As I made my way over to the entrance to the training grounds, I heard steps behind me.


I turned to see the girl trying to catch up with me.

"H-Huh?" I really gotta get a handle on that stutter of mine when she's around.

"Syrisael, er- Syris!" She called as she approached me. She stood by me now, trying to catch her breath from running after me.

"Syrisael, let me come with you." She said once she caught her breath.

"What!?" I questioned! This girl wanted to go back!?

"N-no way! No offense, but I don't want you getting hurt. Y-You got that?" I explained to her, receiving only an upset look from the girl. She was kinda cute when she was angry.

"No! There's no way I'm staying with that seal still broken!" She exclaimed defiantly. "Plus, I can't let you go in alone. Remember what happened last time?"

"Yeah, but you can't even fight." I told her. Big mistake, because from seemingly nowhere she pulled out a bow and an arrow, firing the arrow into my shirt and pinning me to the freaking wall!

"What makes you think I can't fight, Syrisael?" She questioned, walking over to me and pulling the arrow out of my jacket, releasing me from the wall. "I hope not all Tauri are as ignorant as you..." She muttered.

Smooth move Syris...

Real smooth...

So, the two of us stood before the entrance of the Training Grounds, standing side by side.

"Wait a sec, I never asked for your name."

Yeah, I can't believe I never asked this beautiful girl her name.

She turned to me and smiled.

"Luna. My name is Luna."


Gonna get that in my long term memory.

She has a really pretty name.

"That's a nice name, Luna." I told her, pulling Baelasch off my back and entering the gateway. I could've sworn I saw her blush as I passed by her.

So, the two of us now moved to enter the Training Grounds. The monsters in there are probably infected by the residual miasma from Bahamut, making them lethal.

"Let's Go!" We both yelled, then ran through the opening gates to the Training Grounds.