I Saw The Stars Tonight.

Walking down the street late tonight, though no later than usual, I saw them.

My first thought looking up at the dark blue skies was that those shining lights had to be something other than stars, this is the city, the crowded city, and there is too much light here for something so far away from our lives, even if it shines so brightly in and of itself, to pierce through the veil of the lights we collectively fix up to guide us on the roads to where we are going.

But staring at them as I did for as long as I did, it became hard to deny their star-ness.

Then I began to question it again, didn't it seem like at least the brightest (or closest) one was moving?

They could be shooting stars, which are no true stars at all. But then I noticed that there were too many of them.

So many, they covered the sky like a sheet, they could not be meteors coming to crash down to the planet so close, I had not heard of any coming cataclysm...though perhaps that did not mean there was not one.

Nevertheless, could they not be something far more sinister than stars? Lights coming down to swallow me up and destroy me? No, this is childish, I thought. Besides, lights which bring me so much comfort could not be evil. But was this not the epitome of a childish mindset? To believe that the lights did not hate you simply because you loved them? All the same, it was what I believed, even if it went against what I thought.

So I thought to myself, trying hard to not slip on the ice on my path as I looked up to the stars for once, instead of down at where I was going. But then I passed directly under a streetlight, and gone were the stars, although only from my vision. I was too covered in what was close to see what was far away but so much more beautiful.

Then I had come to the point where I had to go home. Every walk comes to its' end at some point.