Time is ticking by

When the new year will appear

As I sit here

Reflecting on everything this year.

So much to let go

So much to move on

Yet here I'm still standing

Despite the heartache and anger.

May have lost people

But I gain back my freedom

Along with people that

Make me happy.

Memories still flood me

As tears want to drop down

But as I think about it

Laughing overrides it

Making good memories again.

So I'll just say

Like everyone else

Been an emotional roller coaster

But you know what

Making it through

Betters yourself.

Moving on is full of new beginnings

Letting other people get a chance instead

While just letting go the bad of old ones

And cherishing any good that was given.

Even after long friendships

That had to be let go

Despite so much effort

Or maybe it was never the right effort.

Regardless, time to reflect

And reset some of myself

To make sure to keep being me

And not worry so much

As the new year sets in.