Alert, hyperactive and famished-the progeny of one man's ambition swam about in his tank. A unification of a shark and a human-Michael, as his father named him, yawned softly floating around in his tank it was the third day of the tours the lab was hosting, and he was getting tired because of them making him display his powers every time. He looked over as he heard the lab fill with people the talking bothering his very sensitive hearing.

Twenty-three-year-old Ryan Anson entered the code accessing the lab and entered carrying a file folder in his right arm and a cup of sweet tea in his left hand. He was quickly brushed aside by his employer and the hard-handed albeit somewhat ridiculous head of the Poseidon research institute-Dr. Paul McLaughlin. The 40-year-old ichthyologist lead the company of six choice colleagues and associates to be the first to see his triumph which he labored five years to bring to life. Ryan himself had been part of the project, while largely kept on the margins about it in some respect. His stomach knotted as he pondered over the visitor's possible reactions. Once the group had assembled within the lab, Dr. McLaughlin called everyone's attention to a closed viewing glass in the center of the room. The dark glasses he wore made him appear even more of an oddity than his slicked back salt n pepper-colored hair.

Michael looked over at everyone filling the lab and groaned under his breath, the faint beeping of his heart rate monitor could be heard.

Doctor McLaughlin stood before the crowd, Ryan off to the right with the remote operating the panels to the viewing glass close in his hands. His boss smirked before giving his opening speech to which Ryan pursed his lips and rolled his eyes over. "Ladies and gentlemen, you're here today to see a true marvel of evolutionary science — a marvel so magnanimous that no one could believe it — but, ladies and gentlemen, possibility isn't constrained to imagination. Due to my — lifelong tireless research — I have breathed into existence the living proof of my research, a project in which many derided as pure folly. And now, ladies and gentlemen, before I explain any more, I'm going to show you the greatest sight your eyes will ever see. Millions of years ago life originated from the sea, but the roots to our ocean origins have been lust — until now, proof of the human capability of survival. Ladies and gentlemen, look at Michael, the Primordial Wonder!"

Michael just floated there the gills on his neck allowing him to breath and his eyes were a deep red color. "Don't ever call me that again Paul," he said before swimming up to the glass waving to the people looking flabbergasted at the display tank.

The sentence and action from the half-man half-shark hybrid had some in the small group step back in awe, fear, disbelief and disgust. It took all the guts Ryan had in him to get a closer look after he pressed the button opening the panels revealing Michael inside the aquarium. McLaughlin raised in hands up in order to calm the group. "Ladies and gentlemen, I understand this all appears nearly too fantastic to believe, yet I assure you this is not a hoax. What you are witnessing is proof of the linking between humanity and the master predator of the Sea. The Adam of an undersea utopia." Ryan didn't know whether to break out in laughter or criticize his boss outright. His palms now growing sweaty over McLaughlin's efforts to present his mutant as a Nobel Prize winning achievement.

Michael looked over to Ryan before looking back to the crowd. Ah, I know what to do to make you guys believe it's real the hybrid thought as his eyes began to glow as his body started to shift into a full sized Great White shark.

Albert Hansen, one of the men present and lead at the research institute of Hansen Inc. was a slender but well-built and strong man; his height above the average. His appearance was remarkably attractive, and his face was authoritative, especially when speaking; his eyes were small and blue, his teeth few, poor and blackish; his hair was thin and white; his complexion sallow. Ryan noticed the veins forming on the old man's neck as he gritted his teeth. "Damn you McLaughlin, this is a perversion of nature! The Scientific Community will have your head for this. How can you be sure this monster can be controlled?" Hansen asked, his question causing McLaughlin's smile to turn.

Michaels attention snapped to Albert. "Could you stop the fucking yelling? I have highly sensitive hearing…between you and me you don't want to see what happens when I go into a shark frenzy," he said before grabbing one of the fish in the tank and eating it raw-whole bones and everything. The creature swam over to one of the corners of the tank and sat down.

Eric Turnball, an associate of Hansen's stepped forward. A brawny, robust man of action. He stood about 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighed about 200 pounds, with a great barrel chest, bull neck, cleft chin, closely cropped brown hair, wide-set blue eyes, a bushy drooping mustache, a rather large nose, and small ears and feet. "McLaughlin you really expect us to believe this is anything but some sort of sham. I will bet a thousand dollars this is just a guy in a rubber suit and that voice is a recording. What kind of bull are you trying to sell?" he pointed at the doctor, his face anything but convinced.

Michael started to get annoyed he swam up to the top of the tank and proceeded to climb out the wires attached to him coming off in the process and once out he dropped down in front of the guy, his eyes still glowing blood-red.

He then advanced over to Paul on his two webbed feet and stood before him towering 7-8 feet tall.

The crowd shrieked at the very sight, McLaughlin immediately putting himself between the creature and his guests. Ryan backed up in a corner, his heartbeat racing and the urge to piss himself never more frightening. "Silence!" McLaughlin yelled at Turnball. "Michael is not some brainless animal without conscience. I assure you that everything is under control-" However, the deathly faces of the people he'd thought would be praising his creation were anything but calmed or reassured. "McLaughlin you idiot, this is either a PR stunt or a damn monstrosity!" Hansen hissed at him without hesitation. "This farce of a meeting's over and I'll see you imprisoned for this!" he barked and attempted to leave as the rest of his party nervously thought of doing the same.

Michael walked over to the exit standing in front of Albert. "You-will-APOLOGIZE- to Paul right now and if you don't, I'll make you suffer a slow and painful death!" he said in a blood-curdling voice while letting the other people leave but having a death grip on Albert's arm. He isn't joking- he's being dead serious! Ryan thought.

Ryan's hands flew up to his mouth. His mind screaming at him to make a break for the exit NOW! Yet he was transfixed to the spot, the tension in the room more harrowing than that of an epic wrestling match crossed with a political debate-only this was more terrifying. Doctor McLaughlin once more put himself in the middle of the fray in order to ease the boiling turmoil he had stoked the fires of. Hansen's party splintering across the lab, unsure what the result would be. "You honestly think I'd be intimidated by this load of Science Fiction shit?!" he responded partly laughing. "I'm not wasting another minute with this outlandish foolish..."

His teeth turned into those of a regular shark as he let out a low growl. "Paul move out of the way! I don't want to hurt you…" he said pushing McLaughlin out of the way gently before pulling Albert close, so they were face to face.

Hansen struggled with Michael as his party members either screamed or looked on dumbfounded wondering what to do. Ryan's eyes directly darting between the nearest phone and the Emergency Alarm on the east wall next to the EXIT. McLaughlin tried to step in to convince Michael to stop while one of Hansen's employees, a blonde 30-year-old accountant who cowered behind a desk cried out to anyone listening "Stop it! Shoot it or something-stop it!" The tug-o-war raging inside Ryan nearly made his skull split as Hansen and Michael continued grappling with one another.