Akkadian heirarchy:

Clan Akkad: Top of the Heirarchy, Noblemen, Generals, Royal Family: Can travel anywhere in the Empire but can only marry Akkad and Nisha.

Clan Nisha: Second in the Heirarchy Noblemen, Generals, Merchants, Buisness owners. Can Travel anywhere in the Empire. Can marry only Akkad.

Clan Nashka 3rd in the Heirarchy: Highly Militaristic, Order of Knights who's loyalty is unbreakable to the Emperor, Make up the backbone of the Emperors Guard. Officers, and Generals. Can marry only Nashka.

Clan Gin: 4th in the Heirarchy, workers, steel forgers, they form the backbone of the mining industry for the Empire. Can marry anyone below 4th in the Heirarchy.

Clan Zha: 5th in the Heirarchy, backbone of the Imperial Work Force, also can join the army if they want. They can marry anyone from 4th down.

Clan Nizo: 6th in the Heirarchy, lowly paid workers who's ancestors led a rebellion against Clan Nisha now they work as serfs being forced to be miners, soldiers, or steel forgers for little money. Can marry only 6th down.

Clan Kais: 7th in the Heirarchy Blindly loyal due to a propaganda school system forging them into warriors willing to die for the Emperor no matter the price, they are the most populated clan and are the backbone of the Imperial Military. Can marry 6th down.

Clan Jikai: 8th in the Heirarchy, there ancestors led a rebellion against the 43rd Emperor of the Empire and in order to atone for this treason they now work for very little pay to forge weapons for the Empire's war machine. This clan is known for having great mechanical minds and some have risen to the 3rd in the Heiarchy through being noticed by noblemen. Can marry 4th down

Clan Noan: 9th in the heirarchy, A clan of people who's wish is to live as basic as possible they do not seek the comforts of modern society instead live in the old ways. They are useful for transcribing ancient text that the rest of the Clans have sense long forgotten to read in Ancient Felish (Akkad as it is known now) They can marry only in the 9th.

Clan Daniel: 10th in the Heirarchy, This Clan once led a great war against the Clan of Akkad before it united Fel hoping to become Emperor of Fel. They were destroyed and there Clan enslaved. They are the least populated and there people are slowly dwindling away, they are thought to go extinct in the next 5-6 centuries. They can marry only 10th and even then they must have state permission to marry and have children.

Clan Kiron: 11th in the Heirarchy, Not much is known of Kiron except that they have always been slaves for the Akkad, there clan is used as slave labor across the Empire doing many jobs that would other wise be deemed unsafe. They can marry 11th down.

Clan Yui: 12th in the Heirarchy: Yui was once a great clan holding great power but after a civil war rocked the nation Clan Yui became discarded and its people turned into slaves for the Imperial Family. They have a better life though then most slaves living in relative comfort compared to those in Clan Kiron. They can marry 12th Down

Clan Mai: 13th in the Heirarchy, This Clan is the most hated this clan was once in a personal union with Clan Akkad, but after a attempt to dethrone the Akkad by killing all the Royal Family, which failed the 13th Emperor declared that they would have eternal punishment and live as rats clinging to anything they could. They are seen as property and have the worst experiments done upon there men after they have a total of 5 children to ensure the torture can continue. However to the rest of the Empire Clan Mai is dead, this is a extremely well guarded state secret and these experiments take place VERY deep underground with only hand pick few knowing of there existance. They do not marry, they are bred.