Newer version. Plenty of sentences were rewritten; new items were added.

It's up to you if Liam and Harold's relationship is either romantic or brotherly.

*Inspired by The Walking Dead's 'Broken Toys'*

I know what happens if you don't save Louis… (-_-;)

Harold placed his back against the metal wall, eyeing what might be down the hall. He quietly breathed to himself, sweating as he held onto an arrow that was sat on a bowstring. At the end of the hall before a door, was a man talking on a walkie-talkie to someone else. He'd be an obstacle—temporarily. Harold manifested a small rubber ball, bouncing it in his hands, licking his teeth; then, grunting, he immediately tossed it down the floor.


It quickly caught the man's attention, placing his device back as he frowned. He walked over and just when he could crouch down, Harold emerged rapidly.

Eyes magnified, the man cursed, "What the?!"

"See ya!" Harold—wickedly smiling—released the arrow, hitting him square in the eye. After he recollected his ball, he darted down the hallway, a determined look on his face.

Harold found himself touching another door that was on the end as well, eyeing what could be through it. There were three hallways before him, shaped like a child's tree drawing. Harold set his back against it, pushing through as another arrow was before him. He would never know.

Harold aimed his arrow at the three hallways, wondering which one held onto him. He chose the one on the right as he ran into it, still holding onto the arrow. There were three doors, one of them at least being a supply room. He then noticed a light on his left; then he kicked the door open with all his force.

Harold blew one blonde strand away, panting. There was a muffled sound; Harold looked down and noticed a bush of black hair near the bed. Eyes elongated, the young man ran over and saw Liam with his hands bound behind his back and a dark blue cleave gag in his teeth.

"Liam," he breathed, cursing to himself and then kneeling by him.

The boy moaned through the gag, gazing at his savior. He turned his head around, moaning even louder as if demanding something from Harold.

Harold produced a beige-colored dagger from his belt, lifting the boy up to help him sit up. A snap! rang, and Liam was rubbing his poor, sore wrists as he hissed through the gag. Harold hurriedly snapped the gag off as well, asking, "Liam, you alright?"

The boy's face was emotionless as always, but a tad morose; he croaked, pointing to something on his left forearm; several dark stains… from a syringe?

"Hell," Harold examined the syringe-stain with two fingers; he knew a doctor would have to look at it.

Harold patted Liam's arm, standing up, "Time's up being in here; c'mon, help you walk,"

Liam draped his arm over his shoulder, Harold escorting him away from the room. Even though the boy was not in pain, he told Harold as they were through the door, looking at him, "Thank you, Harold," For coming to save me.

It was quiet for a second, until Harold snorted, half-smirking at Liam, "Aye, you're not someone's science project,"

Meanwhile, a dark figure manifested from the door that Harold had trafficked through before. It held onto something long in its left hand, almost like a rifle. Liam was the first notice, chest becoming frozen; Harold would have asked him what was wrong, if the figure hadn't demanded, "Put the boy down and lift your hands in the air!"

Harold would not have it, demanding, "Who are you?!" He wouldn't mind popping this person's head off like the last. Liam on the other hand, quietly gasped, "Rennedy?"

Harold became perplexed at that name, wondering what kind of name that was. A man with copper hair and brown eyes emerged, as the former asked Liam who he was.

"It's my older brother…" the boy answered, as they met each other halfway. Rennedy took note of the red marks that sat on Liam's wrists. He hurriedly picked one of them up, taking in the damage.

"Liam, the heck…" he breathed gravely, wondering who might have tied him up. Harold was confused as he came close to them, wondering how these two were brothers. Must have seen the body, Harold figured, I'm not the only here on a rescue mission. Though now wasn't the time for questions. Rennedy let go of his hand, commanding, as he held onto Liam's shoulder. "C'mon, let's leave this place, you too," he referred to Harold, considering that he had helped Liam as well before running off.

The three men ran down what seemed to be the upper deck of the boat, Rennedy pausing and holding onto the railing. Liam was wondering what was going on, as he too looked over.

"Heck's happening?" Harold demanded the man, knowing that he couldn't stay on here much longer. His sisters and father were waiting for him, hoping for Liam's and his safe return.

"My colleagues managed to set everyone around here in suspended animation. They're frozen and it's a matter of time before they'd be set free." Rennedy quickly told him. His colleagues ought to be on their own boat, and that would be sent back to the mainland.

It was only a few seconds, but a silver boat with an engine appeared, the driver at the wheel waving to Rennedy. It was a young woman, wearing a gray beanie and a large silver vest. Rennedy waved back. In a quick zip, the speedboat was neck in neck with the larger one, the young woman winking at them to drop in.

"Alright," Rennedy dawned at the two boys, wanting Liam to go first, "go on in!"

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