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I lay in my bread, struggling to breathe. My dad's hands were wrapped around my throat choking me.

After he was satisfied, he left my room. I gasped for air and struggled to breathe. I had an uncle. He was

my only and favorite uncle. My uncle's name was Jonah.

"Uncle, help me." I pleaded.

I knew he wouldn't come. He wouldn't. He worked at concerts. He had visions and dreams. When I go

there and see him, it's like he's there waiting for me. My Uncle Jonah is dead. In my dreams and

sometimes when I'm awake I can see him. When I see him, I can't help but think, There has to be more

to life than this. I wanted to die, but death wouldn't come. Why doesn't God just take me? I would

gladly go, to get away from this life.