Ryan knew he should keep his brain and fingers geared to the work on the computer facing him-yet Michael's voice repeatedly crept inside his subconscious and into spaces much unexpected. Casting a quizzing look towards the hybrid. "What do you want?"

I"'m bored" he sat there and puffs out his cheeks looking at Ryan he then began to make bubbles using his gills. He then pressed his face against the glass making a funny face in a attempt to make Ryan laugh.

Ryan found Michael's behavior peculiar but on one hand it did provoke a smirk as he tried to keep up the act of focusing solely on his work. In a way it reminded him of cartoons he used to love when he was a kid-only this was a real and scary reality that was seeking to gain his attention. Dropping his pen, Ryan turned towards the tank and walked up a few inches. "What can I get for you?" he asked feeling the sweat from his palms seep through his white coat sleeves.

" I don't know, that's the problem of being bored" he said sitting there at the front glass of the tank he then began to take in every feature of Ryan's face starting with every crease then going down to his skin tone itself.

Ryan could only imagine how being confined took its toll on Michael's hybrid brain. Letting him out was certainly out of the question no matter how unethical McLaughlin's safety measures were. "Ummm...is there anything I can get for you?" he asked as his toes curled uneasily.

"A new pair of boxers would be nice," Michael said still sitting there naked bubbles coming out of his gills.

"Okay... I can see what we have and throw them into the tank for you..." Ryan was more than eager to distance himself from the tank. The fact he was engaged in conversation with a shark-human cross-species set his heart rate nearly a mile a minute.

"By the way, I can tell your scared of me" he said looking over at the lab doors hearing them open.

Ryan rubbed his hands together somewhat pissed that Michael was reading more into his motions and emotional responses. Before he could respond, the doors opened and his boss entered. "Ah Ryan, I heard you rang my office. is everything in order? How is Michael doing?" Dr. McLaughlin asked with all the intent persistence of any parent inquiring to their child's welfare.

Micheal just sat there gently bopping his forehead off the glass looking at them.

McLauhglin noticed his son's distress and walked up to the tank. "Are you alright Michael? What can I get for you?"

"I'm bored!" he called out as he continues to bop his forehead off the glass. "You didn't really build much in terms of entertainment into the tank."

The fact irritated McLaughlin with the sharp pain of a razor nick. "My apologies my son, I will see about changing that. Now would be a good time for you to spend more time on land in the 'Greenhouse' enclosure I've prepared for you." Turning his face to Ryan. "Monitor his progress-yet don't keep him out to the point he must return to the tank." Noticing Michael's naked situation, McLauglin coughed awkwardly before turning on his heel. "I will have the underwear sent as well..." He left the lab abruptly.

Micheal began to swim up to the surface of the water before hopping out and walking over to Ryan's desk opening a drawer and grabbing a pair of boxers out slipping them on " I always keep a spare pair in the lab."

Upon putting the boxers on, Michael was directed to an arched doorway leading to the greenhouse. Michael followed the yellow-lit arrow path to the greenhouse area and walked inside.

Ryan watched from the monitor as Michael walked among the man-made rain forest enclosure with its own indoor pool at its center. Seeing the hybrid put on the dark colored boxers made Ryan bite the inside of his cheek.

Micheal merely looked around the greenhouse before getting into the pool floating on his back. The nearly tropical atmosphere of the enclosure more suited to his body. Even Ryan showed a hint of happiness that Michael's suffering was resolved, but keeping him alive was another matter. Ryan sat back in his chair whilst finishing some notes he had been compiling earlier and listening partly to a Jonas Brothers song to help ease the tension built up in his shoulders. Briefly glancing back to see Michael swimming. His half-human body in its own odd sense magnetic.

Micheal yawned softly. "Hey Ryan, call Paul and ask him if I can move in here I like it here better" he said knowing Ryan could hear him through the surveillance system.

"I'll get right on it," Ryan replied through the intercom. He forwarded the message immediately to Dr. McLaughlin. Hopefully he wasn't to absorbed in his experiments to take notice of the request.

Micheal went underwater remaining motionless, waiting for Ryan's return.