The Edge

It was New Year's Eve and Scott stood at the edge of the old year, watching as the new year lapped upon the shore, getting higher and higher with every wave.

When he looked behind him, he saw visions of the past, and in the water, he saw visions of the future.

But right now, all Scott was interested in was the present and the old woman who sat right there at the edge with him, folding paper boats.

She worked quickly and quietly, humming under her breath, and sprinkling glitter into each boat.

"What are you doing?" he dared to ask her.

"Creating possibilities," she said, without a trace of unkindness, though her answer was short and stiff. "Some day, and some people, they want to reach out into a brighter future. These are for them. Whatever they grab, if they really want it, will come true."

"How will they know how to find it?"

"They won't. Lucky, hard work, a lifetime of learning and knowledge, and even then they'll be in fortune's favorite to find one of my little boats."

"Does that mean they are doomed to mediocrity?" Scott asked.

"Not at all. There are many ways to find your own fortune, and not all of them require even getting to the Edge."

"What hope is there for them then?"

"As much hope as there has ever been for humanity," the woman replied with a smirk. "They can always come to the waters themselves, and seek their fortune, or they can do what their peers do. Do their best in the present and work it out as it comes. And despite my boats, I think that's the best way sometimes, don't you?"

She smiled at him. "But enough questions, now," she said looking skyward. "Fireworks."

Dear Readers:

Thank you for coming this far. This is the last of the 51 stories. I hope you have enjoyed this year of stories. Special thanks to Sir Scott (after whom the hero of the Edge is named) for reading and commenting on nearly every story I've written. It has been a great encouragement.

I may post now and then, I may not. But either way, I wish you all a wonderful near year, and a wonderful, wonderful life. Congratulations, you've reached the end!

Signing off,

~ Eleanor Skade. December 27th, 2019