Steve E. Evans managed the technology expenses P & L globally while working in the Investment Bank at Lehman Brothers. Due to his dedication, it increased $1B for all the business units in the firm. These divisions were made up of Investment Banking, Private Client Services, Fixed Income, etc. reporting to the global Expense Director who reported to the CFO.

Formerly, Steve served as the Senior Partner at Neo Ogilvy in 2005. He worked for the financial stewardship of all clients and markets within North America. Here, he was accountable for all client media inventory as stated in the respective contracts and statements of work in conjunction with vendor procurement of respective inventory.

At the Engine Group, Steve E. Evans reported to the US President as CEO where he was responsible for the finance and accounting, human resources, IT, real estate, and operations. Steve worked to develop and direct the financial plans to the strategic business plan, company growth and direction, and market opportunities.

Working for all operations including the campaign management, client management, technology services, finance, HR, and general administration, Steve Evans formerly reported to the CEO at Ai Media Group. He worked with CIO on project management and improvements on the AiMG proprietary software, AiTrk which is used for digital media attribution and reporting across networks, sites, and other marketing channels.

As the former Finance Manager at United Parcel Services in 1994, Steve was promoted several times and was ultimately relocated to Florida as a Regional Finance Manager. Here, he reported to the Florida CFO and was responsible for overseeing the business planning, profitability, and revenue operations.

About Steve E. Evans
Pertaining to his areas of specialization, Steve E. Evans is highly specialized in Strategic Planning & Organizational Leadership, M&A and JV Experience, Budgeting & Cost Management, Growth & Expansion Strategies, HR/IT/Legal Administration, Profitability & Cost Analysis, Process Design & Productivity Improvement, Systems & Technology Utilization, Team Building & Performance Improvement.