Run, fast as your little feet can fly

Guided only by desperate hope and a moonlit sky

Think not of bleeding feet or scratched skin

You will not have this chance again

His anger burns hot and long, fresh in your mind

There will be no forgiveness, He will not be kind

As the boundary draws near, it's too much to bear

So much work, pain, wasted; He's already there

You hear naught but your own heart

You knew the price you'd pay from the start

For He is not kind and even death is a release

You will not be so lucky; there will be no peace

A single tear falls, only one but more shall follow

Another broken rule and yet still you don't even feel hollow

You shall be present till the end, as is expected

In time you will learn as mistakes are corrected

But freedom will never come, your one chance lost

Regret comes swift and hard, the outcome not worth the cost

Acceptance begins to set in

There's no use thinking of what might have been

You are wholly his, till the end of it all

For your soul belongs not to you and will forever answer his call

Beware the bargains you make

For the Fae live long and you know not the path a deal may take