1: Atop the hills of Earth

Standing with all and I;

I shall build a gallows

High as the mountain elm;

And adored with glided nails.

And below its podium;

The lengths for the king.

Down with his reign.

2: The reign of Him, the King;

Chaos and terror aloof,

All around his royal kingdom.

The wars and hate,

For ev'ry of them who seen;

And for all they knew;

The chants came aloud:

Down with his reign.

3: Harken those who heard

And of those blinded in the mist;

Of all his corruption and

Menace, his waver'd hand.

And of his hand in wav'd;

And the gavel's clap;

His people yelled to his palace:

Down with his reign.

4: Alas, his head comes forth,

And under the arch of steel;

And atop the hing'd door;

So goes his reign and

His terror'd presence on Earth;

But awhile he sways,

The people jeer aloud;

Down with his reign.