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div class="poem_body" style="box-sizing: border-box;"they were standing nearby a rock; it was a sunny day and she had thought it was a very good day to soak up the sun; they had arrived there by train and he had told her that they might see a black pig because they were frequent on that place; 'they are very fierce and territorial he had told her; so time after time she turned her head on both sides to see the black pig; it was very quiet and even though there was a street nearby them, no cars passed; they were smoking cigarettes and not talking much as if not to go against the quietness of this remote part of the city; a little chat here and there would be heard from time to time; he had told her about when he had been homeless for a couple of weeks and also his ex girlfriend and how they had broken up because she left him for someone else; he had his head on his bag as he was lying on the ground but at some moment stood up and looked at her 'it is nice' - he said 'we have been together for 2 days now from the moment we met at the center of the city and you have not asked me what do i do for a living'/div
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